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Awesome game o/!

Nice game o/
Score 83.

Nice work! the game works fine and i know how hard is to make a multiplayer. I played alone but i will try with a friend o/. 

Really awesome, i love gta, specially gta 3. I didn't get all the packages because i was fooling around using the ramps and exploring the city (same way that i play gta xD). Was fun to play o/!

The art of the home screen is amazing, as so the pixel art. I love the character and the enemy that you made. good work, hope to see a demo or a complete version o/.

thank you for playing, and give a feedback. o/

its a trigger that i used to test the boss, its located on the left of the map :\

Thank you for playing, maybe in the future :)

Thank you, My voice is gone, it was worth it x)

 I was using a trigger on the left to test the boss mechanics and i forget it to remove before post :\. just dont walk to the left before kill the smallest enemies xD

Vlw man que bom que gostou o/

Great project as always, i walked to the last map and finished, i'm a good player rs.

Nice demake, Garen > All!

The gameplay and the look are great! I hope it continues the game, it looks promising.

the sound is so amazing, nice work!

I liked the way you used the colors.

awesome pixel art, congrats!

its a nice idea.

Awesome game, i have a lot of fun finishing the game. Only the music was very repetitive.

i like the sounds

Best sound ever XD!

Nice soundtrack, wellmade.

Great demake, i love mirror's edge *---*

nice demake, congrats!

great intro, its perfect!

nice pixel art, good job!

well done man, i played till the end o/

i like the gameplay, is awesome o/

Nice mechanics!

I liked the trees, great pixel art!

Thanks x)

Vlw cookie, espero que tenha jogado LUL

thank you

Thanks o/, i put a lot of efforts in the sfx. 

gentle of you >w<

Thanks Mike

Thank you digaly, i didn't play nier yet but i love the visual styles.

Thank you man xD, i think you like the sounds :p