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Hey, what are the full usage terms for these?

That's totally fine!

Thanks for digging that out! I'll go in the credits in our next update. I hadn't realised as it isn't in the EULA present on Steam, or stated in the store description. Still, easily fixed.

Thanks! Can you point to where it says this in the EULA? I looked through the terms and didn't see it, but I can modify my credits in my next update.

Thanks! The music came from a resource pack of royalty-free music. I'm uncertain of which specific pack at present, though.

=== Known Issues ===

Hey all, please reply here with any issues you observe!

  • Class A
    • It's possible to end up in a state where the "WAVE COMPLETE" screen doesn't disappear after finishing a wave; cause presently unknown will investigate
  • Class B
  • Class C

Hey, do you have any intention to format these in the manner expected by the RPG Maker family? Right now, they aren't, and while the art is wonderful, it would be a lot of work to make best use of them.

That's great! It was really rare, but we did run into a few people who saw much more of it. We have to assume it's a hardware thing.

It was difficult to fix because it practically never happens on my development machine (like maybe once in ~10 playthroughs of the entire game).

Hi there,

During cross-examinations in court, you should be able to get to the menu using the "OPEN MENU" command.

However, much of NALE Chapter 1 is effectively one long interactive cutscene. It's only about half an hour, though, so generally people play it in one sitting.

If you need to skip through (like you have to restart) you can hold Pg-Dn to skip through text.

Chapters 2 and 3 work very differently, because they have walk-around segments interspersed with the court cases.

Hey, we're really sorry to hear you're having this problem.

It took a lot of investigation, but we did actually manage to find the source of the problem, and it's related to how the game runs on certain hardware configurations.

We'd really like to make this up to you; could you contact us via email? Please message us at tanukisamastudios AT

Thanks for trying the first game!

Yes, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One on Steam will comprise the three chapters that have so-far been released on itch, with the addition of new content & features, such as improved art, user interface & steam achievements.

In terms of Steam keys, we won't be providing everyone who owns the existing games free keys, but we will have opportunities to reward longtime supporters with free keys closer to release, so people can start playing on day-1. If you want to get in on that, as itch lacks any kind of messaging system, we strongly recommend joining the NALE Discord and/or following us on Twitter. We're still working out exactly how launch is going to work, so there'll be updates closer to the time.

Also, we recommend you subscribe to the game's mailing list to be kept aware of announcements near launch.

Just for full transparency, we will be patching Chapters 1-3 on itchio some time after the Steam launch; these patches will bring over some of the QoL fixes made that improve the Steam version, but not everything; e.g. the improved art will remain a Season One exclusive, and things like Steam Achievements simply don't transfer.

In terms of whether this means you should buy the chapters now or later, that's totally up to you. From our perspective, NALE isn't crowdfunded and doesn't take donations; the game is entirely funded by sales and the merch store, so we appreciate it when fans buy the game through any channel. So if you really must see the continuation of Nina's adventures right now, the chapters are still available, or you can hold off for the definitive release later in the year.

Whatever you decide, we hope that you have a great time when you get to play through Chapters 2 and 3!

Hey, question - I've set everything up I think correctly, but haven't uploaded to Steam yet so obviously the achievements aren't working when I call them, but I think they will once I do that.

However, I noticed that you have a flag in the plugin settings called "Steamworks Debug", what does this do? Should it display a debug message when I try to unlock an achievement, even in this situation?

Oh that's terrible :( We'll see what we can do to fix it.

How would you feel about joining the discord? The URL's here:

If we could talk to you, we might be able to work out what's causing the problem.

Hey Hobcramwork; sorry to reply here like this (also sorry to the dev of this game!) but I googled you and couldn't find a better way. You mentioned a possible bug in your review this week for Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, could you please DM us over on Twitter?

We want to know more about the problem, as we haven't seen it - but we want to fix it if possible.

Oh really? Sorry, we had a slight problem last night where we had a bug with a build. We hid the new build while we figure out what's going on, but accidentally didn't "un-hide" the older one. It should be fixed now, apologies for the delay!

