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Space/planet exploration game... some sort of 2D No Man's Sky

Actually not exactly the same but inspired by it. Have a ship, upgrade it, travel across an "infinite" universe, land in planets, explore...

I'm just having a hard time to come up with some goals to the game... so that it doesnt get boring after 1h of play

There is a game similar to this created by slimefriend (who posted above). It's called Star Surveyor, and, right now, you can only explore one planet, but more may be created in the future.

Haha, that is very relevant to me. I have started on a concept like that many times, but stopped very quickly without knowing where to go.

Most recently, I've started a 2d Elite-inspired idea. I'm still working on procedurally generating the galaxy.

This idea sounds very similar to Starbound as well!  If you haven't, check that out. The problem with it for me was that after awhile each new planet felt the same and it lost it's appeal quite quickly.