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There's no way to set import settings on doodle studio animations, couldn't find a way to extend the compression features from unity into the files. Yeah this is a known limitation and might make it so longer/larger animations require too much memory for mobile targets.

You can convert doodle animations into sprite sheets by Right Click on file > Doodle Studio 95 > Convert To Sprite Sheet (works for multiple files)
The resulting sprite sheet is a regular texture file that'll have full use of unity's compression and texture settings.

Right now there's no automated way of having a Doodle Animator use a sprite sheet instead of a doodle animation file, hopefully I can make that work.

You could have a simple script that replaces the sprites in the renderer from the ones in the sprite sheet, see

But yeah, there're also ways to automate any replacing so hit me up before you do any boring work.

Thanks very much for writing that script Fernando. I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

Also after reading your script I remembered that all of my objects are prefabs so manual work shouldn't be too eggregious. I'm guessing if everything needs to be converted to sprite sheets then it should only have to be done once.

Thanks again for your help!