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Does the same behavior happen if you don't have the tablet connected to the computer?

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Gosh. You are right! It works properly without connected tablet! You think its problem with tablet/tablet settings?

it’s either some obscure unity input bug or I know the windows ink thing brings a lot of trouble. There’s a setting in the Wacom configuration panel to disable windows ink, i’d try that. If that and updating the Wacom drivers doesn’t solve it I’d have a hard time finding a fix for it on my end since unity doesn’t really offer any drawing tablet support I can hook on to..

Update Wacom drivers helps! (Was: 6.3.20; Now:  6.3.30-2).
By the way, seems like the Mac version doesn't have "windows ink" option. As far, as I understand, the issue with it is Windows-related.
Thank you, this is a huge relief