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My feelings are mixed because I see a lot of small details that were good, but there were also a lot of small details that could improve the experience.

The effort on the camera movement and lighting effects is clear. The blue fish uses one of my favorite enemy behaviors, and it has great animations while going between states. :D The fire particle animation felt good, and I see you even had a unique cactus animation while it was burning. The text scroll and sound effects are good details, and kicking tumbleweeds around is fun. The music is great, the daytime track is a good thematic fit. Running around leaves tracks in the sand!

While exploring I got stuck on a lot of objects. The bones in the sand probably don't need a collider. I think the cactus hitbox could shrink to the blue size, or even better shrink to the pink size, and then handle the player and cactus sprite's order-in-layer based on their Y position. This lets you walk behind it, and not unexpectedly take damage or get stuck when walking above it. Using a circle collider on the player might also improve navigation around corners without much effort, I'm not sure if there is any downside.

For the combat I agree that the cursor should be more visible. It seems like the blue fish HP has already gone down from the value it had a few days ago? The revolver just takes 2 shots to beat it now, which feels better!

The energy meter works really well for the flamethrower, since you can imagine it has overheated or something, but it is kind of frustrating on the revolver. Maybe it could have 6 bullet icons instead, when the last shot is fired all 6 bullets are immediately restored after a simple reload timer.

Good job to everyone involved (*・ω・)ノ

very detailed feedback, thank you for playing, and we're glad you enjoyed it.  there were a lot of things that were planned that got cut, and things that needed fixing, the difficulty was lowered at the last second due to play testing coming back that it was way too brutal, maybe went too far, but the nature of a jam when times up its in the state its in.. there are definitely things that could get polished up were we to carry the project forward.  again thanks :)


Oops - I didn't notice that the hyperlinks related to the cactus had broken, fixed them.

Jams are definitely a rush and I've had the same experience (≧▽≦) I'm not very experimental, so I just try to find issues and improve the process each time, thanks for being patient with the long feedback ^^;

Woah!! That was a great feedback! All your comments are hitting the 🎯 And I saw many flaws that missed our eyes. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete such a good play test rep! :D I think all the team agrees we really “thank you for playing”.