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So lovely! A heartwarming tale of a tiny slug grandma and her progeny.

In all seriousness though: the story is heartwarming, the art is beautiful, and the music is amazing. Worth a play!

I require sequel

Thanks for playing! I've been procrastinating working on the finished version, but your comment is good encouragement for me to pick it back up :). Glad you enjoyed the experience!

absoloot art

Thanks for playing! Glad we could make you laugh!

Yeah, we didn't have time to code in a way to get out of that scenario... Oops! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback! If you plan to go back and play more levels, I would recommend downloading a new copy of game because we had to fix an error in one of the end levels. Oops! Thanks for playing, and happy puzzling!

Thanks for your feedback! I noticed the red pixels an hour or so before the submission deadline but ran out of time to go back and clean it up. However, I didn't know there was an issue with lagging, so thanks for bringing it to our attention! Glad you enjoyed the playing experience!

What a captivating story! I hope I can play the rest someday soon!

Love that the character is customizable!