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Nightmare Breaker GBView game page

Submitted by Gypopothomas (@gypopothomas) — 20 minutes, 51 seconds before the deadline
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Definitely one of the most finished and polished entries. Really like how deliberate the controls feel, but I would personally give the jump a bit less of starting lag. Just to make it feel a bit more responsive, even if the lag is on purpose.

Enemy and obstacle placement is fantastic, really loving the old school level design!


I really like your sprite work! I'm also a big fan of how you've kept the old school difficulty of classic Castlevania without keeping the old lives system. It lets you naturally set how difficult an area should be by how long/tricky the room is. 

I like the whip and jump delay, but I think one thing you could do to make your controls more responsive is calculate your jump direction on the last frame of jump squat: I tested different inputs a bit and concluded that the direction you're holding when you first press the jump button is the direction you jump after the squat is over. This would give players a couple frames of input leniency before locking them into a potentially deadly jump arc, without losing the deliberateness of the controls.

I would love to see a more robust version of this, there's a lot of great work here!


Aha! That's a good idea. Never even thought of that! Thanks for the feedback.


This looks like a very professional game. Like a AAA back then! Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


Thanks a lot. I sure will give  SparX a go!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice art !

Aside from Sprite rotations, this feels very gameboy to me !


Thanks a lot! Broke a lot of Gameboy rules, but what the hell! I just pretend it's running a Gameboy with an expansion pack plugged in.


I did the same thing ^^ !

It's kind of the fun of this jam : having a dream GB boy game even if you bend the hardware a little !


Awesome art, and audio!

I do enjoyed a lot the way controls work.. It remembers me the good old days.
This makes it a tricky platformer where you have to find the right time to do actions, and I like that a lot. Great job!


Thanks! That's what I was going for. Heavy and deliberate.


I'm a BIG fan of classic-style Castlevania, and though the controls in here took a little getting used to, it was all fine once I got the hang of them, I'm very glad to be able to find someone else with an appreciation for the old-school Castlevania experience! I'd still remove the delay from the Jumping though, Classicvania had a delayed whip, but not a delayed jump, and well, I'd prefer to use up + attack rather than just up to throw the sub-weapon, but that's just me... Also spectacular pixel art! Good job on that!

All that said though, I'm afraid this game falls a little too out-of-spec with the original Game Boy... Sure, you stuck to the 4 colours, the 8 x 8 pixel grid, the resolution, and even the single BG layer limitation, but you're not only rotating sprites (which the GB couldn't do) the music doesn't even sound like Game Boy music! It sounds closer to like, GBA music, except higher quality...


The game is really good and challeng haha.

I don't know, but when I died, the player stop move.


That happened to me too


Really neat game; very nice looking!  Very challenging!  If you get a chance be sure to check out my puzzle game.


The clunky controls became a little problem for me while playing, which made the fun score kinda low in my part, however, it is a very challenging experience that works well with the music and graphics.


A few people are mentioning the "clunky" controls being a drawback from the gameplay, I disagree. This takes me straight back to the retro days of gaming. The Castlevania vibes are fantastic, each action has a weight to them and that feels perfect for this style of game. Awesome art too!


Very good pixel art, challenging game. One of the bests i played until now :D!


Awesome graphics and great mood to the game! It would be nice with checkpoints though :)


The gritty action mixed with the weapons  and clunky movement makes me think of BattleToads x Castlevania, and I love it. The aforementioned movement does interfere with the action a little.


The game could be fun if the controls weren't so clunky. This is mostly because there is a delay from when you press x to when you jump. You also forgot to say that you could attack with z on your page, and this lead me to die multiple times. The game looks amazing but the audio seems average. One other design decision that grinded my gears is that there aren't check points. It is incredibly tedious to play through the level to die to the same challenge over and over again. On the bright side it seems incredibly polished(except the jump) and the level design seems good as well.


Super fun, graphics awesome and challenging. Despite the SD character design the ambience is feels heavy and mature. I am very impressed by the result !