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Finished in 7 minutes.
Awesome game!
I loved the puzzle!

Não consegui comentar a tempo na votação, porém segue o review o/:

O game está muito bom, viciante e com ótimas musicas!
Não encontrei muito a melhorar a não ser adicionar mais musicas, colocar o preview da musica antes de selecionar.

Plz, faz uma versão completas :D!

Awesome! no bugs, and i love double jump :D!

Pro player 2080.
Nice game, dificuldade top o/!
0 bugs, curti \o/

Top \o/

quase zerei >o<!

Gives a great mobile game, just polish and adapt :D! Nice work \o/!

Its a false positive because the engine i used to create the game.
I'm already working on a web version and complete version of the game.
Soon will be playable in browser :)

Thank you for playing :D
Was a great experience finish this game.

I'm already happy to see other people having fun with the game, seeing a walk through would be awesome!
Maybe someday :)

Thank you, i'm glad you like it \o/. 

I'm working on the full version of the game in parallel of another game that will come first ^^

Great idea and atmosphere! 9 is my record xD!

Thank you for playing  and the feedback, i didn't noticed the bug xD!

Nive idea! I just discovered that i don't have coordination xD.

Also, how i pass the 6 D:!?

Cool art, the map is very well done :D!

Thank you ^^. i'm not good with sound yet :x.

Nice work :), i liked the environment you created. The camera was strange to me, but this could be my mouse xD.

Great puzzles and cool pixel art, reminds me GB :D!

Nice idea, first time i see blender for a game :D

I liked the art style =)

Yes, and dont need to credit :)

Great idea :D, the graphics and the music is cool. Also, i didn't find any bug!
I only reached level 6 (for now).

thank you for playing, i'm glad you like it :D.
You can play with the other characters after complete the levels.
Each level has a boss and a character to play ^^

Thanks for playing ^^

Thank you for the feedback :).
it was a prototype for a GameJam that took me 15 hours of work :D. I'm working on the complete version since pastweek.

I planned new features, visual improvements and balancing. I believe you will like the result. 

Nice controls, i like the way we can move, when i do a curve is like drift *--*

Love it! reminded me megaman and i love megaman \o/. Piece of art my friend :D! Any chance to get a full version with more levels? ^^

For this kind of game in specific, i think if you can dodge the bullets you have a chance to win xD!
Knowing that we have a boss, motivates me  even more :).

I think I'm addicted ... it's a simple and engaging mechanic, good job!!! scored only 3900 so far.

I like hardcore games like this, good work :)! I'll need more time to finish the game xD.

I hate java but i loved your game xD! couldn't beat stage 3 because i'm bad, but i think is just a matter of time :D!

For me it ran normal. I completed all the phases. It's easy once you know how drift works xD!

I liked everything, is a short game but was a good experience :)

Great mechanics!

I liked to flying around :D

Very good pixel art, challenging game. One of the bests i played until now :D!

Challenging game, very good!!

The best thing for me was the music, very awesome!

Nice pixels :D
I wish i could buy love to my mushrooms =p