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Thank you :D I still want to add some kind of a boss to the game.

Thank you! Will think about solution for the doors.

You can play early version of the game here: https://egordorichev.itch.io/lowrez-dungeon !

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Here is me breaking the game by wearing tons of armor. Fixed now :D

So for last few days, I was developing this small (or not) pico8 game, inspired by Pixel Dungeon. Here is what I got working already:

  • Movement and collisions
  • Procedurally generated dungeon (it took so long to make it look well!)
  • A few enemies
  • A lot of items (potions, weapons, etc)
  • Cool lighting
  • Simple menu and other ui
  • Music and a few sfx
  • Experience system

So next few days I will spend on adding more content to the game (more enemies and items) and balancing that all. I also need to make some sfx.
Pico8 is an amazing tool, and I really love, how my game looks so far.

Thanks :D

I'm very impressed by your game! It feels so natural and nicely. I've stuck on a few levels for a lot, but that was REALLY fun. 

Only big problem I found, that player some times stucks in movable rocks.  

Also, it was hard to get used to jumping.

Overall, great game! Thank you so much!

Thanks! Forgot to remove one space.. Fixed now.

Replied to Lamp in Robinsons comments

Thank you for those kind of words! Had to remove that water effect after a few requests. I will think about a new game with this mechanic ;)

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I thought, that would look nice, but after I got a few reports for that, I think, i need to rethink my water animation. Thank you for your rating :D

Update: removed it.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback! This library is used for debug. I think, i've messed up with the -d argument. I've uploaded new files. Thanks for feedback again.

Also, all entities, like shop keeper, shop items and enemies, disappeared. Those plants on screen were planted after the bug happened. There were a few more of them, but they also disappeared.

I've found a bug; http://imgur.com/a/Y0xSf

I just got back from second floor to first floor, and planted some big berries. :(

But great game! Big thanks :) Going to buy my self pico this summer.

Sorry, jam is already running, and we are building our game. Thanks!

Sorry, for the lighting, can I blend black color with opacity 0.5 on top of my scene?

Ok, @Max_TroubleNoodle, thanks for portfolio! How can I contact you?

Hey, @Max_TroubleNoodle! Thanks for your interest! Can you provide any examples of your artwork? Thanks!

Created a new topic Linux version, please?

Can you make linux version, please?

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I'm a 2d game developer, looking for a team. I wan't to make 2d game in love for this jam. Planning to use my love2d libs set. Looking for a co-programmer or pixel artist.

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