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They're all set to Single. Here's a image of my attached settings, although I think the problem isn't with the sprites but more some weird subpixeling with the camera. (The image also shows my Sprite Import settings as well.)


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I'm actually having a similar problem as well, although my PPU is set to 1, and my Ortho Camera Size is at 72. Mine is somewhat less severe, as it seems to be only chopping off the bottom row of pixels, but it's still an odd issue.


Created a new topic Entry: CollecTeslas

Random Game Seed: 08529403020
Random Game Idea: A collect-a-thon game where you are forced to battle against electricity.

Title: CollecTeslas
Idea: A game where you explore an abandoned building taken over by nature. Of course none of the electricity in the place works, but that's little issue for you and your lantern - one that can store the tiny traces of electricity you can find. As you explore the area, you also find various mementos from people who once lived here.

Main goal is to have the player collect electricity to power on/off various objects in the area, in a top-down 2D Pokemon-like overworld view. Things will probably change a ton as most things do with game jams! I'm coding for this project but it's a 4-person group total working on this:

DynamicDonut - Code
SyrantKing - Code
Spaceandguns - Writing, Music
OneWeirdGuy - Art

This is actually something I'm surprised wasn't there from the start. It's very easy for me (and I assume others) to join a game jam a week or month in advance eagerly, get caught up in work or other issues, and forget to add the jam to their plans when it sneaks up.

I think in addition to showing what jams you've currently joined, a quick "Add to Google Calendar/iCal" button by them, as well as a link to the Jam page of course, would be immensely helpful, as it'd give most people a quick way to add it to their schedule!

I've always really liked the scrolling/flipping text in the options screens for the Sonic games, I might do something similar to that!