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Submitted by RainbowCemetery (@RainbowCemetery), Spixelspixels — 1 hour, 48 minutes before the deadline
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Ahhhh!!! This game is both my favorite that i've played so far but also the most frustrating! I love love love the graphics, the music, the character, the opening, the writing, the atmosphere. In those aspects this has def been my favorite of the jam! Mysterious animal evening vibes done so well! And I loved the parallaxing that felt a little more chaotic than your average parallaxing in a good way. And loved the anchored moon, and the GAME OVER screen was really really beautiful.

But it was just really hard for me! It took me a long time to figure out how to activate the 3 abilities so I wish there was some more instruction there. I also wish there was instruction on what the 3 abilities are used for. I got as far as the green level but just couldn't reliably do the part where I have the fish through the blocks and then chicken upwards to safety. Often times I would fish a little too late. When I'd get past that but then die and have to do it again... Anyway I loved the game and just wish it was a little more generous and less precise! More checkpoints?


Thank you for your feedback, Wedgie! Your comment is my favourite of the ones we received, I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed our game.

On playing it myself many a time, I agree that the game is quite unforgiving and it can be quite frustrating! I like to think though that this evokes helplessness and futility in the player. Of course we want you to keep playing till the end and not just rage quit. But the nature of a natural disaster such as a flood is completely unforgiving. I'd like to think that this difficulty spurs people to keep fighting for survival, as there's no greater prize than life.


OH when you said "I like to think though that this evokes helplessness and futility in the player" that REMINDED ME that while i was struggling and consistently dying, i did think to myself "damn these crushing game over messages are literally how i'm feeling... impressive..." so... that worked! <3


Nice game! Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


Thanks Br0! Much appreciated.

Submitted (3 edits)

I like the simple story of this a lot.  I thought the visuals were also really good, the fox was so cute.  The gameplay is also good in concept but there are a few frustrations to it.  When moving in this game, your character gains a lot of momentum, which is helpful in "escape the oncoming death wall" situations, and charging through platforming levels can make you feel epic.  In this game, sometimes the momentum is neccessary to hit a jump, but sometimes you'll run straight into spikes.  This makes it absolutely neccessary to learn the levels, as you don't have time to react when blindly running.  A big help here would be having the camera zoomed further out, or having it look further ahead of you, with the character moved out of the centre of the screen.

I did enjoy that you can get through some areas without skills, but you can also learn how to chain skills into getting more skills to allow you to progress much faster.  I found that aspect of the level design really good and I think it's a shame that at other times it just feels hugely punishing (but perhaps precision platformers just aren't my thing).

(Itch has made the formatting of this so weird and spiky and I'm not sure why. Sorry about that.)


Thanks for your detailed feedback, Tatlt. It's very much appreciated! No worries about the formatting, you read loud and clear.


It's fun, good music and art. Just think you should've spaced out every power up :p


Thanks for your feedback, Big, very much appreciated!


The game looks great! :)

But the gameplay was not that satisfying to me...


Thanks for your feedback, Coffee! Rainbow did the majority of the work (code, music, etc) on this collab (as I've had other commitments and been unwell) while I worked on the majority of the art and dialogue. Working together in the future, I hope to better support her and overall be more organised for jams - I hope we can then create something more to your liking. Could you provide any specifics as to what you were unsure about, or what you think could be improved? That would be very helpful.


Sure :) I'd say, it did not really feel like I was controlling some sort of dog. And right from the start I had problems handling the animal. When there was the first bunny, I was also rather confused about what to do ^^

Please make sure that you also play and rate my game ;-)