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I had this idea for a game where you play as an RPG Questgiver (similar concept to Recettear), with an interface like Paper's Please. You would look on the map of the area around your farmstead/castle/city (your hub and the scale of the map upgrade as the game progresses), on the map you find something to give a quest on (perhaps bandits have attacked a neighboring village). That event has a level assigned to it, you assign an item to that objective of a similar level, and then a gold "!" appears above your head.

You wait for a (dynamically generated) hero to come by and take your quest. Complete with generated quest text and dialogue. The hero runs off and comes back a few minutes later to complete the quest. While you're waiting you can create more quests and send off more heroes. Some heroes also come by simply to drop off their "vendor trash", items that aren't worth anything to them. You use these items as rewards for lower level quests and the cycle continues.