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Hey, thanks for your feedback! This library is used for debug. I think, i've messed up with the -d argument. I've uploaded new files. Thanks for feedback again.

Also, all entities, like shop keeper, shop items and enemies, disappeared. Those plants on screen were planted after the bug happened. There were a few more of them, but they also disappeared.

I've found a bug; http://imgur.com/a/Y0xSf

I just got back from second floor to first floor, and planted some big berries. :(

But great game! Big thanks :) Going to buy my self pico this summer.

Sorry, jam is already running, and we are building our game. Thanks!

Sorry, for the lighting, can I blend black color with opacity 0.5 on top of my scene?

Ok, @Max_TroubleNoodle, thanks for portfolio! How can I contact you?

Hey, @Max_TroubleNoodle! Thanks for your interest! Can you provide any examples of your artwork? Thanks!

Created a new topic Linux version, please?

Can you make linux version, please?

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I'm a 2d game developer, looking for a team. I wan't to make 2d game in love for this jam. Planning to use my love2d libs set. Looking for a co-programmer or pixel artist.

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