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thx!! :)


Thanks :)

Yeah, finished the game 40 minutes before the deadline, for some reason the webgl build is all black, doesnt even load the game. I have like 10 webgl games published this was my first time having this. Kinda suck :(

Amazing game. I really liked the soundtrack at the end, can i find it anywhere :)

Thanks :)

Really cool game. Typing feels so good and the game is well polished. Great game!

Really cool game. The music and the graphics are very relaxing. I would like a tutorial level but I guess you ran out of time about that :P Overall great game, loved it!

Yepp, It's kind of like a twister game when you are playing with 3-4 people :P Thanks for playing :)

Really good idea. The problem is that I can't think about how hot is the reactor and which bullet I should use because of the game's hardness. I guess the hardness increases over time but even the starting difficulty is a little too much for me :P

And maybe adding like steam and fire to the reactor would be more helpfull instead of looking at the numbers. Great game tho :)

Great idea, passing levels by changing characters. However I find it quite hard. Especially the level that had a lot of spikes on it. Couldn't finish the game.

At first I thought the menu was the game and couldn't figure out how to control. Really great idea. It was pretty short but liked playing it :)

First became toast, than made the toast. It should have spammed donations and a robotic text to speech. Fun little game, loved it!

Concept is really good. It feels like rewinding time when you are moving backwards in linked mode. Fun little game :) If the game indicated slow motion by lowering the saturation or brightening the screen it would be better. Because your speed is the same as your opponents in linked mode, it feels like you are stuck instead of slow motion :P

Great fun game overall, liked it!

Ahaha yes, thanks for playing! :)

Thanks ^^

Soundtracks and the graphics were good, but didn't fit the game. I don't know if that was the look you were going for but the pixelart graphics seem blurry. One tip I can give you is set the filter mode of your sprites to "Point(no filter)". That way you can have crisp looking pixel art.

Maybe it's just me but I found the game really hard :P Maybe a checkpoint system would make it easier for player like me since starting from the beginning everytime you touch a lazer is quite punishing haha. 

Other than that, the artstyle, mechanic and the music fit the game perfectly. I wish I could play this till :)

Neat game. Just a simple interesting mechanic and you built great levels over that. My fps was quite low for a 2D game for some reason, maybe you used post processing? My mac is slow anyways haha. And loved the message in the end :)

This game looks really good and musics are great. But for some reason I couldn't pass level 2. Maybe it's because I am playing it on a mac with a really low FPS but it seemed super hard for me hehe. Will play again on a PC :)

Got to the end. Really cool game, there are quite a lot of levels and the mechanics are really interesting. Loved the artstyle and colors you used. Maybe an ambient music would make the atmosphere much better when solving puzzles. It gets a bit dry after some while.

Thanks ^^

Yep you are right, I should have made the colliders a bit bigger.

Thanks a lot. I was wondering how I could achieve pixel perfect webGL games in unity for a long time. I can finally make sharp pixel-art games.

Ohhh, now it makes more sense :P From every other game I play, I expect it to face where I shoot.

Very dynamic game and best feeling walk animation :) Tho for some reason I wasn't able to attack sometimes. Sometimes I was just spamming my mouse and no bullets at all even if . I tested it for a while and realized I can only shoot when the cursor is on the left side of the character for some reason :P I don't really know, I am a bit confused but it was a weird mechanic to only shoot left haha.

I'm running it on windows btw.

Amazing artstyle and sounds. Only problem is it gets repetitive after a while.

This is the best game in the jam for me. Artstyle fits wery well and just enough polish. SFX and ambiance is really good. 10/10 for me.

I wasn't able to get tapes from the hospital tho. They were really usefull but just when I needed 1 more of them to quarantine a zone. I run out of tapes. They are my favorite mechanic. I wish there were more levels with bigger maps and more tapes, would definitely buy the full game :P 

Great game, I have to say it looks pretty good and finished. And the post processing is on point. It's not just tons of bloom. The map is really usefull and really fits. It was quite frusturating to repair the pipes at the top, they took like 5 wrenches to repair one, most of them go to waste. And the game needs some variety. But other than that, neat game.

Thanks a lot! Making music? Hehe I am just a starter in music, I just play guitar and know a bit about music theory. Even this 3 chord, super simple tracks was a nightmare to record for me. But I am sure there are a lot of artist looking to work with game developers :))

Thanks a lot. Yep, you are right. I wanted to add power-ups into the game, actually I originally made creates for that but realized I didn't have much time left. I wanted the game to have some kind of a hide and seek type of gameplay. Painting ground with your color and stealing coins without anyone realizing it etc... But it turned into a melee fight based party game with one melee attack :P Thanks for the feedback!

Really cool idea, it was fun to play. I should say it was a bit easy, maybe you can increase the difficulty over levels ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ahaha great gameplay, really fun to play. Footsteps were clear and I was able to locate the enemy but it was quite slow on webGL. So I tried to download it but it won't open. Maybe it's because of some new thing in Catalina. There are quite lot of point lights. Maybe bake the point lights in your level instead of rendering them realtime, just a small optimization :)


Will try again tomorrow haha, forgot to say, the heartbeat mechanic was really cool, fits well with the theme and gameplay :)

Thanks :)

Neat game, liked the graphics. But tbh, it was quite hard. I couldn't find the last one :P

Great game, great atmosphere. Tho there is one main problem, it's really easy to place your campfire on an empty spot where you run out of materials. After that you have to go blindly and try to collect resources. 

I wasn't able to finish the game, maybe just unlucky :P

This game looks awesome, actually "rüya" means "dream" in my language :P. I don't know if you set the name because of that but thats pretty cool :)

A mac version would be really good, waiting for it :)

Amazing graphics, well polished, really liked the looks! Overall good game!

That's was really good, I liked how smooth the level generation is. I wonder how it's made?

Oh i really like that idea. Maybe with a little bit of tower defense mechanics. You place towers around your farm or idk just try to survive. I would definitely but that tho