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You weren't s'posed to be able to jump over that falling floor at the end! Haha! Whoops! The guys who throw the 3 sickles, you can stand beside them and jump between each throw, plugging some shots in each time.

I don't wanna update the game here 'cause the judging for the gamejam is still going, but I've been updating the shit outta it over on Newgrounds.

Boarding up the windows actually has an effect on how often the bigger baddies spawn in. I didn't explain that anywhere though. Whoops!

Hey. I've updated the game based on your video. have another go. See if it's any less cheap this time!

Thanks a lot! I'd friggin' love to remake everything as an NES game!

Thanks a lot, lad! I wish there was a way to put it on your Vita too! Haha! I made it in Construct 2.

Thanks! That's what I was going for. Heavy and deliberate.

Thanks a lot! Broke a lot of Gameboy rules, but what the hell! I just pretend it's running a Gameboy with an expansion pack plugged in.

Thanks a lot. I sure will give  SparX a go!

Aha! That's a good idea. Never even thought of that! Thanks for the feedback.

Bloody well loved every second of this! The only tiny problem I had with it was having to hold down to chew more gum. Wish there was a way to speed that up a bit. Other than that, brilliant! I'd friggin' love this fleshed out into a whole game and playing on my Switch!

Love watching these videos! 0 deaths! Nice! A perfect run! 55200 is a brilliant score, lad!

Aye. This was a screw up with one of the control types. I'm pretty sure it's been fixed with the new update.

Sure thing. Go for broke!

Hey. When I said I fixed it, I had fixed it... I just forgot to upload it. Haha! The new update was up a few days ago. I'm 99.999999999% sure the drop down controls are fixed now.  Fingers crossed!

Thanks a lot! The video was brilliant! Not many people can make it to the end!

Loved the video, man! Always enjoy seeing people jump when the floor collapses before the boss. Haha! The music's a bit wonky. There's s'posed to be boss music, and it's really good too!

Hey. Thanks for the feedback! The drop down was wonky with one of the keyboard control types because I'm an idiot! But I have it fixed n' updated now.

Thanks! The resolution is  the same as the NES, 256x240.

Aye, that pesky music problem keeps popping up after I think I've fixed it. I'll get it sorted some day!

Thanks for the feedback. Naw, no roll or dash. Megaman doesn't need one, so Leon doesn't! It IS possible to beat the game without taking a hit, it's all down to timing.

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I've fixed this problem with the latest update! The down+jump problem I mean. Being able to escape outta the game will have to wait for the next update!

Whoa! Thanks for featuring the game in your video! I really didn't think you were gonna make it to the boss after watching you die over n' over at the start! Haha!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll add that escape option right away!

As for the drop down, that's a weird one. What buttons are you pressing? Are you using a pad?

Thanks for the feedback. The UI is fixed now!

It will! The only reason it isn't so far is 'cause I'm an idiot n' forgot to upload a downloadable version. Haha!

That's cool, man! Go for broke!

Atmosphere was really good, but I couldn#t get used to the weird drunk controls. 

Thanks! Yeah, going for NES hard to match the NES graphics!


Thanks a lot!

Just avoid the bear traps and scythes. You can't shoot them. Go for broke!

I can beat the whole level without taking a hit. You just have to get the right timing. But I've eased the difficulty up a bit for the next update.

You just need faster fingers! 

Brilliant stuff! That third guy throwing stuff, he's easy to beat if you drop down through the platform after taking some shots at him, then repeat. S'pose I should actually let people know you can drop through platforms. Haha! It's down+jump (S+L or down arrow+X or pad down+A).

Making a demake of Resi 4, but we have no music! Anyone wanna help out with a bit of music?

Here're some screenshots.

Looking for something NESsy. Maybe something that sounds bit like this.

Thanks, lad. Aye, I enjoy a game that can kick my ass, n' I like it when my games kick other peoples' asses. I like to pay it forward, y'know?

Hey, thanks. I didn't set jump to up/W 'cause that's the universal 'go into a door' button. But I COULD set door to down/S n' have up/W as an option for jump. Hmm...