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Anyone asking for the french version?

I liked the final twist

@( 0__ 0)@

One of my favs. I love Sueper Hexagon and I love 9.9

Awesome. Hard and challenging. Add more orbs like double jump or something.


There's nothing to explore and jumping to reach the platform is too hard and frustrating.

XD, I just wanted to make sure everything was running as expected

does the game have sound?

Is it a screensaver if it supports any controls? There are no restrictions but maybe "no input control" would make sense.

Thanks for playing andy :D

I've been tweaking the physics and that will change the feeling a little bit. Soon I will make an update adding some new levels and new physics.

Thanks for letting us know about these problems. I'm working on some levels to introduce the mechanics. These are still quite raw.

Plants like meat, specially a fastidious suitor head. Jump on one of the guys and you'll get what you need.

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hi everyone,

This is Karlos I'm a freelance developer, mostly working with Unity, in my spare time I make more games or I try to find time toplay games... You know the drill.

See you around