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That's it? Are you serious?

A topic by Maxime Martyr created Dec 04, 2020 Views: 339 Replies: 4
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Clara's death was purely accidental and we won't defend Trey on trial? Come on, you can't be serious, that can't be all!

How did the accident happen? We know that Clara's car lost its rear right wheel and Grey crashed into the right side road barrier.

Clara's car was intact beside the missing wheel so we know it didn't lose its wheel because of damage, which implies that the wheel came off on its own, which is likely the cause of Grey's crash.

Clara and Trey are racing, Clara is in front, being the unbeatable goddess of racing that everyone told she was, when suddenly her rear right wheel comes off, which causes the rear right side of her car to hit the road, the impact makes her violently hit her head on her steering wheel and die instantly, meanwhile the loose wheel is on Trey's way who was behind, which causes him to abruptly steer his car to the right to avoid the unexpected obstacle and crash his car into the right side road barrier.

Then Trey gets out of his car and runs to Clara's car to check on her, only to discover, horrified, that his friend is dead. We know what happens next but we still don't know what happened BEFORE!

Why did Clara's wheel came off? Before the race, Trey took care of Clara's car maintenance so he would have noticed if a wheel was loose and would have fixed it. Which leads to only one logical conclusion: It was NOT an accident, someone sabotaged the wheel AFTER Trey was done with the maintenance.

Who and why?

Remember this traffic cop who has been trying for years to bring the Rostro Racers to an end and always failed because her superiors in FCPD didn't care about them? Remember when Nina met detective Flatfoot on the crime scene and asked him why this traffic cop hated the Rostro Racers so much and he answered she has a personal vendetta towards them?

What could possibly be the reason for this personal vendetta? What do we know about the Rostro Racers's history?

That's right, someone died in a race accident in 1981.

What if the victim of this accident was a person dear to Rhonda Haste, maybe her father?

Then she would blame her loss on the Rostro Racers, illegal racing, and, let's say, even speed infractions, which would lead her to become the most dreaded traffic cop in FCPD's history.

And trying to bring the Rostro Racers to an end. Trying for years, and always failing, because the law didn't care about her personal vendetta.

Now what if an all powerful person wants to own the Rostro Racers but their leader is set against it and this mysterious sponsor (who I figured out is "F"), having ears everywhere in Fledge City, heard about this traffic cop who hates the Rostro Racers and imagines a plan to use her to get rid of her obstacle?

She would approach Rhonda with something like "You have been trying to uphold the law but the law has let you down so now you have to resort to other ways in order to make justice and I can help you. Your superiors don't take your warnings about the Rostro Racers seriously because nothing happened for years so they assume there is no danger. But we know that accidents happen, don't we?"

Then she would set her plan in motion, she would pressure Trey, with who she is in touch, to challenge his leader to a race in order to make her change her decision about the buyout refusal, then she would send Rhonda to his autorepair center to sabotage Clara's car after its maintenance is done and before he tows it to Clara's house.

This way the obstacle, Clara, is removed, and Rhonda can finally laughs at her superiors for not having taken her warnings seriously because an accident DID happen now and surely FCPD will finally take illegal racing seriously!

Now it is up to Nina Aquila to demonstrate it!

Which is why I expected to defend Trey after the Aces were proved to be not guilty and was outraged when the case concluded with Clara's death being purely accidental and abandoning Trey to his fate.

For once because it is not like Nina to just go celebrate victory with her clients while abandoning someone who needs help, doesn't she always say that her role is to be there for people when no one else will? Surely then she would never abandon Trey!

And for second, because Clara's death could NOT be accidental as I demonstrated. A wheel CANNOT just come off right after a maintenance, what I say is only common sense! Which makes me seriously question your ability to write stories...

Because this case's "mystery" was so obvious that I solved it from the beginning and spent the whole game being frustrated at how Nina was SO DUMB to take DAYS to figure out things which were so obvious from the start!