Thanks a bunch! I hope you enjoy everything that follows just as much!

Also, feel free to join the discord!

Thanks for the interest you've shown in NALE; we'll keep in mind your feedback and see what we can do for future chapters.

It's clear that the game wasn't to your preference but I hope you'll get more out of whatever you try next.

It absolutely would!

It'll go on the list of things to update when we do a refresh. Obviously we're limited in that by budget, but we can keep it in mind.

Admittedly no, it isn't the same person.

Thanks for the feedback; but I can assure you that the panting sound was recorded by a female voice actor.

Next time we look at refreshing assets, we'll consider revising it.

What follows is a spoiler-free walkthrough for NALE chapter 1. This tells you everything you need to do in order to fully pass through the chapter, in minimal detail so as not to spoil the fun of playing through it.

  1. Begin the game
  2. Leave the office via the east exit
  3. Once in court, play through to the 1st cross-examination
  4. [1] PRESS every part of the statement, and when asked "is this important", select "Yes"
  5. [1] This will add a new part to the statement; PRESS this new part. When asked "is this important", select "Yes"
  6. Play up to the 2nd cross-examination
  7. [2] Present "MERYL PICTURE A" to the statement part that starts "I can't..."
  8. Play up to the 3rd cross-examination
  9. [3] At the statement part that begins "Meryl and I...", present "MERYL PICTURE B"
  10. [3] This will add a new part to the statement.
  11. [3] At the statement part that begins "Lately Meryl..." present "JACKIE HATES MERYL"
  12. When shown a list of potential suspects, pick the middle option in the list
  13. Play up until the 4th cross-examination
  14. [4] PRESS "I waited..."
  15. [4] Select "Yes"
  16. When asked to present a piece of evidence, present TRAVIS's LIGHTER
  17. Play through to the end of the chapter
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Hey vanmegs! Apologies; partially this is due to how there was a bug in one of the versions pushed to itch, and your version probably has the wrong evidence browser screen (the topic creator's screenshot shows this). It's fixed in the latest v1.1 version. This bug was introduced when we fixed something else! (Isn't that always the way). As you're about halfway through the game, you can either start over, or you can manually move your save files from the old one to the new one (they should just work), if you know how to do that. Alternatively you can keep going; just be aware these evidence puzzles are more difficult than they need to be.


However, to help you out - one of Ryoko's statements needs to be refuted; Ryoko says that no-one on the mountain cares about anything other than winning, but you can present THE HEART OF THE DRIFT to suggest that this isn't true.

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Hey marcherman!

Ah yeah, see my notes about version 1.1 - you unfortunately have a version of the game with a bug, where you don't have the correct evidence screen. However, as you're very near the end, you might just want to push on (just be aware that with the correct screen, the evidence gameplay is generally a bit easier).

I can't do spoiler tags here unfortunately, SPOILERS BELOW




"Rostro Pass (disused)" - the road is disused, suggesting that this could've remained undiscovered for some time.




We've just released NALE v1.1, which incorporates some fixes that were reported by the community. These include...

  • On some systems, the game's intro video would not correctly play
  • Users with builds made after the launch-night hotfix will not have the correct evidence browser screen in-game

While neither of these were game-breaking issues (players will still be able to advance despite these problems), we've fixed both of them and uploaded a new build.

Please download this as soon as is convenient, and please delete your older version of the game.

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thanks! By any chance, did you try this a second time? Did the same thing happen?

EDIT: I just double-checked it, and it seems to work okay from a scripting perspective, which suggests this might be a more complex problem - but, hopefully, one which might only affect you if you went through the events leading up to it in a very specific way.

Anyway; please let me know if you were able to progress. If it's one of those "can happen every so often" issues, that's a different scenario to if it happens all the time for you.

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Hi all! Please report any issues you find here with the chapter.


