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Love the idea, still I think the timer should last less longer than it does, but i love it! Well done!

When you got some spare time, feel free to put hands on my game buddy ! Thankies ;)

Hey, even though I liked your game, I don't like the idea, of you using  "PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!". That's my symbol, I've used it in every comment on this jam, I don't want to force anyone to play my entry, so I leave the message like that. It's rude of you to copy and use it. Everybody has their own way of writing comments, texts and so on... I would appreciate that you do the same, like you did with your game!!!!!

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Oh sorry mate! Thought i have played and rated your game, really sorry, i'll be testing it and rating it once i get back home, really sorry again !