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I remember it from Bored Pixels Jam 2

Love the concept of this game, and it's easy replayability. Though, I agree with sagana, it does need more elements. Maybe cool powerups, like a forcefield-like shield, but breaks in one hit. Also a radius showing how far you teleport could help. And I love how the visuals are consistent with Prototyper...

A real fun twist on the normal clicker formula, where you must rely on the arcade players to earn your cash, rather than just clicking away. Good use of colors, too!

As a suggestion, you should be able to pay towards advertisements, which increases the number of people that go to the arcade

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You can also make a small jump, and move against the side of the middle block, which is an easier way to try the glitch

Also, just like to add, when you load the game, you start with no power up (That could be a design choice, im not sure)

Polyroll community · Created a new topic Spring Glitch

On the second level if you remove both bomb blocks on the left, and try to jump at the bottom right corner of the middle block, you can cause this to happen.

You can still move freely, (and you can place bombs, so the game assumes you arent on the ground), so it isn't a game-breaking bug.

Also, due to the high amount of spring sound effects, the music cuts out, (probably because of the game engine)

Very interesting strategic gameplay mechanic, similar to Super Hot. But could use varying enemy types and/or power ups to spice up the gameplay.

An interesting experience. Contrasts againsts the other entries

Pretty fun with nice visuals, needs left and right movement though.

The resolution was very low for some reason, but with the cool graphic effects off, it's a pretty fun game. I love the sync with the background music, and the background art is very nice. Good work!

The physics were a bit off, but it's a fun game to try and learn the controls of. My highscore is 78

The multiple power up system reminds me of Kirby 64

This game is so good! I just wish you didn't have to watch the cutscene everytime, but otherwise, outstanding job! :)

The character looks like the one in hopfrog's forager.

Nice! Can't wait to play it!

Looks like a very fun game with lots of effort! It lags alot on my browser, so any chance of an .exe download?

I think this game is far too simple for any sort of championship thing. It is only my second game after all, and it lasts like 3 minutes. But thanks for leaving a review!

I love that thumbnail, it captures the old nes box art PERFECTLY! I wish the character didn't move so fast, and you can fall through this turning pipe right about here,
But this game is still one of my favorites!

It's still very good, I really love the gameplay

Yo, why is the w64 file so big? I have windows 32, but that seems off

Very great, just wish the music wasn't a 3 second loop

Did you read the game jam's instructions?

Cool music and visuals, but too slow and a few times the enemy disappeared, freezing the game

It speeds up the further you go

Strange, it works on my ordinary computer okay, are you using Windows?