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Kaizen Nero

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I post updates of the game on twitter atm, my discord is:  Kaizen Nero#3024

No problem ;)

Thanks for the feedback , Im revamping the game(sprites,gameplay,etc) at the moment and fixing many things that I tested in this demo ,Im posting updates on twitter you can check  it out.

Thanks for the feedback , Im remaking the game to focus on a specific genre.

Thanks ;)

سعيد لسماع هذا :)

I used PGM MV to make this game only.

Thanks :)

I use steam demo version(I still have 21 day free trial). this engine is very effective compared to the other engines I used in the past.

All thanks to you BAZ, your tutorials made it easy for me to create a game under 1 week in PGM MV .

Keep rocking BAZ ;)

Thanks for the plugin,keep rocking ;)

Good job, keep it up.

Thanks ;)

everything is awesome about this games,good job.

Nice art , gameplay and good use of colors.

The art of the game looks very good , i like it.

I like the game idea and how to play it, nice art and Music good job.

Nice art and good gameplay

Nice game , i like the story .

I like the art and the colors , nice gameplay .

Nice little game, I like the art.

Cool art,and good gamplay.

Nice one

I like everything about this game.


Thanks for playing and recording my game,this is just a prototype(battle arena mode),the full game will have :levels,boss fights,cutscenes,more enemies,upgrades...etc. 

(1 edit)

Thanks,I draw them using  macromedia flash 8 .

The cube style is nice, good job.

Simple and fun game, I like the art style.

I like the art of this game.

Nice game , keep it up.

Try different browser , it works fine for me.

The green code is: 1

the red code is: 1

the blue code is : 3


I liked the idea.

Nice game , good job.

I"m glade you liked it :)