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Great game so far! Got to the lava stuff, but my key got dropped into the water... And there is no way to get it back. But I really love the game style, and the shadows are an awesome touch!

Thanks for playing! You almost did it, you turned of the door in the start of the maze.

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Hmm, any news about the results? :X

Thanks for your help with debugging ;) Working on a large game at the moment :D

Ah, I'm so sorry :X Fixed now.

Ah, finally fixed the bug, thanks a bunch :)

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Uh, that's such a bad bug :X Can't find a fix to it... Fixed the name, thanks 😀 Did the key go to that ENEMY LOCK door? Oh wow.

Edit: uploaded a fix, could you try one more time, please? 😉

Thanks :D

Well, I also think, that timer is just to basic. Why not to make the game get harder each minute? Or you change weapon type each minute? Or, it's 1 hour 1 minute... Think about it ;)

Haha, thanks for playing!

You need to turn on the switch, to open that gate. Watch the vid down in the comments ;)

Well, I can't make everyone happy :D We love pizza, and that's good. Pineapple doesn't matter!

Thanks :)

Thanks :) I made the jetpack hard to control to make the game not so easy. I hope, that it's not too hard :D

Uh, linux builds, please? :D

Thanks :D

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Woah, thanks a bunch for playing! I probably should make a full HD map... Added binary builds, they should be easier to record.

I love the CRT shader!

Thanks a bunch :)

No, I've been hand-making all 100+ levels for this game. But we are planning some procgen for the next project!

Thanks a bunch :D

It's been a full month from the start of development until now, and finally Curse of the Arrow is finished!

All 100 levels are finished (added dungeon and hell areas), as well as a shop that sells pets, a fluid level select, achievements, and a bunch of secrets! The game has become much more stable and polished, and the whole soundtrack has been completely reworked! We've completely rebuilt the menu system from scratch to allow for a more smooth experience, so players can simply jump into an elevator and start. We've been working hard on implementing tons of mechanics, fixing bugs, and increasing the game's playability by a ton!

Check out the game here!

Yup, the release version will have this issue fixed. Planning to get it out on 30th. 

Thanks for the feedback ;) I will add not pixel-perfect full screen mode in the next update (comes really soon)! About the jump controls, what seems wrong in them? Maybe in-air movement feels strange?

Thanks :)

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Sorry :X Yes, I will. Currently getting money for the dev account. Steam Achievements? Yup, for sure!

Thanks :)

Haha, it's not a pico-8 game! It is written in love2d, but I used pico-8 palette + darker some colors. The screen is a bit wider, the pico-8 resolution (pico-8 display is 128x128, mine is 192x128).

Haha, thanks a lot, Roy!

Thanks ;)

Super fun game, and it has some really nice 8-bit music! Just a must-try-game-for-a-good-mood!

Hey! Remember this game? 


Now guess what? I made an X-mas edition of it! It has new levels, a lot of new mechanics, more simple controls, and I fixed issues with graphics!

Check it out here!

I hope, it will help you to get the Christmas mood!  Have fun!

Huh. Just look at my profile page :D It is filled with PICO-8 doodles and a few games ;)

Thanks a lot :D

Oh, I'm really sorry, but I can't change anything here :X Because this stuff is handled by the PICO-8 it self. But yeah, I would love to see that in the further PICO-8 releases. Thanks for the tips ;) 

I love the graphics and audio :) But collisions are really buggy, I felt through the flour a few times.

Hehe, everyone tells that :D What palette should it be, then?

Thanks a lot ;)

Released a lil patch.