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Great game! Reminds me of carnage hearts for the PS1

This is a really challenging game!

I dig the music and cyberspace mechanic.

You can't shoot because your character does not start with a gun. The introduction dialog with Ghost explains that you have to sneak your way past the guards using the rafters along the hallway. I hope that helps. :)

I really dig the random city generation. I wish that there were a wider variety of consequences for my different decisions though.

It's hard to tell if there are any pros or cons to different choices I can make or what the pros and cons may be. They all just kind of feel the same.

I really liked the hacker-typer mechanic! Also, this is one of the most relevant games I've seen to the cyberpunkjam's theme.

Pretty neat game.

The VR programs need some descriptions or some well-defined genres. I can't tell what a lot of them show the viewer, and I just end up sending all of the customers that I'm not sure about to some porno.

Neither clicking nor dragging works. :(

This game is great! I feel like the penalty from collisions is a little too severe, though.

If you look at this game's official website, you'll see that this game began development back in 2009.

So even though this game has technically been developed for the past four years, does it still qualify for #cyberpunkjam? Since #cyberpunkjam did specifically have a start date and an end date...