  • None

RESOLVED ISSUES for v1.2 (or before):

  • Intro Video does not play - After Nina and Dylan get into the car at the start of the story, the game freezes, and you can get it moving again by pressing <esc>. This is because on some systems, the intro movie does not play correctly, and <esc> skips it. We've only had one person with this issue so far and haven't been able to figure out the cause (it works fine for everyone else), so if you see this problem, please let us know your hardware configuration and OS version. RESOLVED IN LATEST VERSION, please redownload if you get this.
  • Evidence browser is not correct - Builds between the hotfix late on the launch night and today's update (v1.1) had the wrong evidence browser screen. This has now been fixed for v1.1; approximately half of all NALE users have the older build, so please download the newest one as soon as possible.
  • The Rostro Racers do not have their suit facepaint on the race HUD head images
  • If you leave the crime scene too early, it's possible to reach a deadstate. This will be fixed in an upcoming version. If this happens to you, please reload your save, and don't leave the crime scene until it's clear there is nothing else to investigate (the game will make this clear).

Great update!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback, really happy that you enjoyed the first chapter!

Do you plan to keep going?

This is great! Thanks for writing this. I hope to use it in the future on NALE.

Hey, just wanted to post to say - I played a LOT of games like this back on the C64 when it was contemporary (and other platforms too) and this looks absolutely wonderful. Definitely seems to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best I can recall on the platform.

Hey, just wanted to come over and say that I absolutely love what you're doing. The visual style, colour scheme, everything about your game looks like it's just packed with so much joy; I love seeing it whenever it pops up on my feed. I'd love to back you but every spare penny I have is going on my own project's budget right now, but I wish you the best and really hope you make it.

Thanks a bunch for posting this; it's great to hear that you loved Nina's new VA! Rachael did a fantastic job

As for the other thing... Well, that'd be telling :D

Case III is out soon; we're just finishing up some of the assets we need for the release before we pick a final date. Stay tuned!


Honestly, it's because there was a Humble Bundle just before I started where I bought RPG Maker MV, and when I wanted to start this sort of project, I already had it installed and available. It started life as just a small demo and has just grown from that point.

Very soon (like in the next couple of weeks!) so things are kinda crazy right now. The pandemic has brought extra complexity; we cut the guest list down to a very small number (really just immediate family) and we're engaging in a great deal of extra planning to help make sure everyone is safe, e.g. plenty of sanitiser, masks, using the space to give people the room to social distance... So it's brought many extra considerations.

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Thanks! All I can suggest is that you might want to pose this question on the official RPG Maker forums:

This sounds like the sort of question that I imagine someone has posed, at least I hope so.

If you get some concise instructions, then let me know - I can add them to the readme in an updated version.

Hi, glad you loved Chapter 1 and thanks for reaching out! I've had a few Mac users get in touch, but because I really value that you guys cared enough to speak up, I want to give you a totally straight, honest answer.

Current status with the Mac version is "on hold", because I don't possess a Mac to develop, export and test on - Chapter 1 was weird in this regard because "it just worked first time"; it actually won't store your savegames on a Mac, but because C1 is only ~half an hour, that hasn't really been an issue.

Case 2 is orders of magnitude more complex in its implementation, so would require extensive testing and likely some bugfixing on a Mac machine (which is why I can't just ask someone else to export it; it'll require actual work from me to test and fix it up). I'm not certain that the Mode7 stuff will work, too, which might mean that on Mac, the game is slightly different.

However, when case 3 is finished, before releasing it, I want to release a "final" version of C2 which fixes all of the small bugs that players have reported, and will try and see if I can borrow a Mac from somewhere around that time, and maybe revisit this.

Sorry that this isn't the answer I know that you (and the other Mac players) would like; my desire would be to have NALE on every platform I can, for anyone who wants to play it - unfortunately that isn't always possible in the timescales I want.

Thanks a bunch! I'll start a reminder and tweet about it etc. Closer to the time!

Thanks! In truth, as something of a poor solo developer who also has a wedding coming up, I wasn't really able to donate much - but I thought if this brought in a few $ for the various causes involved, then at least there's that.

Hi Leafo! Can I please add...

... to the bundle? Thanks!