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Thank you for the reminder. I just opened up the requests. It will be opened for 24 hrs

Great! Thank you for the peace of mind there too :) You know how to get in touch. We discuss further from there.

Happy Thursday Devs! I have two slots that just opened. If anyone else is in need for feedback especially if you did not attend GDC, PAX East, SXSW but are looking gear up for PAX West reach out.

Contact Method: DM on Discord @gamercomposer 

Thanks a million for the kind words! Cat Powered UFO was a pleasure to play! Great story and solid pacing.

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Happy Sunday, Devs!

I have a NEW DEMO MUSIC REEL exhibiting many genres I am competent to write in Game Music! I am available for work.

Contact me if you are looking to give your game proper sonic identity in addition to, some dynamic music that can align to game mechanics and would like to collaborate.

In this DEMO MUSIC REEL I cover genres from

Folk Hybrid





Bossa Nova

Caribbean / Pirate

Sci-Fi - Orchestral

Retro (NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, SNES, Atari Lynx, PlayStation, Xbox [2000])

50s / Orchestral 70s Funk

Japanese / 80s

Fantasy Adventure

and more!

Any others music style inquiries feel free to send me an IM or contact me via my website (

If you think you cannot afford the rates, do not assume, just ask. You might be surprised

If you are looking for music licensing options for the moment, check out my growing  Music for Games catalog

Thank you in advance for watching. I hope to connect with you on your next project

Thank you! I do help with direction too. Feel free to keep my contact and reach out when ready. Thank you.

Sure. Send me a message on Discord with the name of the game and we will go from there

Hi, I went out of town and missed the submission. My track is complete. May still submit??

Yoiiii, I am a freelance quality assurance play-tester. I've been working in the industry for over a decade. A lot of you are making games and/want some and may need some professional feedback to make your project better and stand out. I can offer that.


I have done QA / playtesting for Disney, Naughty Dog and Warner Bros for several years as a contractor. I’ve also done QA for many small indies.

I have shipped over 20 games thus far and have consulted with many indie teams. In addition, I own over 800 physical copies of retro games and I'm steadily playing through the library. I have been playing games since I was six years old so, I know a lot of about design and can offer some valuable feedback to improve your game.

Contact Method: DM on Discord @gamercomposer 

Hang, Chill, mayyybeee work or just vibe to. I got you game dev community. It's FREE TO LISTEN!

Happy Saturday!


I'm pleased to share a new composition for developers to use for their Folk - Fantasy (Fifth / Sixth Generation Retro Console) composition or what they feel the music will fit best for their project. This is a non-exclusive license.

About the composition

Imagine walking through a dense tropical forest in the evening, insects swirling around your head, and as you reach out to spread the last layer of foliage aside and make your exit, an outlandish town stands before you, with the setting sun directly behind its buildings and roads. Walking alone through this newfound oasis, you pass shop windows, street vendors and chefs, all offering a variety of unfamiliar wares and foods. As you take it all in, a smile grows on your weary face, and you know you'll be comfortable staying here for a good amount of time, if not permanently.

A Retro piece that fits on platforms like

  • PlayStation

  • N64

  • Dreamcast

  • PS2

  • Panasonic

  • Goldstar

  • Sega Saturn

  • XBOX

  • GameCube

If you're a developer, this music could work for games like :

  • Grandia

  • Suikoden

  • Final Fantasy (VI,VII, VIII, IX)

  • Wild Arms

  • Lunark

  • Flashback

  • Fable


It comes as [WAV] for trailer uses and OGG loopable for game development implementation. Preview listens are available. Non-Exclusive License for the track is below.

Music for Games 600x600   Greenh

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Hi, I am a freelance quality assurance play-tester. I've been working in the industry for over a decade. A lot of you are making games and/want some need some professional feedback to make your project better and stand out. I can offer that. I have shipped over 20 games thus far and have consulted with many teams. In addition, I own over 800 physical copies of retro games and I'm steadily playing through the library. I have been playing games since I was six years old so, I know a lot of about design and can offer some valuable feedback to improve your game.

