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That's great! I got the idea from thecatamites games, you should check them out too!

I'm glad! What was the dilemma?

Thank you! 

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

This is a very good video-game.

Late to the party but

This is the best!!!  thanks for sharing

Glad to hear! There's no way to resize an animation but you can set a custom size when making a new animation by clicking New then the computer icon, and set the resolution you want. You can also convert a doodle animation to a sprite sheet, manually resize the PNG and then convert it back to a doodle animation.

this is incredible! Loving the character style!!

We haven’t tested in mobile and it’s unlikely it would run at a reasonable framerate!

Hey! That’d be awesome, but there’s no current plans to add support for this yet.

there’s a bug with sprite sheet export on windows. Will be addressed as soon as possible! 

does it work for you with 2019.1? I don’t know why you’d get an error like that for built in unity features but it’s possible since unity keeps releasing new versions all the time that break features across the board, so we can’t guarantee it’ll always work with the absolute latest unity release. 

Great job! I was sad for the microcow but that business steak looked so good

This is so great!


just wanna confirm that you tried deleting the old doodle studio folder and downloading the latest package. the double assets path is definitely the problem and something that was directly fixed in the latest update, let me know!

A new update was rolled out that should address this problem on Windows. Let me know if you run into any other issues!

A new update was rolled out that should address this problem. Let me know if you run into any other issues!

i want to go

I tried to add tablet support but wasn't able to due to the limitations of Unity's editor extensions, so I'm afraid drawing with a tablet is not supported.

I'll try and pin this down. In the meantime I'd try Unity 2017

Some people reported more saving problems, if you keep having issues please try downloading the 2018 unitypackage again!

Just fixed this and uploaded a new .unitypackage for Unity 2018! 

Tested on 2018.3.0f2, let me know if you bump into any more problems.

I tried your script on Unity 2018 and couldn't reproduce your error. Can you let me know what platform and unity version you're running on?  And if you happen to have a simple project that produces your error I can look at, even better. Thanks!!

Ugh yeah this annoying. I'm using Unity's provided color picker so there's not much I can do about this! :(

There's no way to set import settings on doodle studio animations, couldn't find a way to extend the compression features from unity into the files. Yeah this is a known limitation and might make it so longer/larger animations require too much memory for mobile targets.

You can convert doodle animations into sprite sheets by Right Click on file > Doodle Studio 95 > Convert To Sprite Sheet (works for multiple files)
The resulting sprite sheet is a regular texture file that'll have full use of unity's compression and texture settings.

Right now there's no automated way of having a Doodle Animator use a sprite sheet instead of a doodle animation file, hopefully I can make that work.

You could have a simple script that replaces the sprites in the renderer from the ones in the sprite sheet, see

But yeah, there're also ways to automate any replacing so hit me up before you do any boring work.

It looks so great! love the bouncey body!

Sorry it didn't work for you! 

That said I'm only able to support Unity 2017 at this moment (it's impossible to keep up with unity's constant new versions)

(1 edit)

I'm unable to reproduce your errors. Doodle Studio works for me on Unity 2018.2.3 when you import it in a clean project. This could be caused by other libraries you have installed in your project.

Try making a new project and importing the doodle studio package. If you get errors, let me know what those errors are, the specs of your computer and your OS version.

If there's no errors, go back to your project and try deleting the doodle studio folder and importing it again.

If there's errors in your existing project but not in a empty one, the culprit is somewhere in your project and out of my reach.

I totally understand it's annoying, but this is a limitation of doodle studio for the time being :)

Hi, can you let me know what the errors say when you import the package? Does doodle studio work after the errors or does it not?

The 2017 package should work for 2018 too as far as I know.

FWIW Unity will keep pushing new versions forever but us toolmakers aren't getting paid to fix all the errors they introduce :) I'll do my best to keep it running on new versions but please don't expect doodle studio to work on every future unity version :)))

it’s either some obscure unity input bug or I know the windows ink thing brings a lot of trouble. There’s a setting in the Wacom configuration panel to disable windows ink, i’d try that. If that and updating the Wacom drivers doesn’t solve it I’d have a hard time finding a fix for it on my end since unity doesn’t really offer any drawing tablet support I can hook on to..

Does the same behavior happen if you don't have the tablet connected to the computer?

That's a gnarly bug! Thanks for the report. I'll try it on 2018.2.5 to see if I can reproduce it. In the meantime you can try Unity 2017.1 and see if it works OK there.

Sorry for the confusion! 

We switched to free non commercial / paid commercial licensing on September 15th 2018. If you purchased it before you're entitled to use the tool for commercial purposes. 

Thanks for the suggestions!

I wasn't able to reproduce your problem, when I make copies of the same object with Random first frame on and hit play I get different starting frames.  Do you have an example scene I can look at? Do you get this consistently across sprites?