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Huh, thanks :) Love your music stuff, btw, never expected to meet you outside of yt tho, what a coincidence)

Sorry, mate, no idea what's going on at this point, this is such an ancient project, probably an issue with love2d changes, the game was first written for 10.0 if I'm right. Pros for using linux, tho, the game was made on it too :)

Should be arrows + x and z or c

Added, thanks!

Lol, I'm so bad at it myself that I need 81 deaths for just some screens sometimes :P Good job mate

Oh, awesome, never seen anyone make anything that looks like something before :) 

Sorry mate, not really :(

WR so far :)

Yeeehaw, did you save a screenshot by any chance?

*knock knock*

I'm sorry about this, it was a bug, I've just uploaded a fix for it!

Yeah, sorry, got some reports of this bug, will fix shortly! It broke after i've tested this segment so many times, ugh.

I'm glad, that was the intent & biggest inspiration :)


Awesome, looking forward to seeing it in action :D

Honestly, if such a tool was to exist I would be really happy, because I've spent so many hours in my life repeating the same steps to make an idle animation, I'd happily let a machine do it. But till then, hand work it is. So if you ever make one, keep me updated :)

I guess you could do it, but it's not really just a simple sine wave. If you look at it more closely, different body parts move at different speeds, some get delayed behind, etc. But I think if you draw it to a pixel perfect canvas, it would look okay-ish :)

*jelly sound intensifies*

Why do you mean it's not complete for download? It's fully complete, it includes an example map, and other people made some maps with it :) The tile size is 8x8, maybe that's the issue?


Here you go, guys, just finished this one:

Expect something on the next week then

Thanks mate, I will!

I think I will make a separate pack for that, and thanks!

These wont be visible, if you export the whole file to png or whatever, these are specific to aseprite region markings called slices. You can modify or view their names with the slice tool ( C key by default).

> Very poor level generation. Often the walls close the passage and prevent them from moving to the next level. When moving to a new level, the walls cover the character and he cannot move. I have to restart the run.

Sorry about that, any screenshots of it?

> With an increase in the rate of fire, the assault rifle (m4) does not shoot.

I need a screenshot of your whole inventory to judge if its fire rate issue or not (pretty much impossible, that it is).

Thanks for reporting stuff, but please provide me with more info (more importantly screenshots), otherwise i can't really debug this! (besides the known ice bug, sorry about it)

Arrows + x,c,z

It's gone, sorry. It was there just for testing the game before release. 

I think there was smth in settings?

It's made with MonoGame

A bit of overlook on my side, some browsers move the page with arrows, etc. Make sure your page zoom is 100% next time, otherwise thanks for playing, and I will fix that for my future games (:

Please give me crashes.txt & burning_log.txt. Also please note, the demo is pretty old, so that’s maybe why.


Oh right, haha, yeah, it is a simple enough tweak


First of all, this is a pretty old demo at this point, so stuff like sword flickering is fixed :D

There should be a map and an inventory

Well hey, I’m the gamedesigner here, you can only suggest :P Anyway, I’ve added a screen for viewing all your items after releasing the demo. With the map: no. It will ruin the dungeon feeling, sorry about that.

Anyway, thanks for playing! And yes, the game will be released on Steam. ->

  1. You can infinite slide if you walk or dash in a direction and then hold down the duck button. Don’t know if that is intentional or not.

That’s a speedrun technique called duck-slide

  1. If you duck and press “/” you are stuck ducking until you hit the duck button again.

That opens a chat look to the bottom right lol. It makes sense because its an easter egg.

  1. If you pick up the dagger at the starting room then start, it gives you the revolver.

Fixed in the current version, thanks.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Sadly, it is abandoned. But thanks for the feedback!

Lol, that’s a good one

Hey, thanks for willing to help! But it is already polish, just not the demo :)

Yes, local multiplayer is possible. That means online multiplayer if played with Steam. But. Would you rather see this game release this spring without it, or in a few years with it? It already took two years, and I’m not planning in adding it for the initial release. If the game sells well, I will add it as a post-launch update.