I mean, come on, I arrive at a parking, I notice that there are 3 teams and that each team has all the same cars, Dylan points out that a team is missing, then a car with darkened windows from the missing team arrives right at the start of the race, no one sees the driver, then the race starts and I meet someone from the missing team who was not there before the race started, then a drama happens during the race, and when I talk with the Aces in the detention center at the very beginning of the case, they tell me that "Clara was BEHIND, then she turned off her headlights and disappeared, then they found her crashed car IN FRONT of them! It was so OBVIOUS that she was crashed there from the beginning and that the driver behind was an imposter with the same car as her! Someone from her team who was absent at the beginning at the race, that reminds me of someone... THAT WAS ALL SO OBVIOUS! How could you expect smart players to enjoy solving a mystery so blatantly obvious?!? Because NALE is about solving mysteries but do you know how frustrating it feels to spend time watching your character being blind to everything when everything is so blatantly obvious? I basically solved the case right from the beginning and I spent the entire game yelling at Nina "THINK, YOU IDIOT!". I didn't enjoy this experience at all and I didn't say everything yet.

Let's talk about your minigames. NALE 2 minigame is boring and NALE 3 minigame is incredibly dumb but let me explain.

In NALE 2, you came up with a cards battle minigame in which you basically need to summon creatures from the element superior to the opponent and that's it. The opponent summons a fire creature? Summon a water creature and watch. The opponent summons a water creature? Summon a leaf creature and watch. The opponent summons a leaf creature? Summon a fire creature and watch. There is no challenge at all, even if the player chooses "challenge mode", which is a joke because there is no challenge at all, this minigame is so boring that I even question the point of making it? I mean, why do you make games if you don't make them fun to play?

In NALE 3, you came up with a janken minigame which relies on clashing emotions through faces... IN CARS WITH DARKENED WINDOWS WHERE WE CANNOT SEE THE FACES OF THE DRIVERS WHICH IS A CENTRAL POINT TO THE CASE!!! See? Incredibly dumb!

And even if the cars' windows were not darkened, how exactly could the drivers see each other faces when their cars are in front or behind each other, hmm? Did you even think about that?

So now what to do to fix that then? Simple. Racers talk to each other through radio in their car, don't they? Then use that to fix your minigame. Replace the faces with sounds. I am not talking about adding actual sound effects in the game, hearing the poor quality of your sounds effects, please add no more, spare our poor ears, have mercy. I am talking about changing the texts. Replace "Rage!", "Technique!" and "Self-Belief!" with "Insult!" to express rage, "Laugh!" to show off technique and "Calm breath." to focus self-belief, replace "Glare" and "Smoulder" with "Scold" and "Mock". You do not need to change Nina's pictures but I noticed that some pictures were missing for the racers, I couldn't tell what they chose from their pictures because you use the same picture for different outcomes, which defeats the point of illustrating with pictures.

Now, you made fun of yourself by making Nina notice that everyone in the city looks the same, making her feel like there are only 20 people in the entire city. This was funny because it was so true, I had noticed it from the second game already. A joke to self-deprecating yourself who doesn't excuse your laziness. RPG Maker MV includes a characters generator. And even if you are not willing to create each character by yourself, you can just click on "Random generation" to let the software randomly create a new character. So basically, all that you have to do to fill your games with unique characters is to click on "Random generation" as many times as you need characters, that's as simple as that. The software does the work to generate characters for you and serves them to you on a silver plate, ready to use. So there is really no excuse to use the same character twice, not alone DOZENS OF TIMES, this is sheer laziness, which is offending to players, especially when they pay to enjoy a fully finished game, which is far from being the case with yours, for many reasons.

When I played NALE 2, I let you know how Nina's panting sound effect was a terrible experience to hear but there is something else I didn't mention then. Indeed, I noticed different voices when Nina shouts "Hold it!" and I want to question the point of using different voices? All that it does is to make your games, therefore you, to lose credibility because of inconsistency. There is no point to put too much if it causes a loss of quality, the voice actress who voiced "Objection!" is good enough, just keep her voice for "Hold it!" and remove all of the others please.

