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Level 2048
Submitted by TheBigM
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2048 with levels

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Well, that seems quite polished to me! The visuals are pleasant, and the game have great feedbacks.

However there is a winning strategy to 2048, and I must admit that knowing it makes every level feel like a clicker game. (the trick is to alternate betweenright and up, and left if it gets stuck) I think the developers of Threes (the game 2048 took inspiration from) explained in a blog post how they've dealt with that issue.

Anyway, it was an interesting and charming remake of 2048. :)


It was good. I think there's a bug where the blocks leave when merging, it looks like this.


Not this again 😢


Was a fun 2048 variant. I loved the music choice. I really liked seeing your game progression in the discord channel too. Well done.

Adding levels to a arcade-y game like 2048 is a double-edged sword -- it's very nice for people who have little or no experience with the original, but for people who have played a lot of 2048 (or Threes) the early levels are tedious and not interesting.  This is compounded by the fact that some of the levels are too large, making the goals extremely easy to do.  To be honest, I'm a little curious why you didn't add a "classic mode" that plays just like the original?  It should have been fairly easy to add...

The visuals were good, especially the movement and merging of the blocks.  The idea of having a different background every few levels does a lot to break up the monotony.  The sound effects sound nice on their own, but I would recommend they be shorter.  If a sound is going to be played literally hundreds of times, often in rapid succession, it should be a fraction of a second long.

Overall a good effert for a first time jammer :)


I'm making a post-jam version so thanks for the feed back:)


I like the little separating effect between blocks when moving them from the far left to the far right :)

In case you were not aware of this bug yet: when hitting pause and then "resume game" all tiles disappear and you are stuck.


I should check that out, thanks for the heads up!


As addictive as the original!  You did a good job here!


Please read the note on the website