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I might just be really dense, but I am trying to use these tiles inside of Game Maker Studio 2. For some reason the walls are (what looks like about 8px) off?  Am I missing something, or am I just really stupid?  Either way, help would be appreciated.

Really neat game; very nice looking!  Very challenging!  If you get a chance be sure to check out my puzzle game.

Love the ideal of the ferret!  Great job!  Be sure to check out mine as well!

I love the colors, very neat game!  Be sure to check mine out!

Nice little game!  Very clever mechanics.  Be sure to check mine out.

Interesting concept.  Be sure to check mine out.


Very fun game!  Be sure to check mine out as well!

Fun little game!  Be sure to check mine out!

Neat little game; be sure to check mine out!

Fun game, very nice!  Be sure to check mine out as well!

Interesting game; fun; simple; be sure to check mine out!

Thank you very much!  Nice score.  The next version is going to make the game a little less "RNG" feely (I know that's not a word.)  Hopefully one day the game will be polished enough for a mobile release.

Thank you for the kind words!  Been working on the next build.  It is literally night/day from the version posted here on

Thanks for the support, suggestions & ideals.  I have quite a bit changed from this posted version.  I plan on adding a lot of fun little things into the game.  The above game is rookie level and all programmed in a day.  You guys are great, thanks for the support!!!

COLUR community · Created a new topic Ideals & Suggestions

Please post any ideals & suggestions you have for the game here.  Please remember to be as specific as possible.