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Fashionable Gummy Bear in Escape The Kitchen of Death

A topic by hoops doggit created Jul 11, 2018 Views: 245 Replies: 7
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Here's a link to the game:

My 10 year old niece and I brainstormed a game together and I made the mistake of saying I'd make it :p I don't think there could be a better project to test out Doodle Studio!

It's gonna be a lane runner game with kitchen themed obstacles, as well as outfit choices and a catwalk where you get rewarded for a fashionable outfit? Why did I say I could do this in two weeks???

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I've made a bit more progress! Fleshing out the world with a few more objects although they don't all interact with the player yet. I'm super happy with it at the moment though. 


I really love the functionality you've added to control the current frame Fernando. It's pretty fun to use this plugin and I love being able to just think of something, draw it, animate it and then implement it super fast.

I'm playing with the idea of using a curved world shader but i don't know if it'll work with sprites. I'll have to try it out.

I missed the notification for this! This is so wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for checking it out and also retweeting the gif I put on twitter! Also for the tool. It really is a joy to use.

I've uploaded a wip build to itch so my niece can test it out. It's pretty last minute so there's some very obvious issues but I plan on building for android anyway.

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So it's been aages since I posted anything but I've been super busy living life to the maximum. My producer got back to me when she noticed that it was 2 months past the deadline I agreed to (which was 2 weeks from inception). Don't ever say you can do something in two weeks before putting any actual thought into what the task entails ha ha. After placating her with a trip to the zoo, we're now aiming for christmas 2018.

Anyways, here's a gif of some progress. Enjoy!

It looks so great! love the bouncey body!

Thanks so much! Work is super busy so progress is taking longer than I want but hey, that's life :D

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Since the last post I've made a lot of progress.

Gameplay wise I've implemented a few new mechanics: 

  1. Jelly (or Jello for the northern hemispherically inclined): Changes the colour of your body. Will affect score some time in the future
  2. Clothing: Only one piece of clothing implemented right now but you pick up a piece of clothing when running over a clothes pile.


  1. Score Calculation: Now exists, gets triggered at the end of the level, takes into account how many jelly beans you've collected and how fast you were.
  2. Score Saving: Currently only locally but I'm super happy that I've got it in. Now you can compete against me!
  3. Transition to the end scene: see notes below


  1. Starting area/Tutorial area: First pass on the starting area. I'm pretty happy with it but so far players have been unsure whether pepper was good or bad so hitting one probably doesn't slow you down enough.
  2. Oh yeah, I made a cutscene: This has been in my builds for ages but I haven't posted about it here. Was mocked up in Photoshop but I'll either hand animate one in DoodleStudio or animate the elements individually and compose a cutscene in engine. I kinda like this idea but hot dang it'll be a ton of work. 
  3. Jelly: exists now
  4. Clothing: exists now
  5. Clothes pile: exists now
  6. End Scene???

No fashionable gummy bear can truly be called fashionable without first walking down a catwalk in front of their peers, friends, camera flashes and spotlights so below is a gif of my first pass of what the catwalk looks like.

In terms of sound I've got a temp track in it by Slime Girls. A friend is going to write me a track to put in it which I'm super grateful for but if it doesn't end up happening I'm actually super happy with the vibe from that track so if I keep it in I'll reach out to the artist and ask for permission before putting it on google play.

Anyways, that's all for now. Feel free to give it a go and let me know what you think!