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Love the concept of this game, and it's easy replayability. Though, I agree with sagana, it does need more elements. Maybe cool powerups, like a forcefield-like shield, but breaks in one hit. Also a radius showing how far you teleport could help. And I love how the visuals are consistent with Prototyper...

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Thanks a ton for playing! Yeah I’m with you guys. Now that I finished switching the game to a different engine, I can focus now on adding more content and “progress” to the game. And of course I’ll also be working on UI improvements, I’ll start with your suggestion about the teleportation radius!

I like these power ups ideas too! and they reinforce the Arcade play aesthetics. I’ll experiment with these. 

Oh you know about prototyper? Were you in the first BTP jam?


I remember it from Bored Pixels Jam 2