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Haha, I couldn't go further than level 6 for now.. I'm a bit slow at typing I guess.. I'll come back to it later. Really fun! Animations are polished. Really funny little game you made there ^^

Oh, thank you very much for this kind comment! Believe me years ago, before doing games, I thought I'd never be capable of building such thing. It takes patience and lots of work. Good luck, and feel free to share one of your game if you happen to make one. ;-)

OMG, lots of these suggestions give cool ideas already! :D

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Keep it cool, and take your time. In the end players will be looking for a quality game whatever the time you needed to complete it. Sending you some good vibes! 😊

Couldn't make it further than Wave 2 at first try, lol. But that double jump was a positive surprise! Another cool game you created here :-)

Really cool game! I love how it looks like the robot is dancing on the music. It feels like a rythm game somehow haha. Fun mechanics too! Great job, Denis!

Thank you, Denis! I really appreciate that ^^ <3

Really fun little game! Le gros, le mince, et le petit in French :P

a little better ^^'

Ok.. I thought soda was just supposed to fall after shaking, and not teleport you further. Haha, that's sooo cool! :P

Really fun game, haha! Fun atmosphere, and cool mechanics. Awesome art also!
My score at 3rd try

As of today.. Here we are. ^^

Since I was in a rush for the jam, I didn't really want to spend time on native exports. But now that it ended, I can provide a Windows build ofc.

Really well done, Vim! Glad you didn't gave up this idea because it is sooo much fun as a small game, and still amazing how polished it looks in such time. GJ!

Amazing work you did there, guys!
Thank you!

Thank you very much for playing, and you rating. <3
We don't know yet about the future of this game, but who knows.. We will see this later. :-)

Simply amazing! Time & light concepts really make this game unique! Good job!

Amazing concept, and clearly addictive! Good job! <3

Really fun, and awesome pixel art!
I'll give a second play so I can try to get all fishes :D

Simply amazing! Tons of fun, and beautiful art. Battle concept is so original

Simply amazing! Tons of fun, and beautiful art. Battle concept is so original

Thank you for playing! Mmmh, a mobile version of this game may be an interesting idea.. 🤔 But nothing sure yet, ofcourse. We will see that later. 😅

You know if you had fun then this means pur job is done somehow 😛 Haha, thank you for playing! 🥰

I don't know what to say.. Except a big thank you for your kind words and playing the game 🥰

Thank you for your kind comment, and for playing our game! 🥰

Thank you for playing, and for sharing your score with us! Very much appreciated! 🥰

Yes, I think I should tweak a bit how fishes spawn. Maybe not just the delay, but also make more variations around how they spawn. But yeah, no more time left for that, haha 😅

Not sure yet if we will turn this game into a real one yet, but we will probably come back to it later as we really like how it looks, and I'd love to try a few more puzzle mechanics hehe 😊

I could play it on my GBC, and that was cool!
My son also played it. Nice to see a real gameboy game entry! Good job!

Took me some time with controls, but watched the tutorial and it helped haha.
Portrait art are beautiful! I like the story telling as well. Very cool entry!

Lovely, and fun! Original idea :-)

Everything about this game is simply amazing! From gameplay, to art, to music.

Very cute! That frog carrying the snail is just a super idea.
This bouncing effect on killed flies is so fun to watch. It was so satisfying to be able to swim and collect coins.

I can really feel the Kirby and Banjo & Kazooie vibes I love.
I think this is one of my favorite entry!

Good job! <3

Never played Picross before, and what a surprise! Really enjoyed this kind of game. Very nice art! You're doing a very good job as team. Well done!

Yeah, the whole game is based on the jump mechanic. That was tricky to develop but I'm very pleased to see it works, and that people enjoy it.

I asked the team and they agree to share our source code, so I'll share source files after the jam voting period ends via a devlog post.

Thank you for playing, btw! <3

Thanks for playing!

Level 14 introduces a new logic for breakable ice blocks.
If break the bottom one in a stacked group, it will make fall all others.

I did a screenshot, and hosted it on my website (in case you don't want to be spoiled) : Level 14 Solution

Thank you very much for playing! This means a lot, really. 🥰

If you try it again, please let me know what time you did then. Really glad to hear you reached the end. Not always easy to find a good difficulty balance hehe 😁

Thank you very much for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it so far, and found the solution to level 7, haha 😁

I think you find a very good pitch for this game. Something like "Escape the cold, and find back your cozy igloo" 🤭👌

Hey! That's really cool you shared your highscore. I'm really glad to see that you reached the end screen. GG! And thank you very much for playing and these kind words ☝️😊

Huh thank you very much 🥰

Yeah! Baba is You had a high priority in my Games to play list! Thanks 😁👌

I got stuck at level 8, haha. I'll try it back later.

I really like the puzzle concept you got here. I really don't know why I sliced that poor slime in level 1, and was so surprised that it was the way I'd find the solution. Really well designed! Good job, guys!

Really nice concept you got here once again! I really suck at keyboard, but hopefully I could play with the gamepad, haha. Beautiful art, and music. =)