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I did enjoy, thank you! It's meant to be an endless meditative experience (was only made in like 2 days ;) )

Hope that through all the waiting you at least got to see a lot of cool visuals. Unfortunately you are right not much happens. This is as far as we got with the project :p

Though many people also said they wanted to dive into the planet... donno if it's possible but if we get time to make a second version this is high on the list :D

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Thank for the feedback! : ) This was actually very intentional design to make it not last since the jam we made it at had the theme of "Make it last". BUT you are quite correct and if we get some time we want the current gameplay to be a "make it last" mode but then we'll add an "infinite glide" mode " where you can basically angle it however you want without it moving (or the fall rate is super super small)


As usual, please be harsh with feedback. I doubt I'll have time to finish this game soon but I love the idea that developed from it so I want to hear your thoughts ^ _ ^

1: something like random paint splats and having them run and mix and just build up a random assortment of splatty shaped colours (with a mode that resets after a fixed time regardless of if you were enjoying the picture or not because screensavers always used to reset before the scene got too crowded and I'd never see the sheer magnitute of pipe dream pipes that I always wanted)

2: a pipe dream screensaver but with waaaaaay more pipes that doesn't end ... like ever