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Help Ra close off a rift to the Underworld by completing a series of puzzles.
Submitted by plasmastarfish, Rob Burnley (@RobBurnley), Airborne_Manatee — 2 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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Cute graphics, fun game. I included it in my Geta Game Jam 10 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Hey, Jupiter thanks for taking the time to play the game. I created the music for the game so I'm really happy you enjoyed it and took the time to upload the gameplay footage.


HostSubmitted (1 edit) (+2)


  • Fantastic and extremely innovative game concept.
  • Core gameplay was explored very well through a variety of different mechanics and level designs.
  • Difficulty and interest curve were fantastic. Levels escalated in difficulty very well, with there being easier and shorter "break" levels whenever a new mechanic was introduced, so that the player wasn't overwhelmed. Whenever it started to feel repetitive, a new concept was introduced to draw me back in again.
  • Excellent use of audio and visuals to establish a consistent aesthetic, one which suited the tone of the gameplay extremely well.
  • Interesting and well crafted narrative that provided context to many of the mechanics in the game.
  • Very well polished, there were little to no bugs which I encountered that hindered the gameplay experience.


  • Text boxes are a little bit too sensitive, it skipped to the next line when I went to increase the volume using a keyboard button. Perhaps it should be mapped to one specific key? Or alternatively, what if you had to hold a key down for a certain amount of time before it would go to the next line?

Easily the best entry I've played, amazing work! Everything in the game was so coherent and well explored. Keep it up!


Great idea :D, the graphics and the music is cool. Also, i didn't find any bug!
I only reached level 6 (for now).


Thankyou for taking the time to play, I wrote the music so glad you liked it :)


Thanks for your feedback! If you plan to go back and play more levels, I would recommend downloading a new copy of game because we had to fix an error in one of the end levels. Oops! Thanks for playing, and happy puzzling!


Hi. It's the second game I play in the game jam. And I really liked it. Here's my opinion. (Also I'm sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm french)

-The graphics, the music, and generally the whole artistic direction is very good. Everything together create a really good ambience and a unique world. You put a lot of effort in it and the result is very good. I especially liked the whole visual feedbacks on the snake when you move, it's really well done.
-The concept itself is really good. The two-world puzzle thing is maybe not new but the general ambience and the fact that you have only a few portals and you have to go back to your tail is a good addition to this. (+ the other things like the blocks you push etc)
-The level design is really good. There is a lot of levels and every one is unique. It may be hard to make puzzle game and find good ideas of levels but you succeed to renew and add new mechanics really well.

Things to change (in my opinion obviously):
-I had the impression the snake was a little bit slow sometimes (like it was a little laggy). Maybe you should speed it up because sometimes I "mashed" a direction and 1/2 input was not taken. Especially for the longs last levels where you sometimes have long distance to travel.
-A little thing : on the sprite of the angle tail, there are a few red pixels (nothing extraordinary).

A really good game with a cool concept and a lot of levels which renew themselves very well. Maybe just a few little corrections could be made but nothing important.


Thanks for your feedback! I noticed the red pixels an hour or so before the submission deadline but ran out of time to go back and clean it up. However, I didn't know there was an issue with lagging, so thanks for bringing it to our attention! Glad you enjoyed the playing experience!

Developer (1 edit)

A few changes after the jam deadline! They're listed at the bottom of the game page.