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Thanks for playing Tiger \ o /. I've seen all the vod before. Awesome sound effects XD! 

I'm addicted :D! Nice idea, i love idle games and good phrase on the end xD

I just discovered that i'm not a good driver xD. Nice idea o/

Muito bom como sempre, parabéns :D!

Thanks for playing. I had an emergency at work, I finished the game with what I had in hand: \. But I will finish properly after jam \(>o< ).

Thank you for your feedback ^^. 
Now, i just finished the game, if you play again, i hope you like it :D

Nice work, was cool to pause and move mouse to change position and unpause \o/

Sometimes it's impossible to pass, but was nite to use clicks to go up and down, good work on that :D! And ... wtf John why you do that brotha D:?

Nice work, pico-8 seems cool, i'll try sometime :D

i got it, but my mate is kind of slow >w<

It's an interesting game, it's like my life xD, taking away the part that I can not sleep so much.
Nice pixels too.

Thanks bro o/

NES is one of my inspirations. I'm already doing the complete Saga od the game, i'll be updating very soon =)
Thanks for playing, the difficulty will be progressive with increasing amount of levels xD.

Vlw man, fico feliz que tenha gostado :D!

n da nem 8mb :O...
+ vlw xD... devo jogar na stream de hoje, pelo menos da pra ver rs :)

Vlw man xD.
Fico feliz que tenha se divertido jogando :)

Não, apenas criações próprias :)

Espero que goste man o/. 

Thank you for playing =)! I'm glad you liked the art o/! 
Enemies fighting each other is a good idea :D!

I played another rpg of yours on a jam,
"Washed Up" I guess. Noteworthy the evolution in the composition of the game o/. Congratulations!

Vlw o/, creio que vai gostar do que está por vir no shadow of demon lord xD.

Thank you :)!

vlw man, Dungeon of The Bees xD!

vlw poki \o/

vlw =]

Vlw brodi!

I'm glad you like it :D!



Thanks man xD

Thanks Drey.

Obrigado por jogar, que bom que gostou :)

vlw velhox, quando o game ficar completo vai ser bem melhor :D!

vlw pela avaliação, falou tudo o/!

thanks man o/

salve o/

Thank you xD

The bees is the real boss \(ewe\)

Amazing idea and funny game XD!