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kirill losev

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version 0.14.0

On "My Creations" tab if I scroll all the way down - I can't see properly all of the collections.

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Ok. I've published this game
Here is a link: https://kirlosev.itch.io/dangerous-steps
And a trailer:

And here are some thoughts about the game and its development. I might make it better, i might make more challenging levels and more object and other stuff. But I don't want to spend a time if no one play the game. I'm happy with what I already done and if enough people buy it - i will make more levels and objects and stuff, sure. It's easy to expand. So yeah, as always, it might be better.

The other thing is that puzzles ain't for me :D And i'm talking about hand-made puzzles. I'm more about rogue-like games and procedural generation, or action games. I'm still glad that I've made this game - without it I wouldn't know about my preferences. So now I know better what to do next.

So, i'm glad i did it, i'm really glad that i've finished it, i'm really happy about the fact, that the game has an interesting idea and a solid core, but i know it could be better. It will be better, with the next game.


I think I need to post something here. Currently I'm working on levels and some minor stuff like redrawing some sprites, changing a title image, etc.

Puzzles are kinda interesting to make. And it's hard too.

Here is how a new title image looks like. I use it for transition screen (at first loading and between levels)

Updated a pause slider. It's not really a pause. Since it's a turn-based game - I don't need to freeze the game when player hits a pause button. But, using this slider a player can get access to sounds switch, menu or reset buttons.

I'm pretty happy with this.

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Here is how a level selector screen looks like in the game. You can scroll a line of levels and load a hovered level

I don't like when a game doesn't show you what the level is about on a selector screen. And I've solved this by showing to player how a map of a level looks like. I will probably simplify these maps a bit and only show floor, walls, player, exit and enemies. Will see.

This line doesn't show you levels that you haven't passed yet.

Each level "card" is just a bunch of meshes and a canvas with a text. This all is generated when a player launches the game. Animations are made using spring implementation which is described here (i love it so much and i'm afraid to overuse it :D)

And yes. I save levels as a 16x16 pictures where each color means a specific object with a rotation. This is just hardcoded in a level generation class. Kinda works.

thanks for reply! i'll watch this video today for sure :)

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Dangerous Steps is a grid- turn- based puzzle game. That's right!

The core mechanic of the game is to move tiles on the levels like how you do it in Threes!. Also, when enemies get stuck near to walls or any other obstacles - they combine into a new enemy with a different behavior. The easiest way to explain the mechanic if you haven't played Threes! is to show it to you. Look!

You control a guy with a hat as a treasure hunter using arrows on a keyboard. Touch input should work too, but I don't have an ability to test it right now. In each level your target is to reach a golden feather.

I also started streaming the development process on my twitch channel. The quality isn't spectacular, but it's good enough.

The game is almost done. I just need to fix hundreds of details :D
I try to make puzzles deep and always teach a player something new. I want to make player feel like every move is important. But I've never worked on something like this before.

In this devlog I would like to share how the game works, get a feedback from a potential player and improve the game. Also, I've never did a devlog before. So it's something new for me. I hope it will help more than hurt.

yay. thanks a lot :)

Ludoc reminded me about a game called "Pax Britannica". Would be cool to see it in a way AI playing vs AI

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i will try to make something with a sci-fi atmosphere. maybe a virtual terminal or something like that.

the main inspiration for me is this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX2M90OzYQY

Thank you :)