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Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it ^__^

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Scripts-->Initialization-->init_characters, it's a tabbed script with init_character_maria as the only alternate tab at the moment. At the bottom you'll see the lines of code that initializes sprites. To fully add a new character, I guess what you should do is...

  • Make a new constant for the character's ID (must have a different value from char_MARIA)... you could use the existing constants char_LOUISE, char_PRINCE, char_FROG and char_SUNSHINE if you'd like to, of course.
  • Make a copy of init_character_maria (create a new tab and copypaste init_character_maria's code text into it) and use the search-replace feature to replace "char_MARIA" with the new character constant
  • Change the sprite assignments to the new character's sprites (they're at the bottom of the script).
  • Don't forget to call the script from init_characters, just how it calls init_character_maria.
  • To change the active character, just assign the character ID to the variable global.playerchar based on what the player selects - it's always assigned char_MARIA by default since the demo only has 1 character. You can make the menu any way you want~

I think that's all you need to do, hopefully I didn't forget anything :) Just hit me up with more comments if there's any problems~

Uploaded a "v1.1" version of both source files with this fix applied. Let me know if there's any more problems.

Good catch, I can't believe I've let this slip through. Replace x and y with argument0 and argument1 respectively (in the script) and it should work as intended. I'll get an updated version with this fixed uploaded.

I'm pretty sure the only stuff available in the Water Tower after it's destroyed is the Lore that was inside it while it was whole, to make sure you can't permanently miss any. The fake floor you found probably lead to one of those spots.

And as for the key-gun-passable-blockade... derp. This is what happens when you keep adding new areas at random places in the old areas, I guess :P

Knowing me, the reason the blockade is Keygun-based is because the upgrade station in that dungeon is for the Keygun, to ensure you have it in order to enter. And if that's the case, it being unescapable is unintentional.

The missing 5% is a secret area, a secret final boss and an ending tied to that, btw.

As for the stuff that actually is finished: every gun has a secret upgrade, some has two (one gun has two tiers of upgrades, another has two alternate upgrade paths, and another has two complimentary upgrades that can be obtained in any order). There used to be a secret developers' level hidden at one place, I'm not sure it's still accessible and it had some of the most frustrating level design I've ever made so it's probably for the better if it isn't :P And to make things even more confusing, there's a bunch of "fake" areas you can see but aren't meant to access, just to explain how everyone else gets around. (I had plans to let you play as other characters later to let you see the story unfold from a different perspective, but ended up scrapping the idea because it was too much work. The sequence where you play as Emily and all cutscenes you see from someone else's perspective than Mario's are remnants from this)

Hmm... I was pretty sure there's a blockade early on in the desert that you can't pass without being able to do the wing flaps. Maybe I've messed it up... you're referring to the desert west of the truck, right?

It's pretty unlikely I'll ever fix things like this since Game Maker 8 is discontinued and doesn't run properly in Windows 10, and the engine uses functionality deprecated in Game Maker Studio, but thanks for pointing them out anyway! I'll make sure to have a look on them if I ever get around to making a 'finished' version.

The fake walls and stuff are in other places as well, anyway. I don't remember everything by heart anymore since I haven't touched the game actively in like 2 years, but from the top of my head, written in riddle form to reduce spoilers:

  • The grass is green, but not all green is grass, might be something new where you've already been.
  • The longest road is mostly flat, but there's something above your hat.
  • An arrow of barrels, hard to see, still guides you to a mystery.
  • Near the canal, your feet may burn; still there's a reason to not instantly return.
  • In the sky, all's not what it looks; moreso than usual, think outside the box.

There's some other places I can remember, but I don't remember WHERE they are, so I can't really offer hints for those yet :P

Nope, the wallrun is just mentioned to explain how Cain can reach certain places without being able to fly.

There's a bunch of tricks, though:

  • Flapping rapidly makes the vertical distance you can cover greater.
  • One area has invisible blocks you can trigger by jumping into them from above (it's an outdoors area so it might not be the place you're in).
  • Some areas has fake walls, so there might be an alternate path. All of these are indicated in some way if you're on a lookout for details in the environment.
  • There should be an easter egg that gives you infinite wing flaps, but it was added pretty late in development, is very obscure to find, and isn't required for anything.

There also used to be a bug where if you get hit by an enemy instantly after jumping, the momentum of the knockback and the momentum of the jump would stack together and you'd be sent flying very far.

I thought my e-mail address was visible on my profile, but it appears I was wrong. Thanks for alerting me to this, I will look into it. But I like general questions being asked at the corresponding itchio communities like this, though... easier to find if someone else has the same questions and stuff, and less risk that it gets lost in all my other mail.

If I remember correctly, the only thing that affects the game ending is your Lore completion percentage - if you get all 50, you get the good ending, and there should be one bad and one neutral ending. (Note that the final lore is on the table during the fight with Smith after Heart of The City and that you have a limited time to scan it). All other optional stuff should be more or less self-contained.

