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Thanks for playing <3

Thanks <3


Thank you :) Working hard on C# stuff to get alpha as soon as possible. In the mean while, you can hop onto our discord, we have tons of WIP stuff there ;)

Love the looks, I wish it could be a full WM..


I finally finished celeste. In original pico-8 version last few levels were impossible for me. Thank you.

Really nice, could use some room decor (like inner walls or other stuff), tho.

You gotta press X or Z

Pls note, I've been sitting without internet almost the whole time, I will upload a tiny patch for some bugs soon.

This is a really amazing game! Love the design, everything is great!

I'm switching to monogame, godot is not stable by any means, and it's main flaw, is that it's authors did not really write any games with it :x

Plus, monogame is super close to libgdx (the library, that java edition uses), so thats really nice.

This is so great, lovely idea :)

I did give them the permission, don't worry, thanks ;D

*clicks the join button*

This game was made in ~6 hours.

Thanks ;D

No, the game is still in the development. You will be able to play it, once it comes out, we hope that happens this May. Buying it now or waiting for proper release doesn't really matter, you still get the full awesome game in the end :)


The game will be released both on Steam and (and maybe on epic store / discord store) around April / May of this year.

If you put it into comparison with NT or ETG, it's them combined PLUS melee and magic classes, PLUS it's not really any of these games, but totally inspired a lot by them. One huge difference, I'm proud of, is that the game dungeons are really generated from 0, there are no premade rooms like in ETG, yet the procgen is much more interesting than NT!

 The trailer will appear soon, you can follow the development on twitter for future news ;)

Thanks for playing :)

Nice, can't wait :) Could you link the video, once it's out?

Thanks :) Did any of the levels make you think for a few minutes?

Thanks :)

There should be an extra key, did you find it? And in the last patch that door should be not near the edge of the screen, so it doesnt it the key.

Hey, super sorry about that, I think that was pre-final level? I'm going to push a fix to that problem in a few minutes, really sorry :x

Hey, super sorry for that, just pushed an update that fixed this one :x

Thanks! Well, idea of doodle jump is sadly not mine, and I already did something like that for 2 players:

But will see, there are still a ton of jams planned this month!

Well, it said prototype, that why i wasn't sure. Thanks a bunch,  good luck with your game!

Sorry, it says prototype 1 hour on the front page. Is it 1 hour of gameplay or dev time?

It was my take on the theme, yeah.

Thanks :)

Nice game overall! The only issue I had, was telling where is my dude, and where are the enemies, cause they are almost the same color. Also I feel like the movement could be a tiny bit faster, but again, awesome demake, love it!

Huge sorry, the game was uploaded with a wrong iframe size, so you couldn't see part of the screen. Super sorry. Fixed now. And thanks for playing :)

Thanks :) The game has a total of 31 levels ;)

Thanks a bunch for playing, Sebastian :)  It's always a pleasure to see someone completing my games ^^  And thanks for the blogpost :D

This game is great. The amount of polish it has is insane. Great job Ben, just let's hope that next ldjam game remake won't happen right after this one :X 

The game page is super nice, great job!

Thanks for making this awesome jam :D