Skills: I have done QA / playtesting for Disney, Naughty Dog and Warner Bros for several years as a contractor. I’ve also done QA for small indies such as SpriteWrench, Pushing Vertices, Arcade Renegade and more.

Length of availability: I am available Mon - Sun 10am - 7pm PST

Rates/Payment Method: Paypal is acceptable but you will have to pay the PayPal fees unless sent via Friends/Family, Cash App, Venmo is okay too. *Half upfront. Outstanding balance upon video delivery.

-$20.00 flat rate - 1 hr only w/ recorded video to use for notes to improve your game.

-$45.00 flate rate - 1 hr only to be in the same virtual call to watch me play-test and receive recorded video of play-testing for playback notes to improve your game.

Contact Method: DM on Discord @gamercomposer

For obvious NDA reasons of previous clients mentioned in the AAA and some independent games, I am unable to showcase all the play-test work, but I do have one game, I can share. You can view that here

I look forward to collaborating with you and your project!

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On the Peril of Parrots is a puzzle game that was in Steam Next Fest / Steam Puzzle Fest  , Black Voices in Gaming February 2023 and THE MIX Showcase Online and at GDC 2023 that is being developed by SpriteWrench

On the Peril of Parrots is a game where you Take control of P.O.L.L.I (Procedural Operating Layered Linguistic Intelligence). 

Complete over 100 challenges to certify your reasoning and problem solving ability. Work with "The Scientist", "The Assistant", "The Money" and other characters, to prove that you are a SUCCESS.

The “On the Peril of Parrots” soundtrack adds a new dimension to puzzle games! Featuring six tracks, written in the style of Bossa Nova that perfectly complements the game’s challenging puzzles. 

The soundtrack is a skillful blend of a cool and mellow atmosphere that allows players to focus on the game's intricacies as they solve more than 100 puzzles throughout the game.

Each track is carefully crafted to compliment the game-play in a meticulous manner to tantalize the player. It stays honest to the Bossa Nova genre while introducing some modern 21st century composition techniques and sonic textures.

Play the demo Here

Listen to the Full OST here

I am glad to hear that you like the idea! Some procedural generation would be cool. I still love the design as is too.

Thank you for checking out my work and the compliment. I added/messaged you on Discord. gamercomposer#5669. Looking forward to talking soon.

I like the game. The controls feel really good. It would be more cool to add little flag markers for points or just for scenic purposes. Ramps would be great too!

I'd love to offer some music for this to liven it up a little. If you're interested, let me know.

Blantree is the "snape" of Stardander - the students dislike him (and he dislikes the students) and everyone always thinks he's the culprit, when he's not. Beneath his grumpy exterior, he's actually quite kind and has just had a hard life and been hurt too many times to trust humans.

The music for this character reflects his personality and how his interactions with the students impact their decisions.

Stardander School for Witches is a visual novel RPG being developed by Fancy Fish Games which you can wish-list on Steam. 

For more of my work follow me on Spotify / Bandcamp or go to my website

As you gear up for Global Game Jam 2023 I'd like to re-share my keynote which I was honoured to do this year. I hope it gives some inspiration for your next jams. If you dig it, please pass it along to other game developer collaborators. Thanks for watching in advance. ☺️

wonderful game! It reminds me so much of a beloved titles, Risk - World Domination and Kessen on PS2! You did a great job with the balance of mechanics! 

I was also wondering, do you have a composer for this? I’d love to do some dynamic music that ties to the battles changing seamlessly between strategic and combat mode. I have idea to interweave musical Spanish combat and Aztec elements. 

I’m the composer of Aztec Ride, which the number one game in Ludum Dare 47 and was nominated for a Pocket Gamer Award. Check the video below.

If you’re interested in discussing more my discord is gamercomposer#5669. If not and you have someone on the team covering that, all good. Happy Developing all the way! 

Thank you! 

