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Relive the early 90s in this Amiga/Dos inspired Run n' Roll Platformer! · By Shiny Dolphin Games LLC, Kevin Dressel

Spring Glitch

A topic by ToastGhostGames created Dec 22, 2018 Views: 56 Replies: 4
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On the second level if you remove both bomb blocks on the left, and try to jump at the bottom right corner of the middle block, you can cause this to happen.

You can still move freely, (and you can place bombs, so the game assumes you arent on the ground), so it isn't a game-breaking bug.

Also, due to the high amount of spring sound effects, the music cuts out, (probably because of the game engine)

Also, just like to add, when you load the game, you start with no power up (That could be a design choice, im not sure)


Hey! Thanks for reporting this! Haven't seen this one before. We'll look into it.

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You can also make a small jump, and move against the side of the middle block, which is an easier way to try the glitch