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Diego Crusius

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Hello. How can I join this discord room?

yes absolutely. Will read the source to help me learn my way through assembly dev

fun cool interesting original. Should totally port to mobile

thank you very much  :D

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Love that kind of game. Adding to collection for further fun and enjoyment

very creative mechanics. Thats inspiring.

love the aesthetics and I really like how you colors the ground tiles. 

For some reason the game runs real slow for me though

sorry it takes way too much effort to open the game apparently... 

I think it works because you use colors really well

Nice music and sound.

Your well balanced colors evokes some old Master System games

I think Id experiment switching colors for each stage for diversity,  if that doesnt ruin the 'you are your next level' experience 

Yeah I was having huge trouble with resizing screens and AI. I know I'll probably just have to use a camera for each resolution or something, and I want to fix that after the jam if I keep the downloadable version. My next steps are gonna be improve gameplay, add characters, add more modes and port to mobile.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

you did a great job! I was experimenting some real cheap tech to record voices for processing (like asking friends to send voice messages via whatsapp) and was having close to satisfying results. I was using my old phone to record noises and it was decent too, but nothing close to that level. It certainly makes me believe I can reach that quality level at least. Thanks

Id make infinite levels and release this game for mobile and steam if I were you. Fantastic game

The game is super fun, fast paced, action orient, though a bit too difficult to me.  Certainly a must play.

Did you record the voices yourself? How did you reach that quality level?

tweeted about your fun game. Im slowly tweeting about my favorite LowRezJam games and Asteroid Omicron is one of them!

this game is pure fun!

Nice Dhalsim vs! so creative

there are so many things done right here, and so many things showing the dev knows exactly what he is doing. This is so inspiring and well made I will save it for future references. The only game thats all 5 stars to me

tweeted about your game. Im gonna tweet my favorite LowRezJam entries

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How about a survival /infinite mode? This game is so fun.

Game Maker Studio! One of my favorite games on this jam. Keep up the good work

the mix of narrative and gameplay is genius

this will make a good enjoyable mobile game.

I also wonder how difficult it was to write the AI

Really cool animations and theme. I also like how this is not an autorunner. That said I think there are too many buttons for keyboard - which confused me, and the char could jump better.

yes this is cool!

Nice idea never thought about it. Gonna add it to my backlog. Thanks!

Ive added your suggestion to my backlog. Thank you very much.

Great take on Lode Runner. Inspiring graphics

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Moving forward, I would change the main char from a blue heart to some kind of mascot/hero people'd identity themselves with. 

I also think there is just a bit too much text early game, and I dont like to be interrupted mid game as well. Maybe that could be better ballanced

Man, where do I start? This is one of the best games I've played in this jam and this is the best game concept I've seen lately. Yes it is really that good. 

You can also see the author made with love, paying close attention to detail, with some fun animations here and there.

Please keep working on this game and ship it to mobile. Id love to help in any way. Im jealous!

this is what I wanted to do when I entered the jam. I like the idea of coordinating buttons to play sports games. The heart mechanics is a great way to ballance things .

It reminds me of those olympic videogames of 80s/90s and it also reminds me decatlon from atari.

As I said on my fb page ( I thought I wouldnt have time to animate the char since I joined the jam just a few days before the deadline. My character proved to be too tall so I added feet instead of body, which required animations. It was so fun that I kept going :D

somos uma praga huehuhue

 Nenhum texto alternativo automático disponível.

nice wind mechanic





yeah I wanted this on my game so the player could identify what was it about asap.  

Forgot to tell how much I love these unnusual mouse mechanics like in your game

oh and btw I have great respect for conscious decisions. Kudos for that I will try to complete the game later

I understand and appreciate the 'punisment' mechanic but its a bit too long imo.

This is one of those games you see its made with love. I also love me some good puzzle and this one uses its simplicity very well...

My criticism:
-I think you could use a bit less text screens, though most of them are funny
-I dont like to wait the dying sound to finish so I can restart the level

One of my favorite games in this jam