Thank you kindly for your inquiry. Unfortunately, this is not a license that works that way. If you wish license a specific track from the soundtrack you can reach me via email chasebethea [at]

Thank you kindly for taking the time to come back and share you thoughts as well as compliments. I need to go back and play the Digimon World game now. Thank you for listening and specifying your favourite track too. I very much appreciate it.

Super cool! Love the story. Love the animations especially with the fire attack and when the robot dies. The Dash was hard to do. I could not figure it out. Solid Level design and music too!

Great job! It reminds me of the original!

Awesome game concept! Loved it! Nice work! Super Unique. This could be a fun mobile game

I too found it confusing to navigate and find out what to do. The town music was very nice but too short of a loop. It needs to expand and grow a little more. Nice game. It has some potential!

Yes there sure is! If you look online you’ll see that its streaming on almost all major platforms for your listening consideration!

• Four atmospheric electronica tracks by Chase Bethea from the retro-style FPS

Reclaim Earth Original Soundtrack by Chase Bethea

Born of the LowRez game jam and developed by three-person team Ansity Games, Reclaim Earth sees players attempt to avenge a devastatingly successful alien invasion. The game is available as a pay-what-you-want title on

Though the game is set in 2025, its intentionally low resolution recalls the likes of DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D. Bethea complements Reclaim Earth’s striking look with four crisp-sounding tracks that perfectly evoke (and update) the sound of late ’90s and early ’00s sci-fi shooters. The EP is imbued with themes of loneliness, survival and hope, with anxious chords underpinning dense layers of dancing synths lines and busy percussion.

The Reclaim Earth OST is here! Enjoy!

Interesting but had some difficulty figuring out how to play

Great Idea. They controls seemed to be a little off.

This is so fantastic! I'd love to do custom Castlevania style music for these if you expand or do more! I'm on discord gamercomposer #5669 if you're interested

Either I suck at the game or it's really hard to understand. I love the mechanics and ideas but it's hard to progress past the first solider and then to be surprised by the previous soldier that didn't attack you in the previous screen didn't make sense to me.

Overall, great concept/idea and decent music too (which you should consider expanding so that it doesn't get monotonous)

Hello! I found your game via Pitch Ya Game Round 5 today! Looks awesome! I'd love to collaborate with audio for this especially some dynamic music to align to
the jumping mechanics. This could be that extra polish that hooks in publishers. If interested, I'm on Discord gamercomposer#5669 Happy Developing!

I gave this game a few tries but man it is difficult and that success considering I am a musician. That aside I like the concept and music! I think the sound effect for being caught could be less harsh. The art is so wonderful too! 

Solid game! I really liked the idea!

I feel it becomes more difficult as it increases in levels to discern all the imposters. Players should have timers or life lives to use that are earned for moving up in levels to use for identifying the imposters one more time. Other than that great game. Has a lot of potential to make money on a mobile market for sure. Great job for making it in 3 hours!

Also, if you want to jam together next time, I can make music for you. If not music, then better sounds. PM me @chasebethea, if you are interested.

Wow! I had so much fun with this! I love Super Hot and I LOVE juking folks even more! The name is excellent! It's addicting, I like the Hoverboard concept, the pathways, the simplicity!

Do you plan on continuing the development on this? If so, would you like some dynamic based music to go along with the mechanics? I can write for that and I proficient with some new audio-middleware (besides Wwise or FMOD) I believe this game will make a splash with the two combined and you could possibly get funding too. I know some publishers who may be interested. Let me know, send me a PM @chasebethea. Great work!

Very nice! Love the controls and the story. Congrats on getting Second Place!

Haha Thank you, Aljon :)

Hi! Thank you for commenting and even wanting to use it for your project as well as the kind words! 

Unfortunately you can not use it for your game as another studio has the rights. So this soundtrack is for listening. However, I am happy to collaborate with you and make custom music similar to this style for your game if you’re interested. You can email me via my website

Hope to hear from you. Thanks again for listening 😊

Thank you!