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8 months ago, I started working on my second game. A cute non-violent 2 dimensions platformer.

Baby Dino Adventures:

It somehow tries to tell the story of the first game I made called Bikosaur. A lot of people asked me "Why is this dinosaur riding a bike? Okay, he collects steaks... But, what's the meaning of this?"Baby Dino Adventures is about to answer this question, or at least I'm going to try to do so as best as I can, haha...

Back in December last year I published a first version of the game with 21 levels to enjoy/explore.
This is clearly an unfinished game. See this most likely as a very early prototype. That's also why it's free for now.

I'm working alone on this game, except for the audio. I mean for the songs part... Which is done by a belgian friend, Mickael Blum. Next update will include his very first OST. I tweeted a teaser about back in January this year.

Finally, I'm not going to GDC because I'm currently working on a major update for the game. It'll include new game concepts, songs, new levels, a level selection map, etc...
I'm focusing on a small releases basis to get early feedbacks.
I hope to release a first stable version still this year.

Oh, and ofcourse, here are 3 other main reasons:

  • I work on games aside my daily work. This means late at night mostly, or on the go;
  • I've to take deep care of my close ones. We — my wife, my son, and I — had an horrible fire accident back in 2017, and we are recovering well slowly;
  • I couldn't afford travel expenses for now;
  • It feels good to be a gamedev feeling at home, here on Itch, a platform that takes deep care of its users, and community;

Oops! It's actually 4 main reasons..

Well, if you actually read this whole little story and thought you enjoyed it... Well, I'd love to get your feedback on the game.

— Antoine, also known as SleepingPanda.Games

Very stunning, dude! 

On a Mac if you use Chrome, then it won't scroll if you use Up, Left, or Right arrow keys. I played the game this way. Hope it helps.

Thank you very much Vimlark for taking time to post here, and giving me your constructive feedback.
I just released a new version of the game that fixes those issues you posted.

Anyway, here are a few more details about it:

To be honest with you, I changed entirely the jump & camera behavior last week, and I didn't check if all levels were okay.
But obviously, because of those major changes, some levels logic are now broken. Anyway I took your feedback seriously and I changed those issues found on level 14 and 15.

Regarding the total number of steaks on level 13, you're right. It's 14 boxes. I forgot to edit it...

The game do define the control input at the very beginning of the game. I mean when you see the "Press anything to start" screen. There is no way to go back to this screen to set another control input, and I think it doesn't make sense to do such thing. That's why I added a select box on the Pause screen to allow you to change/select which controller input you wish to use. Controller input values can be: Keyboard, Gamepad, or Touch (for touch devices like mobile, tablets, etc).

Regarding the jump to a level issue, it redo every events and started from scratch again.
My Contrusct 3 events were a bit messy, so I cleaned everything and it now works.

Thank you very much for your help!
Let me know if something is still buggy.

Those 20 levels you played will probably not be in the final versions since they were kind-of prototype levels.
I'm about to start working on some NPC's additions as well as implementing a bit of stories with them. 

The adventure is just starting, ha ha.
I'll share some more news about in the upcoming weeks.


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Hey, folks!

I just released an early prototype of my 2nd game, Baby Dino Adventures 🍼, and I'm looking for some testers and constant feedbacks. I'm also starting a devlog here on Let me know what you guys think about it.

Link to Play

About the game
Cute retro-styled plateformer in which you help a baby T-Rex find his parents.
This somehow tells the story behind the 1st game I made, called Bikosaur.

⚠️This game is under active development, and is an early playable prototype with 20 levels for now. This game might change/evolve drastically with time depending on your feedbacks.

Video & Pictures

Very glad you enjoyed it.
Still plenty to do, haha.. Thank you! It means a lot to me.

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Thank you for your feedback, and for creating this topic.
I'm sorry you faced this issue.

Have you tried playing the game in fullscreen mode? 
Click on the following bottom right Expand Icon:

In this mode, keyboard controls won't scroll the screen.
Then, press Esc key to exit full screen mode.

If you have a gamepad connected to your computer you may use it to play the game instead of the keyboard.
Refresh the game page, on the Start Screen press any button on your gamepad and the game'll start.

I'll probably add some quick settings on the Pause menu to allow changing the input type.
Likeso you may easily switch from Keyboard to Gamepad or vice-versa, instead of refreshing the game and loosing your progress.

Let me know if this helped you so that I can mark this issue as Resolved.
Thanks again for taking time to write this post.
I hope you enjoy this early prototype.

Very fun, and original concept!
Beautiful art & lovely songs. Just awesome.

That's a great news! Thanks a lot for your time!

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Dear Itchi-folks,

I'm glad to be officially part of the community today.
I'd like to introduce you my very first HTML5 game.
This is an infinite horizontal runner game where you have to collect steaks and kill kitties to get the highest score.
You play a T-Rex that rides a bicycle.

You can play it for free on my Itchio page:
You can view the top 100 leaderboard on the game website:

Gameplay video

How to play

Keyboard Controls:

⬆️ Up arrow key to Jump ➡️ Right arrow key to Make a wheeling

Touch Controls:

🅰️ A button to Jump 🅱️B button to Make a wheeling

Submit your highscore

Each time you die, the game saves your high score locally (using your browser local storage capabilities) so that each time you come to play, your highest score is still here.

If you want your best score to appear on Bikosaur's Leaderboard, you'll have to login to save your high score by entering your name and e-mail address. Here is how to do it:

  1. On Pause or Game Over screen, tap/click on the Login button;
  2. Enter your name, and e-mail address;
  3. Tap/click the Save button;
  4. Here you go!

How I built it

I built it with Construct 3, and designed it with Aseprite.
Chiptunes were made by Laffe The Fox. I compressed them with Audacity.

I started its development on August 4th 2016.
I released the first version on web, iOS and Android on August 18th 2017.

I spent around 330 hours (~ 13,75 days) to design and develop it.
As I have a full-time job, I work on games mostly in the evening during my free-time (from 2 to 6 hours max. per week).
Back in May 2017, I unfortunately got a very serious accident. I got burn on my face, body, and entire right arm. During my stay at the hospital, I had the opportunity to work focus on developing my game. I started developing it with only one hand. One month after I could use my both hands, and two month after I could finally finish a first release version of the game.

I won't tell a lot more about this accident, but I just want to say that today I'm so grateful... Grateful to what? to who? I don't know...
But I'm so happy to be here, and see people having fun with a game I built.

Last words

Feel free to share you thoughts, or ideas. I'd love to get your feedback. Really.
I learned a lot with this game, and I'm already working on a new one.

See you soon, and have fun dino's! 🦖

Bikosaur community · Created a new topic Tricks & Tips
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Let's talk about the gameplay!
What do you think about it? Do you have any tips to share with other people? 

Bikosaur community · Created a new topic Bugs & Suggestions

If you find any bugs while playing or if you would like to share an idea, feel free to do so.
You're on the right place here, but you may also Send me an e-mail if you prefer.

Thank you for your kind answer! Well, that's sad we don't have a JSON plugin already. Maybe we can add this to the C3 suggestion ideas: 

OMG! Thank you very much for this! I'll probably give it a try after I put my Instant Game live. Is it possible to use it for Construct 3?

Hi there,

Does this plugin works for Construct 3?