At least it shouldn't be too hard to relearn Studio, it's basically GM8 with some stuff removed (execute_string() being the most important loss, a lot of people used that, and also sleep() and screen_redraw())... and some stuff added, like room/image editors where you can scroll and pan with the mouse wheel. Also, you can resize instances in the room editor now, which is wonderful for a lot of cases.

...oh, wait, you were talking about Studio 2. Derp. How do I forget things like this so easily x3

Studio 2 definitely is a bigger step up since it's based on the new stuff in Studio 1 more than it's based on its GM8 roots, but it's still mostly the same core loop. All the changes done from GM8--->GMS1 still apply, but on top of that:

  • Layers is a pretty major feature, and can be used in various ways... there's functions to only check a particular layer for instances/tiles, so you can have layers for each floor of a building etc.
  • Views has been generalized to cameras, which basically is the d3d_set_perspective() function except it now can view 2D planes as well. You can have more cameras than you have views and switch what cameras are displayed in which view on the fly, letting you make dramatic camera movements and stuff more easily.
  • Tiles has been revamped to allow autotiles and animated tiles, but this is mostly an editor thing.
  • Backgrounds and sprites have been merged into one resource.
  • Sprite editor supports layers for each subimage and you can draw while a sprite is animated, which lets you do some animations much easier.

I'm pretty new to GMS2 myself, but hopefully this helped you in some way :P

It should work in theory (since there's compatibility scripts converting the old 3D functionality into new), but I've had some issues converting other 3D engines to GMS2 so I can't say with certainty it will. (For instance, there's a bug with drawing transformed models with <1 scaling factors that causes massive slowdowns). Still a bit torn whether it'd be better to make a GMS2 version from scratch of all my engines or convert them and try to deal with version differences.

Thanks ^__^

Deleting the shader itself should be enough (the help scripts won't do anything as long as you don't call them), and then just make sure you remove/comment-out any script calls that would use the system (e.g. shader_set()/shader_reset() pairs in the draw event of map & battle units)... it's never a good idea to leave in references to a resource that doesn't exist anymore.

The problem is hardware-dependent, so there's not a lot to do if you have a graphics card that doesn't support ShaderModel 3. The simplest workaround would be not using the shader, which is the easiest way to fix it if you don't care about the palette swap system. If you do need it, though...

There's a bunch of workarounds discussed in this GMC topic, the original version of the shader didn't use a loop and thus were more compatible with older graphics cards at the expense of having a limit of 10 colors per palette: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=58777...

The old GMC has been archived, but hopefully the info/code already in the topic helps.

There's also a new topic for the shader system here on the new GMC: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/retro-palette-swapper.7498/

(Not sure if it includes info about the old version of the shader anymore, though)

Added a new GMS2 version of the source code - the original version imported and ran just fine in GMS2 for me, but this should save you a bit of work. If you've bought MariaEngine previously, this new version should be downloadable at no additional cost.

It's still a bit experimental since GMS2 got released just a few days ago, so please report any problems with the new version here.

Posted in G P 2

Yay, thanks ^__^

The rooms are actually defined using four sprites (one pixel corresponds to one tile in the room, each color means a different type of tile) - Sprites-->Room Maps will give you those, and their names should explain the purpose of each map. Just add more subimages to a sprite and they should automatically get added to the random selection.

You'll also need dungen_render_room() and dungen_render_tile() to actually create a room from the blueprints, though. (And also all the scripts in the folder Scripts-->Assist Scripts--->Floofpaws' Sampler Extension). I think they're pretty much standalone enough that they can be used on their own without the rest of the dungeon generation structure around them with just some small changes to dungen_render_room():

  • Remove the part that spawns enemies and treasures.
  • Remove the lookup of the "doorflags" variable and pass that as an argument instead.

In either case, the important bit is how dungen_render_room() uses a sampler to read the sprite data. The colors that are used to represent different types of tiles are defined in the list of macros, under __VaultMapData__, and these constants is what dungen_render_tile() is checking for.

If there's anything more that's unclear, feel free to ask :3

It's a GMS source file, so anything you see in the demo can be tweaked just by editing the code. The dialogue system basically just uses an array for text, shouldn't be too much work to add in another array for mugshots/busts to go with it.

Interesting... I'm running on Win10 myself. That error is because the shader than handles palettes didn't compile properly, and that in turn might be a problem with your graphics card running ShaderModel2 instead of ShaderModel3. ShaderModel3 is so ubiquitous nowadays I don't even check whether the shader compilation worked properly in the engine, but that might be a good idea after all.

I think searches just use tags, so make sure you've assigned relevant tags and are searching for them. Also make sure you're searching in the right category (so you didn't release your games as, say, soundtracks by mistake)

Having a dedicated board/topic for them would give mods/admins an excuse to remove topics that feel spammy, and anyone that ARE interested in their stuff could find the channels more easily if they're all in one place. Sounds like a win-win to me.

