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I had an idea for a modern day RPG where instead of classes like Wizard, Warrior, Beserker everyone had a "fan" class, such as "Comic book fan", "movie fan", "video game fan", etc. Special moves would be "Obscure Reference +2" and items like "Limited Edition MIB thingy +1" type things ... and basically as the classic Comic book fan, you would start in the comic book store, run into all the other fans on your way to take over UltimaComiCon as the greatest fans in the world!

I've been wanting to recreate classic RPG archetypes for a while and this is a really fun way of doing it. Sort of surprised I haven't heard of this already, but I might just not know of it.

I'm not aware of any like this. I was going to throw it together in RPGMaker as a test. Feature our local comic book shop ;) But I don't think I'll get to it.