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Yes, unfortunately our channel got terminated

We submitted an appeal, but it wasn’t accepted

Yes, we aren't sure why. It just got randomly removed, along with the painting channel. 



I also love art, and I have a website:

I have been drawing and painting for the past few years.

You obviously can post it on on the forum for new games, but also use other websites similar to to publish your game, like

We use both GameJolt and, and find it easier to get views on gamejolt than

Hi! I am currently working on making a 3D game called Hasmon on unity. Right now, I am trying to develop some sort of enemy AI script, where enemies do their thing until you get too close to them, in which case they attack you. I have a basic script where if you collide with them, it depletes some of your health, and if you attack them, they die, but it doesn't really work that well, as it's hard to collide with them and it doesn't feel quite right. Does anybody have any ideas for a good althorithm?

It's kinda funny, the idea of people downloading a PC game on a tablet. However, it would be cool if there was an emulator where you could play PC games on mobile.

Also is this a big thing? Are lots of people doing it?

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Hi! My brother and I started making games a few years ago(Originally on scratch). We then moved to HTML, to Python, and then to making unity games. I am a now teenager and am currently developing a 3d RPG/Survivial game called Hasmon. I am currently trying to gets an enemy AI algorithm. We also use blender, although we have only published one model, a fire engine that my brother made.

I also enjoy doing electronics, and about 9 months ago I was trying to make a retro gaming console with Arduino, and my brother loves doing art and paintings!

I wrote a book about 2 years ago and my brother illustrated it, and we also could speed solve a Rubix cube(We haven't done it for a while, so we are a bit slow).

Our website is at

Hasmon 3D game -

Really fun game!

Looks awesome!

We have worked out how to do a webGL version of Hasmon! This means that version three will be browser playable AND downloadable! Yes!

Fun Game!

It looks good! When are you planning to release it?

I played the game and shared my thoughts on the main game page!

Also, you said that you want to release the game for mobile.  Are you planning to release it for IOS?

This game is quite fun, although as people have said, it feels like an early version.  When you collide with an object, there the purple light you play as slowly fades over a few seconds then goes to the main screen. This then means that as a player you don't really feel the collisions as much as would be good. You could think about changing that, and also think about changing the purple dot you play as a bit. It may look better as a square shape rather than a round shape.

It's a fun game!

This is really fun! Do you plan to finish it?

Fun game, I like it!

Quite fun! I didn't really like the blurry effect as you moved around, but apart from that it was great!

Awesome! One thing though - on the game page it says that you can play it using smartphones, but when I tried it said it didn't work due to an apple bug(I used an apple device)

Looks good!

When I clicked on the link it said the page was not found for some reason

Awesome game!

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Hi guys! We have finished the game jam(We made 'The Circus Game: Creating a legacy') and we are now actively developing the game! We have already finished the Play Scene and a new player PC, and we are working on revamping the health bar and adding enemy AI.

I changed the thumbnail! Do you like it?

Also, I will change the game page at some point, and update it since I changed the UI.

Hi, just looked at your game, it looks good. How does it adhere to the game jam theme, puppetmaster?


That's awesome! I LOVE that you can play it on mobile! I rated it 5 stars!

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Hi! Sorry, the page is ugly, I made it very quickly! The game jam ends in 3 days, so I have 3 days to make the game awesome! Also, I will take time later to make this page look good.

Edit: Ok, now it looks awesome!

Hi guys, sorry about the delayed message, but we are joining a week-long game jam, weekly game jam 79 on this week.

This means that throughout this week, we will not be developing hasmon. But we will get back to it as soon as we can.

Yeah, Unity can be used for 2d, and it is free. I would recommend trying it out.

Are you talking about 3D games or 2D games? For 3D games I use Unity. I learned how to do it by watching YouTube videos, but it was a little hard. I reccomend watching a beginner tutorial about it then trying it out to see if you like it.

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You would become a different person, probably with different abilities and hobbies