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Simple mechanics, but elegantly executed. The blue slime hit boxes were a little weird when they were moving horizontally towards you. I got to level 3 before I thought I might have seen all the enemies and such, unless there was more I missed? Well done!

Nice! It's cool to see how the fluid erodes the terrain to shape the landmass, especially when it's raining. Tried to get the generation to dunk a bird in the water... no luck, haha. Fun to play around with.

Pretty cool experiment! I actually don't have any music on this PC, so I went and downloaded a random classical song to test it out. Not the most exciting song, haha, but it was fun to see the small objects bump slightly as the various notes hit. Had a little bit of a frame rate issue at times (but I'm only on a Surface Pro 3). Nice work!

Furthest I got was level 10. I felt like agility was important early on to help me survive long enough to find potions. It's a pretty enjoyable idle game even with the minimal interaction. The art has a great simplistic style to is as well. I agree with Jordan that more interaction planning like AI suggestions would be really cool to see. Nice job!

Gratz on putting the demo together! It definitely sets the tone of where you might be going with the exploration and mood of the game. I'm interested to know what you had in mind when you're at the planet and can set the red cube on it. Landing zone for a closer look at the surface? Or maybe analyzing a sector of the planet for information about it? Nice job!

Worked fine for me! Very peaceful, soothing game. I could see this being a game where you encourage the player to build their garden a certain way to produce different songs, maybe by the shape of the box or by patterns in the dirt. Then it could unlock more plant types to use as the player progresses to different arrangements. Nice job!

Spent time herding the dog to go a certain direction, then, later, realized he would follow (maybe the dog was walking me, haha), but still made it to the camp. Gratz on getting the initial prototype made; always an important step to provide a canvas for your other ideas. I'll be interested to see what different ideas for procedural generation you come up with for it!

As a mood piece I'd say you definitely hit your target. It's very mysterious and has a general feeling of uneasiness, especially with the red eyed knight following you around. Looks fantastic!

Fantastic art generator! Divine disorder is definitely the way to go. Not only are they interesting to look at, but it draws you in more to see it generated right in front of you. Great work!

Awesome job! Worked fine for me on Windows 10. Got into a few dungeons, but those darn octoroks had it in for me, haha.

Nice work! I was expecting to have a secret jump scare get me at some point when walking through the houses, haha. Definitely gave a very uneasy feeling.

Very peaceful experience. I enjoyed the different sounds associated with various areas, hearing the water before I could see the stream over the hill, listening to the birds in the forest or the winds in the mountains. Didn't take long at all to generate a pretty impressive size landscape. Nice work!

I did notice that when trying to stand still on a mountain to take a screenshot that I would slip and slide around, even when it looked fairly stable/flat, but I was still able to get a good one:

Really great job on the atmosphere! Definitely has a creepy, foreboding feel. I was almost expecting something to jump out at me. Tried to chase and eat some birds, but my werewolf wasn't hungry I guess, haha. I could see the werewolf vision either being something the player is trying to prevent from happening by completing objectives or something that happens as they progress further, making it harder to see the closer they got to their goal. Anyways, great work!

I found Serpent Toothpaste... my favorite flavor! Interesting concept. It's nice to look at with all the small, subtle animated pieces and general smoothness in the appearance. Nice work!

Removing the core produced some really interesting results. It was pretty fun to play around with. Nice work!

Definitely looks like an ambitious project for the week! It definitely delivered on many hilarious moments, haha. The gif capture functionality was a bit spotty for me. I wanted to record a bunch of funny situations, but after checking the folder it would only have one or two. Had a lot of fun with this one, great job!

Nice job! One suggestion I have is to let the players rotate freely when they are on a wall. It felt difficult to move in some tight spaces since I couldn't turn around being stuck on a wall. Of course, that could be the way you wanted it too, to have players master movement to be able to get the flag faster or chase somebody down more effectively.

Kind of a neat little experiment. Is there some kind of guidance the ant is trying to use or does it move randomly until it gets within a certain range of the food? Also, the ant seemed to get stuck often on the straight direct route from the anthill to the food, making him lose it and have to search again.

