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Loved it. Very interensting noir style story game, and great music too.

One of my favourites from the jam.

That Simpsons' episode was one of the first things to came in my mind too for this jam. It was an interesting take on doing a platformer based on the tv show, but the final reference to the film festival leaves a "tv commercial"-like taste.

Loved the voxel style. But, as is said at other comments, not very playable at the moment.

Nice. I love this kind of games in which all you have to do is experiment and play.

Enjoyable all the way.

And that's the definition of a juicy game. Very enjoyable.

Good work!

Nice entry. Love missile command, but I think there sould be a missile fire limit (something like max. 4 at once). Good work, otherwise.

Awesome entry. Congratulations.

Very fun game and great take on the theme.

Great work done here! One of the most polished games of the jam.

Best sound fx ever!

XD Great bootleg!

Great polished entry. Love the eyeball background, the bulge effect and the text forming.

Good work.

Great graphics but it runs very slow in my pc as well.

Needs a controls fix. They are crossed. Arrow keys are controlling player 1 and asdw controls player 2.

Oh man, they are beggin' to be killed! XD

Bubble Bobble, one of my all time favs. Nice fun entry.

Fun game. Good old pixelated glitch :)

So 8-bit-ish :) . I love the background stars.

Nice. Very polished.

I was hoping a slap battle too XD

Great. But, as Jackalope said, having both players facing the opponent all the time kills it. Maybe would be better use the 'right' and 'left' keys to turn and 'up' to walk forward (DOOM-like controls) but this is just my opinion. Nice entry anyway. I loved the weirdness on this one.

XD Great racer, but the controls are gonna be a bit odd if it's played on an arcade cabinet.

Nice entry. Loving the style of this game.


The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Love the atmosphere on this.

Good work!

Thanks! I can export to .exe already, but I don't like the resulting file size of the wrap using node-webkit.

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I use Construct2 for quick jams like these, so my submission will be HTML5. It would be great if you could release that version you talked about.

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I'm in!

I'll try a simple eye-bleeding, somewhat gory and psychedelic nonsense X)