About NALE 3, I feel like you had planned more but cut it short for some reason, releasing an unfinished work. For example, there are pieces of evidence that we never get to use. When I got "Spades J&Q Vacation" as a piece of evidence, I expected to have to use it at some point to prove that only Trey could have impersonated Clara because there are only 4 cars like Clara's as Trey built them from scratch, one is the one in which Clara was abandoned, 2 were away because of "Spades J&Q vacation", which leaves only Trey's. But the opportunity never arose to use it, which makes me think that you had planned more but released an unfinished work. Not only did you release an unfinished work but you also prevented players to actually play! I always wondered when I would get to use "The Great Wave business card" piece of evidence so when Trey said that he was on a date during the earlier race and Nina retorted that he must not have eaten much to be hungry for hot-dogs right after, he answered that the restaurant didn't serve big portions and it was The Big Wave, at this moment I thought "Finally! This is where I use The Great Wave business card piece of evidence to prove that on the evening of the race, there was an all-you-can-eat so it is unlikely that he didn't get enough to eat, I got you!". Only for Dylan to steal my moment and point the lie in my place! Damn it, Dylan! Shut up! This was my moment! It is MY role to break lies, this is the whole point of the game, why am I playing if NPCs do things that I am here to do?!? Seriously, Ethan Fox? Now you even make the NPCs prevent players to play?!? What the fuck are you thinking?!? Which leads me to a MAJOR FLAW in NALE 3: characters direct the player too much! The whole point of an investigation game is to make players think. Which you don't let players do because you basically tell them what to do, what to say, which piece of evidence to use, while playing NALE 3, I felt like you were holding my hand all along and all I could do was what you told me to do, never letting me think by myself, which felt utterly frustrating, even more so when the mystery was so easy to solve! Did you design NALE 3 as an "Investigation for dummies"?!? The point of a game is to have fun and there is no fun in being directed too much, let players think by themselves for God's sake, don't tell them what to do, especially not in games who involve players to investigate mysteries, which revolves around THINKING, which you don't let players do because you direct them too much!

Also, I want to remind you that NALE ends with promising a case about Anya as the teaser shows Anya under arrest, that you didn't let players play because NALE 2 takes place AFTER Anya's case. Why? NALE 2 should be Anya's case so why did you not let us play Anya case like you promised with your teaser in NALE? You know, when I played NALE, I hesitated to buy NALE 2 because I was disappointed in NALE, I noticed that you made the bare minimum, already from the first game I could tell you were lazy, and I am not willing to pay for laziness, especially not when there are so many other games made with a lot of effort and completely free, why would I reward someone who is not willing to put much effort into what he makes? But I wanted to defend Anya so I finally thought "Screw it, I want to give it a chance!" and I bought NALE 2. And what did I get for my money? An unrecognizable Nina who had turned into a trash because of events that I was supposed to play and didn't get the chance to because it is already all over before I even started! Are you fucking kidding me?!? I bought NALE 2 because I was teased in the end of NALE with Anya being arrested and I DON'T GET TO PLAY HER CASE?!? Why?!? Even if I am doomed to fail for the sake of the plot which involves to fail first to triumph later, I still WANT to play EVERY part of the story! I don't care about a stranger being murdered in an hotel casino, that's not what was announced in the "Next time in NALE" announcement of the previous game, the announcement was about Anya being arrested so THIS is what NALE 2 should be about! An unsolvable case around Nina's mentor, Anya.

But can you make it? Seeing how Nina watched a footage video of an office again and again countless times and took AGES to notice the scar on the janitor's face, that I had noticed from the beginning as it is hard to miss a bright red taint on someone's face, I honestly doubt that you are able to make an unsolvable case.

Now I think I have told you all that I wanted to tell about your games, what do you have to answer to all of that?


Thanks for the interest you've shown in NALE; we'll keep in mind your feedback and see what we can do for future chapters.

It's clear that the game wasn't to your preference but I hope you'll get more out of whatever you try next.


That's it? A cliche reply? Is that all you have to answer to all that I told you? Damn! Even when you answer to your customers, you do the bare minimum, you are so lazy!

You'll see what you can do for future chapters? That means you have no intention to improve the existing ones, doesn't it?


Jeez, dude...  I dunno what else you'd expect after posting a giant, angry, insult-filled screed about a $5 video game that was made by one guy. Who you literally just called lazy in your follow-up.

Responding to that thing line-by-line wouldn't be worth the ulcers.


Only if they don't want to improve, dude.