I could see some interesting gameplay coming out of this. Maybe the different robot types all can overcome different obstacles in the level, so it'd be up to the player to choose the right one for the job (example: the one that can float upwards would be able to get through long vertical tunnels, the bomb one would be able to free other robots trapped by blocks so that they can perform their function on another part of the level, and so on). Nice work!

You are not kidding when you say "bullet hell", haha. That's a lot of bullets on screen! Great job on your first game! Things I'd suggest: the player ship acceleration could have a high end cap on it, so they would only ever accelerate at a certain speed once they'd reached it (sometimes I'd zip off screen really quickly), and the edges of the screen should probably stop the player since they can't see themselves and might have a hard time getting back into the action. I liked the addition of the blue bubbles; I was always looking for those to clear everything out :)

As simple as it is, the animations of the squares being deleted and the smoothness of the Ctrl+Shift+Z multiple undo adds a kind of zen experience to it, haha. Nice job!

I gotta say I agree with Delca, the game has a simplistic beauty to it with the hex grid and the animated patterns underneath. I managed to kill the beast once with the advice in your last comment. It almost seems like there could be more clues to the beast's location. Hard to say exactly how though because you want to find that balance between something too hard (a straight up guessing game), and something that can become too easy (spending time to figure out his precise location so you'd never fail). Maybe if you take out all the other baddies in the level it will reveal just one of the X's next to the beast to help point you in the right direction? Anyways, great job!

"A king races to find the legendary powerful wand before a young drug dealer." When is this movie coming out!? Haha, always funny to see the different outcomes.

2698m for me! The speeding up is a nice touch to require higher and higher precision as the game goes on. Great job!

Cool idea! Going off of what EPICPIKAGUY said, what if at every posting interval there was a player icon that moved, so you could watch a dungeon crawl play out in a series of tweets to see if the character survives? Maybe even retweets or replies (I've never worked with twitter API so I'm not sure what's tracked/possible) could help aid the character in certain ways. Just some thoughts!

Congrats on your first game then! It was a fun little experience. The lightning and the shield were fun to use. The magic missile seemed a bit redundant, but maybe not since it has more range than the lightning? Still, great job!

Cool little game! The bats are pretty scary with how fast they move. It seemed to have a nice difficulty curve (difficult at first, until I learned through a few deaths).

This is pretty cool! I like the idea of watching the hero explore on their own and having to manage other things about them. Really great job!

Nice job with the level generation! The movement with WASD was a little challenging at times since it was based on the way the player is facing which changes a lot when you're running away from enemies. For the enemies I'd suggest making them easier to defeat, but having more of them at a time. I never found my way out of the first level though so I might just be bad at navigation in general, haha.

The procedural ships were neat. I ended up with a pretty maneuverable one with a two-shot weapon which made it easy to take down everything with a back and forth pattern.

Cool prototype! I liked reading about your thought process and how the conversations are built upon experiences. I think Wasteland 2 had a system that was based on topics that your character had heard, but your experience system sounds much more interesting.

Nice job! Found all but two. It'd be helpful to know if your spaceship is on the edge of the map somewhere. I'm assuming it was when you're just in blue space without any stars in the background, but wasn't sure if there was more in those directions or not (couldn't tell if the ship was moving).

I really liked this game! Thought it was just difficult enough to make you want to find better ways to move around the enemies the next time you start. The different weapons and spells were a nice touch too. I'm assuming the bow misses more often because of its range advantage? At least it seemed like that's what was happening. Fun stuff!

113 was my best so far :) It's cool because what seems like a random floating balloon actually creates some strategy in how you move to have it avoid the bats. Nice work!

Nice work! Very concise and easy to pick up and play. One-button mechanic that's perfect for the infinite runner style in mobile games.

Nicely done! I liked the swimming as well, maybe because it didn't feel as confined as the landmasses with all the walls on them. Some good generation going on there though.

Cool idea! My alien world turned out pretty peaceful.

Really interesting idea! It's great how seamless the transition is. Nice work!

Hah, that was tough! Finally got to where all the eyes were around the outside. Nice quick game.