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Midnight MansionView game page

A short exploration game with quests and secrets
Submitted by Victor Annibalini (@annibalini01) — 7 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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The music is a bit loud to me, but the game itself is nice. The mansion is nice to explore and the npcs are quite interesting !

Nice job !


I found this game to be quite charming and enjoyed the interactions with characters.  The sprite work was good and made for a really nice, classic aesthetic.  The music I also found to be good, and fitting to the atmosphere. 

There were a few visual problems with sprite ordering, where some things were appearing infront of things they shouldn't.  A particularly strange example is standing at the same height as the truck made the back disappear.  Additionally, being able to move through rain drops, and rooms remembering the changes made to them, would really quickly improve the player experience of this game.

 I did like the ghosts making it clear to you where was unfinished (I'm going to keep this solution in mind for future jams) as it's a much nicer option than things like invisible walls, or featureless rooms.  I would've been really interested to see what would've been added if you had more time.


Thanks for the feedback bro! I will update the game in the near future, so stay tuned


I love the sprites! I also made a game using GB Studio and I spent a lot of time making the sprites so I understand it’s not easy to make them look so clean and coherent. I love the references to Pokemon. “I am not professor Oak” haha. I also love that you put a ghost saying “the developer hasn’t made this area”. I have so much to learn from your game!

I am stuck in the room with a star. I searched around and talked to all torches but nothing happened. What is the ending?

Please finishing making all the rooms, I’d love to play it!


Thanks for the feedback bro! I will update the game in the near future, so stay tuned

Ps. There is nothing to do in the pentacle room for now :(

Pps. I will try your game too, seems nice!


The music in this game is very suitably creepy! I also really like the raindrop effect, although it was weird to not be able to walk through them.
There's a lot of references in the midnight mansion, aren't there? It was weird to talk to pikachu, who also owns the mansion? A bit strange, to be sure.
It would be cool if characters/objects changed their dialogue lines more consistently as well. Re-entering the mansion after visiting the "phone booth" replayed the same short scene of me unlocking the door, and besides the quest-ghosts, no other characters react to your progress.
It would be neat to see where this goes in the future!


Haha thanks! I made the game with GB Studio, so i had a lot of limitations. I will update it in the near future, so stay tuned ;)


Cool game! I can see you were inspired by pokemon haha
Wandering and doing mini quests were cool, but an overall objective would've been nice!


Lol thanks :) Yeah, there isn’t an end for the game yet, i surely will add a lot of things in the near future. Follow me for updates!