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Thanks, lad! Loved the video too! That's really manly scream you have. Haha!

Thanks a lot, lad!

Holy shit! How can you shoot that fast!?

I'll admit that the boss is a bit shitty. 

I like the idea of a Mercenaries mode!


It might happen some day! But I'm more likely to just start over again.

This was a game jam game and I didn't have much time to test it. Whoops!

Thanks a lot! Wish I could find the time to expland Davey Bones into a whole game! maybe one of these days.


Thanks! The title screen music was by Bibiki. Check out more of his stuff here:

The truest fact of them all!

They sure are! But you can't get hurt by them until they start running.

Thanks! Controller's the best way to play this kinda game!



Time travelling machine, eh? I'll get rid on that after dinner!
Think I'll add some kinda effect for the dash, make its limits more obvious. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks a lot, lad! Love watching other people play the game.

Brilliant stuff. Easy to get into and get hooked. Brilliant music too.

Brilliant stuff. Easy to get into and get hooked. Brilliant music too.

Brilliant stuff. Easy to get into and get hooked. Brilliant music too.

One of my favourites of the jam. It just needs a barrel roll!

Loved this. Teleporting was great fun. Only thing that let it down for me was the repetitive music.

Bloody good arcade action! Jump in and get hooked! Loved the teleporting.

Thanks a lot! Loved the video, you've got mad skills!

It sure would! Go for it!

Holy shit! That was impressive! I was thinking of adding a multiplier for playing dangerously. It'd kick in if you're near the top of the screen.

Thanks for the feedback! Aye, I cheaped out on the difficulty, it just affects how much health you start with (6, 3 or 1).

This is the complete game, lad. It was for a game jam, so this is all I got made before the deadline. If I get some time, I wanna go back and finish it off though.

Construct 2!

You're right. The boss is a bit shitty. If I get back to working on this, he'll be changed completely!

Thanks a lot, lad!

Nice one! Love watching people play!

Thanks a lot!

Might get stuck back into it soon. If you want more health, you could always try Baby Mode. Haha!

You weren't s'posed to be able to jump over that falling floor at the end! Haha! Whoops! The guys who throw the 3 sickles, you can stand beside them and jump between each throw, plugging some shots in each time.

I don't wanna update the game here 'cause the judging for the gamejam is still going, but I've been updating the shit outta it over on Newgrounds.

Boarding up the windows actually has an effect on how often the bigger baddies spawn in. I didn't explain that anywhere though. Whoops!

Hey. I've updated the game based on your video. have another go. See if it's any less cheap this time!

Thanks a lot! I'd friggin' love to remake everything as an NES game!