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Loved the art of this game, and was a great idea to use the make the music panning using the monster xD

That game is so well polished, it's so impressive. Loved everything in that game, had a lot of fun in the boss battles, the music is really good and the art is so great. Thanks for making this game.

Really enjoyed the idea. The art and music is really nice too.

I had some fun playing it, the ship pixel art is really cute ^^ 

Great idea, making a entire game based on DKC barrel mechanic, i spent some time playing it xD. Loved the graphics, music and sfx.

That's one of best games in this gb jam for sure. Congrat's for everyone that worked on it

That game is pretty, impressive that you did everything in few time. Congrats o/

This game is so cute, loved the pixel art and music