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So what are you going to make/would like to see?

A topic by Bas Weijenberg created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 916 Replies: 13
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would like to hear some fun ideas :)


Have been thinking about making an aquarium!


At least one thing involving flying toasters


1: something like random paint splats and having them run and mix and just build up a random assortment of splatty shaped colours (with a mode that resets after a fixed time regardless of if you were enjoying the picture or not because screensavers always used to reset before the scene got too crowded and I'd never see the sheer magnitute of pipe dream pipes that I always wanted)

2: a pipe dream screensaver but with waaaaaay more pipes that doesn't end ... like ever


I'd definitely want to see stuff that just interacts on its own, like the aquarium JW mentioned! Weird creatures in a space aquarium trying to form tribes or something hahah

Is it a screensaver if it supports any controls? There are no restrictions but maybe "no input control" would make sense.

AfterDark had a spaceship game at one point - I think a game that "plays" by itself when idle is a good idea

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i will try to make something with a sci-fi atmosphere. maybe a virtual terminal or something like that.

the main inspiration for me is this video


Currently thinking: SNES-era airship randomly pathing over fractal generated terrain.


I've always really liked the scrolling/flipping text in the options screens for the Sonic games, I might do something similar to that!


Ludoc reminded me about a game called "Pax Britannica". Would be cool to see it in a way AI playing vs AI

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I'm in!

I'll try a simple eye-bleeding, somewhat gory and psychedelic nonsense X)


Thinking of doing a quick Children of Liberty screensaver! Something with the kids knocking out a poor sap of a Redcoat, who keeps getting up and knocked out over and over again.

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I'd love to see something like the ancient wonder Johnny Castaway! Windows 3.1 memories!