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Not this again 😢

I'm making a post-jam version so thanks for the feed back:)

I should check that out, thanks for the heads up!

Please read the note on the website

Dm me at @TheBigM#8509 on discord if you're still interested :) We can discuss further there.

Are you still searching for a team? Also your soundcloud links don't work but it doesn't matter

Songtember community · Created a new topic Discord?

Is there a discord I can join?

Thanks for playing!

I created a discord server for us all to chill! Here is the link to join : Please tell me it there already is one😊

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Any musicians who want to make sfx and a track or 2? I can promise my game is going to be rotten(Totally intentional ;) )

I chose red because it was one of the first pallettes on lospec, and while I don't agree personally(I love red) I'll keep it in mind for later projects :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot! I kinda left out one limitation(only 40 sprites on screen) but I did my best!

I guess I'm just use to  modern games :^

Maybe , but it could also be fixed with a tutorial

The puzzles were alright but 1. There isn't music 2. I would have liked to have a little tutorial so I knew that puching the levver would break ice blocks arround it. Other wise good art :)

I feel that this is a mechanic :>

Fun and stressful!

Very fun but it doesn't look like a game boy game :(, I would also recommend that you can press space/z to keep shooting. The music is good and the art is great. Pretty good!

I should add a cursor speed button that toggles between 2 speeds to adress that issue :)

Thanks for taking intrest!

Thanks for playing! I have heard that it's a bit  loud by other players too so I might fix that in a post jam version :^

Thanks for playing! I should've heard that the unicorn was annoying :<

Thanks a lot! I was inspired a bit by advanced wars for the cursor :)

Thanks a lot for playing! 

Ah sorry for the mistake, just updated my rating :)

It's fun, good music and art. Just think you should've spaced out every power up :p

Very polished game! I love how the count down "restarts" after you shoot yourself into  one of the countdown barrels.

Those balls one shotting me gave me anxiety :C

The controls are quite annoying. You snap right if you press right making it so you can't really aim. Would seem fun if you later made it to work with the mouse for precise aiming.

Love it but you can get stuck in the tutorial if you spend all your fuel :{

I like the variety in attacks, but sadly no music :c

Great mechanics and it really looks like a game boy game!

The pace is great, the way you introduce us to the mechanics is amazing, the music is amazing. It's really good :}

The player is a bit slow :( Pretty good either way

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Looks good sounds good and feels good. Pretty amazing! Some enemy placement seemed off or annoying but the ohter parts are pretty good.

The graphics are blurry, and this isn't my type of game but I'm sure other people could enjoy it!

That was my idea(I don't know 3d) but I would need to make tons of bosses, make a decent ai for normal enemies, make a story and I can't do that

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I was thinking of a monster hunter type game but that would be way to difficult for me :)