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Fun concept for a game! I tried both versions to see the difference. I much prefer the jump height and level design of the first version, but the driving is a lot better in the AfterJam version.

Wow! #35 place overall! That's so much higher than I was expecting.

Thank you SO much everyone for your fantastic feedback! By far the biggest problem is the extremely steep learning curve. The most obvious fix for that is to not have the dead drop's timer begin to tick down until AFTER the initial hack. A simple addition, that I wish I could have discovered with playtesting beforehand. But considering I started way late and had a little less than 4 days, I'm very happy with the result and thrilled that you all enjoyed it as much as you did!

A surprisingly large and detailed world. The descriptions of the visuals painted a very cool picture in my head, and I enjoyed the narrative's exploration of genderbending. The Cyber Drugs aspects was an amusing analogy to indie games / game development (Was the drug queen @deviever? XD).

Was a little difficult to understand at times, but forgivable as I don't think iurikato is a native English speaker.

Good action game. My gun had a hard time keeping up with the number of enemies on screen. A shield pickup or recharge amount per wave would be very helpful

It's very pretty, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing :\

This game is all about trial and error / muscle memory. Which is not a bad thing. It's very unforgiving though! Much like "I want to be the guy". I can see why you're offering a prize to the first to complete it! 

The music is a nice fit too. Got me into an almost Zen like rhythm occasionally punctuated by expletives

Great game! Lots of fun and a good challenge. The description of "Guitar Hero" meets "Infiniminer" really helped clarify how to play. It's a shame the windows don't match up to the music though. It often threw off my rythmn!

Good idea, but the dialog was so full of slang that I had a hard time understanding what it was trying to say which meant I had an even harder time figuring out what to do and what was going on. Also being bounced so harshly back and forth between both sides was very visually jarring. Would be much better if the camera was fixed in the middle so the player can jump back and forth without the camera having to move.

Decent game though. I see potential with the concept!

My entry: Dead Drop

Nailed the Relevance category! Would have had taken the Aesthetics too if it had some sound to match. Looks right out of the theme pic. But I had no idea what I was supposed to do? There were bots outside but they just shot at each other without hitting each other? They didn't react to me at all except to explode when I shot them. And I was just about to reach the objective when I failed my mission because of rebels?

Anyway, hope you continue this project, as it has a great look to it so far. The level design seems optimized for intense firefights!

My entry: Dead Drop

Flappy Punk! Wasn't much of a challenge though. Maybe have the holes move?

My entry: Dead Drop

The controls could use a better description, as it took me a bit to figure out what was going on, but once I figured it out it was a fun little game to play! Some audio would be nice too. Overall, a great take on the theme image!

My entry: Dead Drop

Nice! I love "programming" challenge games like this. Looks like there are a lot of challenges too. Could use some more detailed instructions for non-programmers though. Could also use a hotkey for the "Haxed" button, as the rest of the controls are keyboard based and that would improve game flow. Audio would be nice too.

First one I've saved to my collection so far!
My entry: Dead Drop

Sometimes it would say it was incorrect on the first correct button pushed. Other than that, it worked fine. Wish there was more challenge though.
My entry: Dead Drop

Not relevant to the jam

Not relevant to the jam at all, but a decent (if rough) game.

Almost impossible to play, sadly. It's really hard to tell depth / position in an isometric perspective, so there needs to be a constant shadow or something to indicate where you're going to land after a jump.

The screen is also way too fast in the beginning. It should start slow, and slowly ramp up in speed. The powerups barely slow the screen down, and only for a very short time, making the learning curve frustratingly steep.

It's a cool concept though, and with some small refinements I could easily see it being really fun!

My entry: Dead Drop

Needs instructions! It took me a bit to figure out what kind of game this was, let alone what to do. It's a neat take on Missile Command though.

One of the first 2 or 3 blocks clicked should always have "code" in it so that you can have a chance to defend yourself. Twice I lost before I was able to find a code turret which was really frustrating.

The defense explosions seemed to miss an awful lot, even when completely enveloping the incoming fire.
My entry: Dead Drop

Looked good, and the gameplay was fun, but the randomly shaky camera messed with me eyes and made it rather unpleasant to play :(

Crashing into other cars was difficult to avoid, and with such a tight time to get to each checkpoint, 1 to 2 crashes just about means game over. Would have been nice to get some boosts or powerups that let you hover over cars to regain the time lost.
My entry: Dead Drop

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts!

Here's a quick Dead Drop Gameplay Trailer

Still no WIndows download.

Windows download link is the MacOs version. No way to download Windows version.

As a fellow pacman fan and GameMaker developer, it's a nice game. I like the time mechanic where it creates more evil pacmen, and I especially like the way the music changes depending on how close they are too you. I got almost to the green door of level 2 before I got trapped.

I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. More than 1 life. It sucks having to start over all the way at the beginning when unfairly trapped by a newly spawned pacman.
  2. Don't have the pacmen spawn so close to the player.
  3. Shrink the collision mask of the pacmen so that it's possible to run past them in a 2-wide area. That will get rid of a lot of the "cheapness" of getting unfairly trapped.
  4. Mouse controls. Not many people are comfortable with keyboard only controls. They aren't bad, but mouse controls would probably be better. If you need it, here's the draw event code I used for "Lost Tomb":
//The "/10" at the end is mouse sensitivity. A higher value than 10 will make the mouse less sensitive, and a lower value will make it more sensitive
direction -= (display_mouse_get_x() - (display_get_width() / 2)) / 10;
zdir -= (display_mouse_get_y() - (display_get_height() / 2)) / 10;

//This is the "height" of the player camera. You'll probably want to change it to half the height of your walls.
CamZ = 80;

//this prevents looking too high or low.
if (zdir >= 90)
    zdir = 89.9;
if (zdir <= -90)
    zdir =- 89.9;

//The 100 is an arbitrary number. Can be any number as long as its the same number for all 3. Shouldn't need to change it.
znext = (100 * tan(zdir * pi / 180)) + CamZ;
xnext = lengthdir_x(100,direction) + x;
ynext = lengthdir_y(100,direction) + y;

//This handles the D3D projection. You'll probably have to tweak the number values to fit your game.
d3d_set_projection_ext(x,y,Camz,xnext,ynext,znext,0,0,1,60,view_wview[0] / view_hview[0],1,900);

//This centers the mouse in the game window
display_mouse_set(display_get_width() / 2,display_get_height() / 2);Good luck with your game!

Looking forward to future updates!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Berick, and I like to make games! My most recent project being a retro-3D random gen adventure / horror called Lost Tomb

When I'm not making games I'm making videos of other indie dev's games. So if you have something you want me to Let's Play, hit me up

I'm also a bit of a Twitter addict, so follow me and I'll follow you!

Let's Play? Let's Play! Touchy controls, but fun little toy

Let's Play? Let's Play! Would love to see this expanded upon

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Let's Play? Let's Play! This is both impressive and fun!

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Let's Play? Let's Play! Made it to the end