You could publish them as the same item, but change the pre-alpha version's price from 0.00 to the full price when you're about to release the full game, then keep the alpha file as a demo (checkmarking the "this file is a demo and can be downloaded for free" box). Not really structurally different, but the game's ratings and such would carry over, which could be advantageous.

Should be displayed on the title screen.

(Z to lift/throw, X to jump, arrows to move)

Thanks! ^__^

And yeah, the GM Marketplace is kinda clunky at the moment, so I can see why a lot of content creators don't use it... (especially the GM integration that makes just adding something to a project take ages). It's much nicer to just distribute/load a GMZ file IMO.

Thanks! I've got a bit of backlog after being sick for a week, but I'll definitely add an updated version with proper sound/music as soon as I can :3

Cool, actually found it in my Youtube feed before seeing the comment. GG on going back to the start area, and there actually were a note behind those things outside the factory :P

Lol, some awesome commentary there. xD My favorite was either "You can find them... and they're there!" or maybe "It's like Steam for hipsters."

You should explore more, too, you're walking past a lot of pathways without checking them out... try walking left above the shop, for instance :3 I guess I should've made it more clear you CAN walk left there, most games only have you move right... welp, too late to do anything now, I guess x3

You should totally link to the LP too so it's easier to find it :3

Sure, why not? It's name-your-own-price and not region-locked, so there shouldn't really be anything stopping you from trying it out.

Yup. They're so placeholder-y that I don't see why you would want to use them, but they're included in the price :)


Revision 2 released, with 49 new resources added! The updated ZIP should be possible to download for no additional cost if you've previously bought the first revision... let me know if there's any problems.

I have to say I agree, to be honest. :P Making a completely story-based walking simulator was a fun experience, but it didn't feel like something that would last long, and I ran out of ideas and inspiration with over 12 hours to spare instead of keeping hackin' until 5 minutes before deadline like I usually do with game jams. But at least I got everything I planned into the game, which is probably a first. Not my best jam game, but definitely not my worst.

I don't think enemies would make this game better, it wouldn't fit with the jam theme... but I think the actual genre isn't really fun to play, and not really fun to make either since test playing the game adds a lot to development. Walking from collectible to collectible to make sure they're working properly wasn't much fun, and it's not fun to design levels when you can't really do much to change the concept up either.

If I remember correctly, once Bass teleports away and leaves his base in the Central Cave unattended, you can search his stuff for a note with teleporter coordinates to the Deep Cave. Going to the base teleporter once you've found that should unlock the Deep Cave as a warp point.

You've found AN end of the game, that's correct :3

I don't quite remember everything that's accessible, but if I remember correctly... working with Bass lets you reach an area called the Deep Cave. Just exploring the path towards the bottom of the mountain (getting as far down as possible in the village, then get to another outside section, then further down) lets you get to an area called something along the line of "Abandoned Construction Site", though I probably used a different wording. Both of those lets you progress down different story paths.

Okay, added 6 new samples~

You're not the first to suggest that, so I guess public demand calls for a few more samples. I'll get it sorted out within the next hour or so.

(Edited 1 time)

The Gray Market is just for worldbuilding, you can't actually buy anything from there. (It was planned to play a bigger role in a branching story path further down the line, but it was never added).

The smith sells ammo once you have the corresponding gun. (I guess I could've designed that interface in a better way...)

The City Hall battle is the area boss, so once you beat that, you're done with the area. If you absolutely can't beat it and want to back out, you could open Profile.yal (the save file) and change the first three lines to




then save it, close the editor, and load the file from the title screen. This will start you at the save station outside Ruruu Village. (All the bosses you beat in Suntown stays defeated) Hacking the savefile isn't the most elegant solution, but this old game of mine has a bunch of unfair situations where it can be a necessity... x3 (Suntown in general being one).

I'm not sure whether the trigger to prevent you from going back into Suntown is the first cutscene in Suntown or the last (and the source file and trigger list aren't on this computer, so I can't look it up at the moment), so you might wanna back up the current three first lines of the savefile before doing this (they correspond to room, x and y coordinates, respectively) so you can warp back in once you're ready.

*rubs chin* Weird, I'll look into it. The ring wouldn't bestow water breathing in either case, but it will halve damage from water-based attacks (like the turret crawdaddies). In fact, there are no item that will let you breathe underwater. You could always buy the bikini (if I remember correctly, Keith has it), it gives you normal mobility underwater (but doubles the damage you take), and since the entire underwater area is based around you moving at half speed, it should make it a lot easier to get through. Also, have you noticed hitting a block underwater will release an air bubble? That's not just for show, those will restore your air meter if you catch them.

  • Thanks! ^__^
  • That's nothing I'm going to discuss with strangers.

Thanks ^____^

I hope it'll be useful :3