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I have to be honest I was very bad a moving tiles and this type of puzzle game in general, haha. I'd love to see a walkthrough and see how it actually ends. But apart from my poor skills at such game: wow, amazing entry! Lovely art, cozy music and perfect sfx! Well done, really! This little game has lots of potential

It was a nice surprise as I did not expect a top down game at first. If you hold down two keys at the same the character will go off one way. I could fix this by pressing one key again so that was ok to me. I did not clearly understand how I can select items to give to npcs. Overall the game was fun, and I enjoyed going here and there completing quests. That shark got my attention, also :D

I didn't understand the dragon can wall jump, and it took me several tries to understand how it works but I could climb quite easily once I got it. Cute dragon!

I found the ability to randomly throw fireballs fun, and satisfying. It allows to progress more easily and makes the game more fun, imo. I also enjoyed the cool volcano intro, and the leaderboard addition making it a bit more fun and competitive. Well done!

Thank you for playing and the kind words, Denis. Yes, I felt like I had to do some sort of spin-off of Baby Dino by reusing one of its character. That was fun to redraw a smaller version of Roxy and her animations.

Yay! Congrats! 🎉

Thank you for sharing your score 🥰

Now that's a lot of volcano rocks you dodged 🤭

Thank you! 🥰

I ran out of ideas as the game is currently (I mean with existing mechanics) so I hope it was fun and not too boring in the end 😅

That's really smart, because you got a start screen that serves as an intuitive & interactive tutorial. Well done!

Cool sprites & animations. I first thought it was a runner so I barely run as fast as I could to the right and felt in lava like an idiot dino, haha. My bad. That would be lovely to still be able to survive more longer even when the ground is fully destroyed. Probably - I don't know - but with another platforms generation or something spawning new platforms so that good players could still play longer. I don't know.

Anyway, good job! Fellow Construct 3 dev :D

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It's concept is simple, but fun! I believe this could work well with some more polish here and there. I also would love a timer to know how much time dinos survived and a way to better understand where rocks felt precisely.

I like the fact you don't die directly by hitting the tilemap, but if you got hit by lava or this giant thing. Controls felt good. Well done!

I tried to build a challenging platformer for once. Not sure if this idea works really and if the difficulty balance is good enough, but tried my best 😅

Thank you very much for playing, Lina

Loved everything about it. My 6yo son also played it, and had even more fun than I did. Well done! 👍

I do love the humor around this chaotic situation, haha. The title screen is already fun to play with, cool addition!

A duck spawning made me laugh, but the only thing I'd appreciate is a score thing to be able to track my progress 😅

Well done! Very cool entry! ❤️

Thank you for playing, and reporting me this music issue!
I'll see what I can do, and how I can fix it.

For this GameBoy-like color transition, I simply set the 4 hexadecimal colors I want as variables and then I replace colors one by one depending on if I want to make a fade-in or fade-out transition effect. A color replacement is done in approx. 0,2s to give that retro effect.

I'm using Construct 3 as game engine. I can share a tiny template with the example above if needed.

Thank you very much for playing, and the kind words!

Thank you for playing, Sander!
That's very kind. 🥰

Yes, you can wait here and there to avoid falling volcano rocks. That's part of the trick to progress. Well done!

Good luck with your entry! This looks promising already, and excited in seeing how far you go. 😊

Thank you for this very useful template!

Could you explain the very last event of the .c3p file? Why are you comparing to 0.47 value?

Audio and art is simply awesome! That melody could loop forever.
I did not expect to die from a high jump, but it made sense afterall.

Very well polished, a nice story, and enought time to play! Perfect to me, honestly!

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I did have lots of fun, omg! The audio, the pay day and the fact we can punch flowers and bees made me have sooo much fun, haha! Awesome & beautifully cute entry! Well done!

Wow! Challenging for me, but I had a lot of fun! Well done!

Indeed, you can be proud of yourself! Keep up! ^^

Love it! Really cool arcade game! I was really bad at wall jumping, lol. It took me a few tries to understand how it works, but the overall experience was very cool! Well done!

