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Any news here, huh? I would love at least to be able to add some custome css ^^

Thanks for playing :) I have auto-ammo-gen tower, but its pretty OP, so it's unlocked near the end of the game.

Pss, guys, might someone film my game (or two)? ;) Did not get a single video this time :/ Both games are the first ones on my page. Tnx <3

Thanks :D

Thanks a bunch :) I'm really glad, that you've enjoyed the game ;) 


Ah, thanks for the bug report! Fixed now ;D 

Thanks :) The bomb towers work them-self, they just need some enemies in range. They throw bombs, but they are pretty tiny, so that's why you might not see them.

Well, idk. I can't just drop the cart to public. Please find a way to contact me in private 😉 Maybe discord?

Welp, email?

Please link me your twitter account, I will DM it to you.

Update: uploaded a fix. Now the game runs at 30 fps vs 60, but should not use the full CPU now.

Thanks, uploaded a fix.

Hm, did you play in fullscreen or something? That happens to pico-8 sometimes 😕

Hm, did you see the tutorial?

*why are you asking, then?

I have a demake of Isaac in pico-8, but it's hidden, because it went pretty bad. One day I will remake it 😉

I can. You need the source code? 

The game is so awesome, I love it a lot! Cant wait for the HD version. Tho, I really miss the full screen button. I know, that mouse doesn't work with default pico-8 plate, but someone on BBS made a plate that works really well. 

Currently working on a game with this generator ;) 

Hehe, I did that too, to be true. They just look like in-code ones. Sprite ones save us some CPU 😉 This game runs on 60 fps, for example.

Thanks 🙂

Well, the trick that pixel dungeon uses, is that it generates just room. Then it selects room in some path, that is in a circle form. And then it paints each one. But some of the rooms are painted like tunnels, so it doesn't need to implement pathfinding and stuff. I really love this idea.

Haha, good luck 😉 I also enjoyed your game, tho, I would give a tiny tip for better outlines (well, they look better to me):

function ospr(s, x, y)


 for xx=-1,1 do for yy=-1,1 do if (abs(xx)+abs(yy)==1) spr(s,x,y)

 end end




I hope this helps ;)

Thanks for the feedback 🙂 About the armored enemies: you meed, police looking like? I'm still trying to balance the game, so I'm open to any feedback. The clicking mechanic makes it harder for you to keep track of your game 😉

Well, I can point you to a good example of dungeon generation: Pixel Dungeon. Here is the code, you want to look at: 


*it's in java

Can't recommend anything else, try to search a bit about BSP dungeon generation. That's one of the methods, that I use.

Thanks :D

Thanks for playing 🙂 I'm glad, that you like it 😉

Hehe, that's a clicker ;) Don't even try to play with a touchpad 😛

UPD: managed to fix this, enjoy 😉 

UPD : gruber made music for this today: https://twitter.com/gruber_music

Update: gruber made music for this game. https://twitter.com/gruber_music

I did not reuse. They just look the same way. Are you talking about the tiles? That's such a simple thing, can be done in 1 minute. Chars are totally not the same. Something else? 

Thanks ;) I will think about something like that. The only problem with that is my tiny display 😕 Thanks for playing 😉 

Haha, pico-8 is amazing tool 😉 And I trained a lot in other jams, including a bunch of LD's.

Thank you so much for this kind-of words 🙂 I'm really glad, that you enjoyed the game! Stay tuned for more 😉 Is there anything you would like to see in the future updates?

Play the game here!

Defend your garden against fruit thieves in this fun mix of tower defense and clicker genres. How far can you get? The game features multiple enemies, many worlds, a boss and cool towers, as well as awesome 8-bit graphics!

Was made in 2 days for the Heart and Meta game jams.

Play the game here!

Because pico-8 limits me to only arrow keys and X/C. Thanks for playing, tho 😉

Yeah, sorry, but that's pico-8 bug 😕 Can't do anything about it :X

Hm, the meta part was about that the chars know, that they are in the game... They are constantly talking with you "move away your mouse" and stuff.