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You are correct. There was a bug where the terrain wouldn't have any textures if I generated any of it beforehand, so everything  is generated at runtime when you first launch the game. If you wait a few seconds until its all there it should smooth out.  Apologies for the jank!

Probably! I'll see what I can whip up.

-from tweets by Mark Wonnacott (@Radzouken)

I just replayed and omg this thing is way more intense than i realised! i have many things to say: for me CONDOR really evoked the feeling of trying to jump out of the level bounds in games - was always wondering if i was supposed to be in this part of the level - which is pretty cool when your character is presumably an illegal freerunner. I always seemed to find the next beacon in the end though - I feel like i infiltrated a corp, placed a bomb in their data core, then snuck out through the ventilation system, passed through some housing district and back to my home area? Genuinely felt as if i was in a nightmare when i was walking through the mazelike corridors with the red lines of lightingdisorientation, anxiety, acrophobia - it was INTENSE. but i definitely thought it was excellent.

After seeing the cover image I was actually looking forward to something more along the "go for a walk" genre, especially since thats what I did and also tried to recreate the title image like that in 3D. The first person tower defense thing could become engaging with more work. Looks pretty rad, I was digging the revolver.


If the motorcycle picture had been the theme image this would have won the jam. Super Cool.

It took me a while before I figured out where to go/how to play properly, but once I started picking up what it was putting down it was pretty fun. It needs to be treated as a stealth game - its far too difficult to win a firefight. Has a good FEAR-esque vibe to it when shooting starts though. I might "borrow" the jumping-whoosh/shake thing for my own jam game, its very well done! I haven't beaten the game, but I plan to go back to it later.

tip: F10 to reload if you accidentally trip the ending splash screen.

Slightly frustrating but cool gameplay. Looks rad as hell.