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Nice game overall! The only issue I had, was telling where is my dude, and where are the enemies, cause they are almost the same color. Also I feel like the movement could be a tiny bit faster, but again, awesome demake, love it!

Huge sorry, the game was uploaded with a wrong iframe size, so you couldn't see part of the screen. Super sorry. Fixed now. And thanks for playing :)

Thanks :) The game has a total of 31 levels ;)

Thanks a bunch for playing, Sebastian :)  It's always a pleasure to see someone completing my games ^^  And thanks for the blogpost :D

This game is great. The amount of polish it has is insane. Great job Ben, just let's hope that next ldjam game remake won't happen right after this one :X 

The game page is super nice, great job!

Thanks for making this awesome jam :D

Via spelunky method: premake some pieces, combine them.

Hey, thanks for playing :)

Mmm, that's actually a really nice idea :) Would you like to make one? Cause I have no ideas how to it in C64, and I bet it will be a piece of cake for you!

Thanks a bunch :D 

> However, I unfortunately softlocked the game

You always can press the button to go into your self to reset the game ;)

Thanks <3

Oh, and my take on theme was, that you need to remember what key opens what door....

Hmmm, okey, here is a discord screenshot

Tbh, it was made under 4h :P

Hm, there is a special option in the jam page, if you look closely ;) It allows you to give unique link to submit the game after the deadline.

Hey there. I've made a tiny short game, called snackzzle. But for some reason, it did not submit properly. Sadly, I've noticed that only now. 

Could you please give me a submit link? ;) 

You can find the game here, if smth:

That's actually a really good idea, will do, thanks :D

In what room?

It does!

Thanks for playing :D 

Sorry, this project is dead now, I won't provide any help here. If you want to learn about creating your own FC, I would just recommend you to look into lua code loading. As well as that, you can join FC discord.

Srry, not in the current version.

You mean, how long does it take to beat the full game? Doable under 30 minutes, I guess.

Thanks, Paul! Level design seems my biggest problem, I've been thinking, that the game was too easy, but nope :/

Thanks :D

I wrote a math function that produces this effect. It uses only cos and sin. x, y and time are the inputs. Output is the color.

<3 5 stars

Awesome game, love it! <3

I might shot a short tutorial on that one day ;) And thanks for playing :D

Thanks, I've added difficulty levels for ya ;)

Thanks a bunch for your ideas too ;)

Thanks, Roy ;D

Thanks for playing :D

Play the game here!

Solve puzzles. Sounds too easy? Well, you control two chars at the same time. Or sometimes more. Still too easy? Well, they kill each other on touch! Not easy enough?



Made for ldjam 41

Play the game here!

Any news here, huh? I would love at least to be able to add some custome css ^^

Thanks for playing :) I have auto-ammo-gen tower, but its pretty OP, so it's unlocked near the end of the game.

Pss, guys, might someone film my game (or two)? ;) Did not get a single video this time :/ Both games are the first ones on my page. Tnx <3

Thanks :D

Thanks a bunch :) I'm really glad, that you've enjoyed the game ;)