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doesn't work well with tablet and pen

A topic by metanymie created Jan 26, 2019 Views: 428 Replies: 6
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it takes 1-2 second from click to start inking in the doodle window. i'm using wacom intuos pt s. :'(

if i work on the first frame, do ctrl z, it deletes the last thing i put in the 2nd frame instead of the latest stroke i actually did which is in the 1st frame

re bug 1: it might be more distance than time? 

I tried to add tablet support but wasn't able to due to the limitations of Unity's editor extensions, so I'm afraid drawing with a tablet is not supported.

Hi Fernando,

Is there still no support for a wacom tablet? I'm super excited about this tool, but unfortunately I'm not sure I can get used to drawing with my mouse. :'(

Sincerely, Marlène

Works fine for me, just checked!

Thanks for the comment! Will definitely consider buying it then, looks awesome :)