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Thanks for the feedback, i think you are right, i think i'll be fixing that in the update as even the last part of the game is incomplete, thanks 4 yur feedback again!!

Thanks buddy, really appreciate that, hope you enjoyed playing it even the last part is incomplete

Ba Marwane, what an pleasure having you comment on that game of mine,

bout the checkpoints, you are 100% right, i'll try to add them later on, 

Reallt appreciate your passage !! thanks bro !

Thanks for passing by Dotto Meister, really appreciate your feedback ! 

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Loved the simplistic design, even if i dont think it's gameboyish, it's more of a late 80's game,  it resembles more to an old atari game with palette swapping. Also, keepin it classic as far as gameplay is concerned works great, especially with that minimalist sprite work of yours, in general, it's a fun, classical game, gud job ! Rated it ;)

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Love the minimalist work on the spriteart, and the animation is yummy, gameplay is great, and using that gummy gum Nevers felt so satisfying, really a well polished game !! 

If you got some spare time, pass by test my game out ;) 

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Oh sorry mate! Thought i have played and rated your game, really sorry, i'll be testing it and rating it once i get back home, really sorry again ! 

Dude, this is really one of the best games i've tested till now, as far as gbjam's concerned,really! it caprtures the feeling of an old gameboy game, even controls are from the past with this delay instatn while controlling jester, really enjoyed it much, great job buddy !!  

Great idea really,  but lack of feedbacks really annoyed me when playing it, but gud job bro, keep it up ! !

A funny game, really, only matter are the antialiased graphics, i would have made everything like the dino, but overall, a fun game to play, really, gud job bro !! 

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Love the idea, still I think the timer should last less longer than it does, but i love it! Well done!

When you got some spare time, feel free to put hands on my game buddy ! Thankies ;)

Thanks a lot mate, I know the game is unfair, i'll try to add an hp bar and refine the way enemies appear! thanks again !

Really thanks for giving it a shot, i'll try to improve that aspect of the game bro 

Dude, this game is straight from the past, it's gameboyish as hell, really, bravo ! 

Hahaha!  Enjoyed this funny tower defense gb game, really, gud job mate !

Thanks Sitebender :D

The license is for personal use, but we can discuss a very suitable price if you want to use them for commercial work, here's my email if you want to reach me quick :

Hi everyone,

Here's my entry for gamezanga 6, that is about illusion, have it downloaded and played on your pcs when you got sometime,

it'll be great if you can provide give some feedback also :D

Have a nice day,

N.B: rate it if you have enjoyed it :D