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Huh. Just look at my profile page :D It is filled with PICO-8 doodles and a few games ;)

Thanks a lot :D

Oh, I'm really sorry, but I can't change anything here :X Because this stuff is handled by the PICO-8 it self. But yeah, I would love to see that in the further PICO-8 releases. Thanks for the tips ;) 

I love the graphics and audio :) But collisions are really buggy, I felt through the flour a few times.

Hehe, everyone tells that :D What palette should it be, then?

Thanks a lot ;)

Released a lil patch.


* With colors: I've used only 3 colors for the whole game. Tho, you can change them in the pause menu (press enter). There are some more contrast themes.

* Lag: maybe, that's the issue with your browser :X Anyway, I'm adding binary builds today ;)

Thanks ;)  Without your ideas, it wouldn't be so great :D

So, that texture, that appear before the planet, is the actual surface, that is being generated. It is wrapped around the planet after.

Size affects, how small objects on surface are.

Vegetation affects amount of green on some planets.

Temperature affects planet size. Try to set it to SUPER HOT :D

Humidity affects amount of water.

That's all ;)

Thanks ;) What you did not get?

Done, thank you for the report!

Hey, is there any luck to get a linux build? I really want to test it. Thanks ;)

I love the gifs, but is there any chance for the linux version? That would be amazing!

Thanks ;) The game, that it is based on, is a really well-known RPG, about a small boy, and his mum. It is also hardly based on Zelda :D

Thank you ;) I glad, that you like it :)

Amazing game, fully finished and polished!  I love it! Thank you so much, for making one ;) 

Pss, did anyone beat the first boss? There are 7 of them!

I just did not have space to fit the theme here, so just ignore that :D Thanks for feedback!

Looks really cool, tho the iframe size for the game is a bit too small, so I can't see the right part of the demo. 

Thank you :)

Huh, I knew about it, but did not know, how to use it, thanks :)

Woah, the intro is amazing! I love the music and effects! The game looks and feels amazing! How did you implement those lower case letters? Using sprites?

Thank you :) Having a bit of a break from jam at the moment, so it will be released in ~5-6 days.

Nice :) #1!

Oh, that's sad.

Hey, AQUAGON, are you ok with making music/SFX in pico-8? 

Sure, you can work in teams! Good luck with the jam, and have fun!

Haha, good point! I will try to make a few old screen savers soon.

Sure, no problem!

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Thank you! I'm glad, you like it ;)

Replied to Ofihombre in Nyan comments

Yeah, but it is not a game ;)

Woah, it looks really cool! Adding it to the list.

Created a new topic Welcome!
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Hey, everyone, I'm Egor, the host of this jam. I also want to continue the tradition from the last jam, and ask you a bunch of questions:

What theme do you want to see?
What console are you planning to use?
What kind of game do you want to make?

Personally, I really want to make a game about exploring a dungeon, with procgened rooms.... Something like Isaac. I plan to use tic-80.

Let's get some action going here :) 

Sorry, what did you mean, @Neiroe?

@Brastin3, thank you for your report. Try one of this fixes (win 64 and win 32): 

I'll take:

Game slot: 2
Sprites slot: 2
Sfx: no sfx
Music: no music
Map: no map

Thanks :)

You free to reuse it/modify! Just don't show it to not patrons :)

What to make it interactive. Will update it in a few days.

Created a new topic Can I use lower resolution?


I would like use pico8 for this jam, but it's resolution is only 128x128. My question is: can I participate with this resolution?