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Não, apenas criações próprias :)

Espero que goste man o/. 

Thank you for playing =)! I'm glad you liked the art o/! 
Enemies fighting each other is a good idea :D!

I played another rpg of yours on a jam,
"Washed Up" I guess. Noteworthy the evolution in the composition of the game o/. Congratulations!

Vlw o/, creio que vai gostar do que está por vir no shadow of demon lord xD.

Thank you :)!

vlw man, Dungeon of The Bees xD!

vlw poki \o/

vlw =]

Vlw brodi!

I'm glad you like it :D!

Great mechanics! Animals are not food :'(



Thanks man xD

Thanks Drey.

Obrigado por jogar, que bom que gostou :)

vlw velhox, quando o game ficar completo vai ser bem melhor :D!

vlw pela avaliação, falou tudo o/!

thanks man o/

salve o/

Thank you xD

The bees is the real boss \(ewe\)

Amazing idea and funny game XD!

I could not do the combos I thought of in time, sorry :\.
Thank you for play and the feedback, appreciated >w<!

Elas são bonitinhas :'(

Thank you the, / i love pixel art, so i always do my best, thank you for playing ♥

Vlw Sir Show xD. Questão de estratégia rs.

Thank you o/.
Spoiler: you can only kill the bees without getting damage with the second attack (the kick).

Também quero xD! me empolguei na criação, cheio de idéias ... + pouco tempo :\

Thank you, i put a lot of effort to create a nice outfit, i'm glad you like it :D!

As abelhas são o verdadeiro Boss rs.

Awesome game o/!

Nice game o/
Score 83.

Nice work! the game works fine and i know how hard is to make a multiplayer. I played alone but i will try with a friend o/. 

Really awesome, i love gta, specially gta 3. I didn't get all the packages because i was fooling around using the ramps and exploring the city (same way that i play gta xD). Was fun to play o/!

The art of the home screen is amazing, as so the pixel art. I love the character and the enemy that you made. good work, hope to see a demo or a complete version o/.

thank you for playing, and give a feedback. o/

its a trigger that i used to test the boss, its located on the left of the map :\

Thank you for playing, maybe in the future :)