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Bit Outside the Box

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Hi everyone!

A week ago I released my latest game: Satellite Repairman.

It's available for Win, Mac and Linux. In a few days I'll be uploading an update that adds internationalization support among other features.

Check it out :)


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Hi everyone!

Plenty of improvements done this week. I sent a playable demo to a few beta testers and got very valuable feedback. Completely revamped the controls of the player and the camera. Everything is much smoother and easier now :)

The main menu also got some improvements and feels better now :)

In the meantime, I've been taking a few more screenshots here and there that show some new levels.


Also trying to improve the water look

On the Steam side of things, the greenlight campaign is really slow. Been trying my best to get the word out, but these kind of niche-oriented games are really hard to be noticed by big sites. And even the medium ones dont make much difference in bringing people to the page and vote.
Anyway, still have hope that it can be approved before the launch date as I would love to integrate achievements and other Steamworks features in it. Lets see :)

take care

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added controller support :)

Help me on Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650471150

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Hi all!

I'm working on "A Game of Changes", a game inspired by the ancient chinese classic "I Ching". I will also have the game fully available in Chinese.

yesterday I launched my greenlight page (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...) and now I'd like to be able to reach chinese speaking gamers, but no idea how. I tried some searches online but only end up reaching big gaming portals.

Any tips?

thanks in advance

Hi folks! Sorry for not updating this for some time! Lots of changes have been made, the game is improving a lot!

Today I launched the trailer and the steam greenlight page, so please vote if you enjoy what you see :D

many thanks

Steam Greenlight Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

did a few more basic animations and connected it to the game. feels so much more alive now :D

Finally implemented the walking animation into the game. makes a ton of difference :) suddenly it feels more alive!

One week passed so here's another compact summarized devlog for A Game of Changes :)

Objects that stand in the way between the camera and the player are now made slightly transparent, so you can always see where you are going :)

A new tile effect has been added to aid in the mechanics and create interesting puzzles. You can only step on this tiles once, after they they disappear (need to work on the "disappear" effect, I know). This effect can be applied to any tile, even if it has other functions too.

Yesterday I had to really push my brains to work out a nice flow for the game levels. Its not easy adapt the I Ching to a game because the player could get stuck very easily. I had to use a huge paper to draw the level's connections and understand where problem might occur


With that solved, I added to the game another important aspect of the I Ching: changing lines. With that, I introduced the first pickable object, after which you can toggle to change lines in the final hexagram. Demo video:

Next week I hope to show you some better animations as I expect to have the character walking animation ready :)

Don't forget there's a google form to subscribe to the game's launch notifications. See you next week or, for daily news, get your info via twitter or the devlog at tigsource.

thanks for the tips :)

Another week passed so here's another A Game of Changes summarized devlog!

Life got in the way a lot during this week so I couldn't move forward so much as I wanted to, but still many new things got done.

New mechanics got introduced, which will make puzzles more interesting and challenging. The first one is the "flip" tile, which will swap elements to their opposites:

A new kind of tile is also available which features a "tunnel" below the surface (sorry for the crappy gif quality)

And lastly a rock(fixed) tile, which will never move from its position

Rock tiles are also not affected by the "flip", so this will allow some interesting puzzle mechanics.

Nothing of this is final for now, I'm still testing and working out what works best and provides a good playing experience.

On a more funny and less important side, snow footsteps :D

And finally, I started working on the first draft for a tile texture.

Not sure if I will use textures or not. The whole art of the game is still not clearly defined, and ideally I will be able to get the help of an artist to work on it. Which brings me to my last point....

Funding. I'm finalizing a few major things and solving major bugs to then produce a private demo to send to a few places. With a relatively small funding I could really boost this game's quality by bringing other people's expertise and also have a little more slack in development time to polish it. I'm going to explore a few options and let's see what happens. Suggestions welcomed :)

I've also set up a short google form for people to subscribe to the game's launch notifications. So, if you are interested in it, leave your email and I'll get in touch with you. I'll probably also email a few people to ask for beta testers (and give them a final copy for free ;))

See you next week or, for daily news, get your info via twitter or the devlog at tigsource.

These past days I've been introducing a few more mechanics to make the puzzles more interesting and challenging.
Below is the "flip" tile, which makes the elements swap with their opposites. Still thinking about this though, instead of flopping having them rotate between themselves would also be interesting...

in-game overlay of the level's map when holding tab

No code done yesterday. just worked on UI and art.
re-did the 3d model of the gate(door that leads to next selected level)

Hi! yes I've updated the camera to a better one :)

Sorry I'm a bit lazy in updating the devlog, but I've made a summarized update of many changes on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/a-game-of-changes/new...

I haven't yet made a gif with the new camera, but there's cool stuff in there :)

building the first 2 levels and setting up some nice environments :)

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Kind of frustrating to spend an entire doing working on the game and having so little to show... but most of the changes were very code-oriented. At least the foundations for the interaction with the tiles and level switching are 90% done

yeah, that was a short recording of me testing some mechanics, its not an actual level, so there is no goal there ;)

I'll post more (nearly-finished) stuff soon

A lot of the core mechanics are done, just a few remain to do.. but I still have to decide about them before coding.
Here's a short gif about... decisions :) (last part had to be cut due to GIF limitations)

Godot is really nice to work with, the way the scene tree works allows for some really quick level building and easy changes to the whole game.

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Chance and destiny find themselves interlaced in A Game of Changes.

Journey through the 64 unique puzzle levels that draw inspiration and teachings from one of the oldest classic books in human history, the I Ching (Book of Changes) whose unique wisdom originates from philosophical and scientific observations of the laws which rule existence.

It invites us to conscientiously look within, at one's own personality, character, perspective and purpose while inspiring us to discover the one unspoken, unmanifest, unchanging truth.

Release Date: Q2 2016
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (possibility of an Android release at a later stage)

Official game page: http://www.bitoutsidethebox.com/a-game-of-changes/

Hi everyone!
I'll be posting while I develop this game, although many parts will have to be kept away from public so as not to spoil the puzzles and some secrets of the game :)

I'm developing the game using the Godot engine in Linux, with a bunch of other free software tools like Blender, Inkscape, Audacity, and the like.

Stay tuned for more devlog action :)

I'm still prototyping this, and coming up with the complex mechanics that will be making the levels of this game. Super excited for it as I'm working on bringing to the game some really cool stuff (non-game related)

too early to speak about this, but I'll be posting a few things once in a while to keep a devlog for historical purposes Wink

I tested today with my own game, and running in Linux is not supported. The app doesnt do anything when I click run.

I tried opening the game folder to see if I could understand what was happening, and it opened the contents of the .love file (which it shouldn't)

I'm brewing an idea of a game very similar to yours for quite a few months.. but never get started because I can't get past that block of "need more ideas for gameplay and to make it fun". I appreciate people who can just get started on it.. I'm too much afraid of investing loads of time and then giving up due to not being able to find the ideas I need to finish it :(

Space/planet exploration game... some sort of 2D No Man's Sky

Actually not exactly the same but inspired by it. Have a ship, upgrade it, travel across an "infinite" universe, land in planets, explore...

I'm just having a hard time to come up with some goals to the game... so that it doesnt get boring after 1h of play