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Added an alternate download link for that should work as long as you don't change the brightness/darkness settings. Sorry about that!

multiple entries are allowed

they’re free to use for non-commercial use!

The Disc Room devs will pick their ten favorite entries, there are no strict criteria - surprise us!

It is allowed, but we won’t be able to judge it personally - I’d recommend making a video of the game for that. 

We’re not strict! As long as your entry is vaguely disc or room related you’re good to go.

the jam will be judged by the team, meaning kitty, terri, dose & myself. making a 2 player game is fine, do realize it'll be harder for us to judge, especially with the pandemic! maybe provide a video to make it easier.

yeah as long as you're allowed to use them go for it! you're in no way obligated to use the things we provide

Yeah, any kind of games are allowed - just realize that it might be harder to judge for us! Would recommend making a video or something similar for physical games.

No worries, whatever you prefer!

Have been thinking about making an aquarium!