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Yep, what's the point if you can't play it irl

If I could ever get my hands on one.. yes, I would happily do it, it doesn't even need to be rewritten in another language :D 

But I can't really get one right now, sadly :( maybe one day

It is 8x8

Thanks, had no idea they added the option


Wow, that's an insane build! Sorry that this happened, mate...

Now bomb it

Thanks, makes me really happy to hear that <3

Sup, mate! This game isn't a PICO-8 one, even tho it uses the same palette! It is written in Love2d :) It is still opensource tho!


It's called endesga64!

They are not supported for now :( Comming soon doe

You can drop more games (needs to be in .p8 format) into the emulator folder and splore will show them :)

You can exit full screen by pressing f11 or alt+enter

Пасиб за feedback :) Воттт сcылка:

That's sad, mate, maybe reinstalling it would fix the controls, I do not remember where the progress/settings are saved. And yes, it supports gamepad

Made it free for you :)

This is ENDESGA 64

Yeah, I'm not proud of this one

Oh boy, looking nice, love me some golf :)

This is such a great relaxing game, loved the graphics and especially the rain/blur effects. Its so rare to find something that is not stressful in any way, your game is a rare little gem :) Great job@

My bad, mate, should've made it a separate layer. Will keep this in mind for the future sets.

Huh, thanks :) Love your music stuff, btw, never expected to meet you outside of yt tho, what a coincidence)

Sorry, mate, no idea what's going on at this point, this is such an ancient project, probably an issue with love2d changes, the game was first written for 10.0 if I'm right. Pros for using linux, tho, the game was made on it too :)

Should be arrows + x and z or c

Added, thanks!

Lol, I'm so bad at it myself that I need 81 deaths for just some screens sometimes :P Good job mate

Oh, awesome, never seen anyone make anything that looks like something before :) 

Sorry mate, not really :(

WR so far :)

Yeeehaw, did you save a screenshot by any chance?

*knock knock*

I'm sorry about this, it was a bug, I've just uploaded a fix for it!

Yeah, sorry, got some reports of this bug, will fix shortly! It broke after i've tested this segment so many times, ugh.

I'm glad, that was the intent & biggest inspiration :)


Awesome, looking forward to seeing it in action :D

Honestly, if such a tool was to exist I would be really happy, because I've spent so many hours in my life repeating the same steps to make an idle animation, I'd happily let a machine do it. But till then, hand work it is. So if you ever make one, keep me updated :)

I guess you could do it, but it's not really just a simple sine wave. If you look at it more closely, different body parts move at different speeds, some get delayed behind, etc. But I think if you draw it to a pixel perfect canvas, it would look okay-ish :)

*jelly sound intensifies*