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Gum Girl - GBJAM 2019 [2nd Place]View game page

Just a girl and her favourite flavoured bubble gum. [JAM VERSION]
Submitted by CasePortman — 8 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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didn't get all the way through the second world but the music for the first world was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so incredible


I am very impressed that you were able to make such a polished and complete game in such a short time. They did a great job. I loved the gum mechanics. The songs and animations are great!

Congratulations for the game!


I don't know what to say except this is masterpiece.. 
I played with my 8BitDo gamepad, and had some really great times popping bubbles everywhere.


2 words... LOVE IT


Super duper cute game! Love the mechanics and the aesthetic, feel like a very gameboy game. Couldn't get the hang of the controls though, they feel a bit clunky to me, I'd love to be able to chew while moving in the game, just to make movement a bit more streamlined. All in all, excellent game!


Best game on this gb jam for sure! Loved it :)


Wow, just amazing! Everything looks stunning. And the idea is so cool. It feels like shoooting Bubbles in Bubble Bobble. I loved that game and I love this one! It feels really well thought out. The "reloading" mechanic in form of chewing your gum is really nice. I also love little details like the indicators that show you which bubble will disappear when you chew. Would be cool to see more of that game in the future :)


Bloody well loved every second of this! The only tiny problem I had with it was having to hold down to chew more gum. Wish there was a way to speed that up a bit. Other than that, brilliant! I'd friggin' love this fleshed out into a whole game and playing on my Switch!


The sheer talent on display here is undeniable! The graphics? Spectacular! (And adorable!) The sound and music? Fantastic! The game design? Top-notch! And it's a fairly original idea to boot! The accuracy though leaves a bit to be desired... While you did stick to the 8 x 8 pixel grid, the 4 colours and the resolution, you pretty much eschewed every other limitation of the Game Boy...

2 background layers, which I could have forgiven if it were only the stars and they were a bit more sparse, we could have pretended the stars were sprites rendered behind the BG layer, and you could have even moved each star at a different rate were that the case! But you put a big'ol planet there and it becomes pretty obvious that you're using a 2nd BG layer, the GB only had one of those...
The sprites also use all 4 shades of grey, which is a bit more forgivable all things considered, but the GB sprites were limited to 3 colours each, the same way NES sprites were (though it is possible to simulate a higher colour depth by rendering 2 sprites on top of one another and having each sprite use a different palette, hence why I feel this is more forgivable, though it is a bit unreasonable given the sprite count limitations)
And the sound and music, as much as I love it, sounds more like a PC engine than a Game Boy...

I really hope I'm not being too harsh here, I really did love your game, and I'll definitely be replaying it! You deserve all 5 stars on every other aspect! Good job!


Loved it!


Cute and awesome


That's one of best games in this gb jam for sure. Congrat's for everyone that worked on it

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Stellar game! Everything is fantastic. I love the originality

Loved this! Really playable, with wonderful precise controls.


I like the game idea and how to play it, nice art and Music good job.

Submitted (1 edit)

Love the minimalist work on the spriteart, and the animation is yummy, gameplay is great, and using that gummy gum Nevers felt so satisfying, really a well polished game !! 

If you got some spare time, pass by test my game out ;) 


Awesome game, lovely theme and music.


Wow. It looks, sounds and plays great! Nice work!


Very interesting mechanics and challenging game as well! Really good entry! Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


Uoh, this game is amazing.

I like so much mechanics, art and sounds. 

I'm fun to much, I completed all 52 stars and unlocked the secrets haha. Each level shows you a new things and the difficulty increases in a balanced way.

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