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Thank you for playing and for your good vibes, Max! Good luck with the Wink's KS campaign! 🤞👊😎

Thank you for playing and taking time to leave a comment here. I did spend a lot of time on writing down dialogs and adding more details to the story with more interactive objects so I'm happy you enjoyed it! 🥰

If Arthur's sister seems to not like you it means you lied and said you're not a monster, haha. 😄

Well, thank you very much for playing and leaving a comment here. I don't know yet when, but I plan to work on next chapters for the game in the future. Keep an eye here. When I do, I'll make sure to post updates.

Awesome! You're welcome! :)

Really cool! Fun concept & story! I died in sector 2, but I will try to destroy every sectors later for sure!

Also, if I may, you should set the viewport dimension of your game (when you edit your project) to 480px width and 432px height so that it renders properly on your Itchio page project as follow:


That's just a small tip if you don't mind. ^^
Again I really did enjoy the game. Congrats!

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Thank you for playing, for sharing your thoughts, and sharing this part of your life! That's very much appreciated. 🥰

I was born in France, and grew up in Belgium since I'm 3 years old. All my childhood has been "Hey, Frenchy!" when I'm in Belgium and "Hey, Fries!" when I'm in France.

I can not really complain as I had good friends and good moments overall, but as a kid it was sometimes hard to know which country I'm really part of. Today, I'm okay. My friends, family, and work are in Belgium and I love that country. France will always have that special part in my heart. That's who I'm today.

Also later, and I mean a few years ago, I got that fire accident that changed my whole life. Long story short, my family are fine today. But when I get out of the hospital, I had to deal with people's view of physical differences, mostly regarding my burns and scars. Still the case today, but way less often hopefully for me because I healed very well and I got lucky somehow.

All these things inspired me, and when I saw the theme "You are the monster" I directly thought I could tell a story with that. A story about differences. Physical and cultural differences. A story about open-mindedness and acceptance of others. Two topics that speak to me. Two valors that matter to me.

I hope invoked feels where good, and again thank you very much for passing by here. 💖

Awesome song! Lovely palettes too!

Really cute game! That was short, but enjoyed every part of it! 😊

He is not a troll, and he is not trolling. I guess. :p

I'm sorry for this bug. I discontinued this prototype so I won't provide bugfixes nor updates.

Very much appreciated 👍🥰

Thanks, Alexis! I'd be very happy if this template can help you. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with GBStudio. I haven't released any games with this engine yet, but I have been playing around with it and really love it!

Awesome! I'll keep an eye on this, thanks for the info :)

Wow! I don't know where to start.. Seriously.. Everything was so cool. Gameplay, art, animations, sounds, music, and obviously its story that kept me stuck for the time to complete the game.

I initially downloaded the ROM to play it on my Anbernic console (which is being shipped right now) but couldn't resist more so I gave the game a try on my phone (using the emulator John GBC - my favorite for Android) and.. Oh, mud boy! Here I am.. I already completed the game before my console arrived, lol..

Thank you very very much for this masterpiece!

I'd have participated in KS campaign or would have been glad to throw you some dollars back because I really think you guys deserve some for this very cool game.

With muddy love 😘

Haha, I see you got the trick! :P
Unwanted behavior but that's how it is. Not sure if I'll be able to change that so easily but I can check. A little glitch in favor of the player is often okay I heard ^^'

Thank you very much for playing and the good vibes, Warren!

Nice art! A bit hard for me, but I like its rythm concept a lot. Maybe things could go a bit slower so that we have some more chances, haha? ^^'

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Thanks for the good vibes and for playing! 🥰 My main goal is to deliver fun and entertainment so I'm happy if it did to you 😁 

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That was short, but very fun! Plus I had a delicious lettuce moment.

There is no tutorial and that's cool. You learn how it works and figure things out by testing controls which is smart. Lovely cute story game. Well done!

Really awesome concept & art! Awesome job! I had lots of fun!

I did not expect the game to require me such precision skills, but it quite makes sense, haha. I did die a lot, but I did have lots of fun! Really cool entry you got here! 30 levels is already enough to have fun! Well done! <3

Cool concept of Tetris making it original! I like the Gray color palette a lot. Really nice job on the Tetris theme but for Nokia 3310 *_*

Let's be honest I'm very bad at it! I keep stressing out and melting with controls, haha. But yeah, that's just probably me. Really well done! I like the art and animations a lot. The game concept is really original. Well done!

I did enjoy playing and think it has good potential, but here are some suggestions if I may:

  • Its challenging but because main character moves slowly it may be a bit annoying after several tries;
  • I like the effort on the level design and like the look & feel of these background sprites, but the problem is some players might get confused and think they can actually land on some of these while they will just fall down;
  • Adding a coyote time jump would probably avoid frustration;

Also I did enjoy a lot the audio and the effort you put into it. Really feels like a Nokia 3310 game ^^

Indeed, you're right. I also got confused several time when testing so I'll create another sprite for the opponent like so it is easier to differentiate them.

Thanks for the good vibes, and for participating in this year chuckball league 🐣

Thanks! Yeah, 8 hours splitted into 1 hour for creating assets and 7 hours spent on rushing to develop. 2 hours max. per day.

I could add 2 additional hours still for finding the right ideas as I wrote a total of 10 game ideas, and decided to go with this one this time. I did skip the additional theme as I wanted to try something I haven't done yet - a sport game.

Thanks for playing! Nice quite nice score, well done!

What do you mean by 'multiplayer' exactly? I'm planning to add 2 players support after the voting period, btw. It could be fun somehow.

Thanks! Indeed I forgot to add a condition to prevent pausing/unpausing the game while the countdown is running. I'll provide a fix once voting period ends.

I never played such console but that would have been fun to do so I guess. I will implement the versus mode probably after the jam voting period. This seems like an easy thing to add to me so why not add it. Thanks for your time and playing!

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Awesome little game! I don't know. Its concept, its controls, and its music is just so cool! Awesome entry! Full stars for me! Well done!

Still couldn't make it, but still had lots of fun! I'll play some other entries first (so that I can rate them) and then I'll come back here to do my best once more, haha ;D Well done!

Thank you very much for playing! So happy you enjoyed participating in this cluckball league, haha ;D

 I'm sure you can do it next time! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! You almost did it!

Thanks! CPU really wants to win that cluckball league, you know. ;p

Fun one! Quite challenging to not watch the numpad. Couldn't make it but I'll try again for sure! I like the diversity of enemies, that's cool! :)

Thanks for playing, Thomas! I can add a pause screen, indeed. I'll see what I can do. 

For the GB port, I'm afraid I don't plan it yet. It would a really cool challenge & achievement, though. I'll keep this lovely idea in mind and figure it out later!

Thanks for playing and sharing your score here! This means a lot. 🥰

I did suck at rubbing but I did have looots of fun trying, haha ;D

I didn't got time to play and rate your game during the voting period, but here I am finally! I managed to picture them all. That was a fun lovely & chill experience! <3

Didn't got time to play & rate it during the voting period and I do apologize for that, but I really wanted to try it out so here I am. :-)

I do love tetris so I had to play it. And I loved it! Lots of clicks here and there, but that was okay to me. I didn't clearly understand first that I had to click that right button to set a block, but that's probably because my eyes were busy figuring out the best way to stack blocks on the other parts of the screen, haha.

Really cool, and good job! <3