My highscore after 5 tries (don't laugh at me :P):

Thank you Roberto for playing and sharing some love! ❤️

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback! We definitely ran out of time to improve levels difficulty, and that's probably something I will try to focus more during next jams. ❤️

Thank you very much, Georgio! 🥰

I know people doesn't really like pixel rotations in games, but I'm here to say it doesn't bother me. Especially for such racing game. I had lots of fun racing. I actually love racing games so no real surprise here. Sounds was part of the fun. I love hearing that fanfare song when you beat your record. 

My personal best on Rodent Stadium is 22.8

Thank you very much for playing and the good vibes! 💖

What a lovely entry! I'm really glad I tried your game because this is everything I like to play! Beautiful & cute vibes. I like it's story as well and puzzles are really well made. Took me just a few seconds on each levels to understand what to do. Also, the name of the level helps a lot guessing what you've to do. Well done! One of my favorite entry so far! <3

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I would not even imagine having so much fun destroying planets, haha. But, OMG I did.. Very very cool battles, mechanics, and use of such a tiny resolution.. Well done! I like this entry very much!

Currently made it to Kalasar, but I'll try to reach further planets later, hehe

I'm so happy to enjoyed it too. I did have a lot of fun creating it. Yes, hats are here to add an extra challenge/replayability to the game. But only if players really want that. Thank you, Sander! And so happy to see you also participated in the jam, haha 😁

Thank you, Craig! No really, I mean.. Thank you very much for playing it and the good vibes.. But also for your kindness, and for inspiring me a lot with your own work. I have tried 1bit art before but kind of let it off. By seeing your work more and more on your timeline, you convinced me that using simple flat colors with 1bit can make all the differences and be used in so many ways for designing game experiences. So, thank you very much for that as well! 🥰

I still can't believe how much polished your entry is! Art, animation, audio, story, humor.. Well, I don't really know what to say except that I did enjoy every part of your game! This is the kind of game I love to play obviously.

Really looking forward to the next versions if by chance you make it happen. In the meantime, well done, dude! One of my favorite entry ^^

That was amazing, dude! This gameplay with the heart remembered me how you fight in Undertale (sorry for comparing but I love this game too much so I really enjoyed playing a similar mechanic ^^').

Really good work on the audio. That's fun to hear your own voice at the end, plus very cool song! Well done as always! Very creative! Keep up!

Thank you! Thank you! So happy you liked the game and had a good moment!

I forgot how much it is good to read how much players enjoy your game. And that's the best part of gamedev obviously. 🥰

Yes, algae or seaweed (I didn't really know how it is called in English 😅) will prevent you from taking damage if you hide behind them.

Not easy to make that understandable for the player so I decided to use following concepts:

- If an object is animated, it means player can do something with it (ex.: algae 2 frames animation, shells sine up/down or left/right)

- Player can collide with white objects (spikes are white, and collectibles too)

That might not be 100% obvious, btw I admit it. But I tried. 😅

Now you speak about it, maybe I can add a little arrow up the algae so that player may understand he/she can stop moving while overlapping it. As I did with shell selection on the end scene.. Mmmh 🤔

This level and a few others are missing some direction panels to guide players. That's some assets I created 3 days before the jam ends, and did not have enough time to review all existing levels and add some. I'll probably update the game after the voting period with such direction panels to help players understand more easily the right path. In a full game version, these panels could be seen only for an easier difficulty version set from game settings..  Mmmh 🤔

Yes, jump is still a bit buggy. I did spend a lot of time testing/debugging it. To be honest, adding a jump mechanic to such wall climbing behavior might look simple but in fact it complicated everything, lol. That was my main challenge: making it work, and the 2nd hardest one was to design puzzles with such a tiny visible area.

If you have any further information on when you got a jump bug, then let me know I'd be very interested so that I can try to fix it.

Anyhow thank you very very much for playing and the kind words! That means a lot! 🥰

Such a shame I haven't played Binding of Isaac yet.. That's probably the best time to do so. I need to have a look to this "Ipecac" item, then ^^

So glad you had fun with the game. Thank you for the screenshot, for playing, and for the good vibes! I see you're a jam fan, hehe 😁

Ok nevermind I just saw your note. 

Now I can launch the game with the library files.
Don't have time right now anymore but I'll try your game again later!

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Sadly I can't start the game as I have the following issue coming:

Any ideas what I should do? :§
Probably something related to my PC I don't know.