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> Very poor level generation. Often the walls close the passage and prevent them from moving to the next level. When moving to a new level, the walls cover the character and he cannot move. I have to restart the run.

Sorry about that, any screenshots of it?

> With an increase in the rate of fire, the assault rifle (m4) does not shoot.

I need a screenshot of your whole inventory to judge if its fire rate issue or not (pretty much impossible, that it is).

Thanks for reporting stuff, but please provide me with more info (more importantly screenshots), otherwise i can't really debug this! (besides the known ice bug, sorry about it)

Arrows + x,c,z

It's gone, sorry. It was there just for testing the game before release. 

I think there was smth in settings?

It's made with MonoGame

A bit of overlook on my side, some browsers move the page with arrows, etc. Make sure your page zoom is 100% next time, otherwise thanks for playing, and I will fix that for my future games (:

Please give me crashes.txt & burning_log.txt. Also please note, the demo is pretty old, so that’s maybe why.


Oh right, haha, yeah, it is a simple enough tweak


First of all, this is a pretty old demo at this point, so stuff like sword flickering is fixed :D

There should be a map and an inventory

Well hey, I’m the gamedesigner here, you can only suggest :P Anyway, I’ve added a screen for viewing all your items after releasing the demo. With the map: no. It will ruin the dungeon feeling, sorry about that.

Anyway, thanks for playing! And yes, the game will be released on Steam. ->

  1. You can infinite slide if you walk or dash in a direction and then hold down the duck button. Don’t know if that is intentional or not.

That’s a speedrun technique called duck-slide

  1. If you duck and press “/” you are stuck ducking until you hit the duck button again.

That opens a chat look to the bottom right lol. It makes sense because its an easter egg.

  1. If you pick up the dagger at the starting room then start, it gives you the revolver.

Fixed in the current version, thanks.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Sadly, it is abandoned. But thanks for the feedback!

Lol, that’s a good one

Hey, thanks for willing to help! But it is already polish, just not the demo :)

Yes, local multiplayer is possible. That means online multiplayer if played with Steam. But. Would you rather see this game release this spring without it, or in a few years with it? It already took two years, and I’m not planning in adding it for the initial release. If the game sells well, I will add it as a post-launch update.


It will be priced at 15$ :)

Thanks <3 And thanks for playing! Hopefully releasing super soon.

Glad to hear that, thanks a lot <3

Sadly, can’t really do anything about this. I will add a note about Net Framework requirements, tho. It’s so rare that someone doesn’t have the appropriate version these days.. Thanks for reporting! I hope your migration to Win 8 goes well.

~~They exist~~ You cant drop them and they deal x1.5 damage

Well, I fear that you actually need 4.7.2. Why is it not supported?

You probably have to install net framework.

Man. Any programming topic: google it. Love2d has so many tutorials. I personally came from PICO-8/SDL2/SFML and that helped me a lot.

They literally drop shields every few rooms. D8 is an active item, active it with space. It rerolls items. (so use it in a shop or a treasure room)

Okay, I’ve noted you for the time, when I will be translating the game. Thanks!

With how it’s setup right now, sadly, you will have to wait a few weeks till the actual release (: Sorry!

Shortcuts, as well as most of the NPC’s and the challenges, will be available only in the full version, that is releasing soon.

Hey! Make sure you are not on 32bit system. If so, please give me the crashes.txt and burning_log.txt files, so that I could debug the issue. Thanks!

Wouldn’t really count this as a bug, but yeah, I better put a wall around or smth. Thanks!

Not Unity. MonoGame. And I need a Mac anyway to check that everything works fine.

do you really need to know that

Bruh, the game is not even out yet

Some of the starting items are not unlockable in the demo, due it being a shorter version of the game. Sorry!

I wish. I really need to get my hands on a Mac to build the game for Mac… Apple doesn’t make it easy to create the software from the outside, sadly. And you know, Mac’s are… pricey :x But one day, one day :)

Thanks, noted!

That’s super weird. I own a wired Xbox controller, and it works just fine. You got it working with any other games?

Once I get my hands on a Mac :) Sadly, its super hard to pack for Mac without actually having one to debug and test on :/

Thanks for playing! You can adjust the shake in the settings :) Also, you just got unlucky with your weapon, this gun is very inaccurate.

Oh wow, I have to say, I’m really impressed. I’ve been following the development of the game from its start to the last few days, and I have to say: you’ve done amazing push in the last day or two. Last time I played it, the game barely had combat, and now it has enemies, chests, items, and more! Really impressive.

You are on the right path, I wish you the best with your gamedev journey!

If you are ever going to return to this game or want to improve it right now (or just what to do in your next game?), I have a few thoughts here:

  • I really wish I could press X or Space or something else and not use my mouse here :D (that’s just my own little opinion here)

  • Player has too much health? It’s was really hard to die, I tried :D I think enemies should deal from 10% to 20% of your total hp in terms of damage, that might make the game more challenging.

  • A bit more enemy variation. Yeah, I know, this is a jam game and stuff. But you know what they say: roguelike never has enough enemies :D

Anyway, sweet game, love the character select screen, btw!

Welp, the claim to be world's first ever 1d game is totally wrong... Endless gamejam games and the games in the browser search bar... Its a cool punch line, tho