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So Far Gone - Base Builder in Unity

A topic by Adrenaline Seed created Jul 28, 2018 Views: 337 Replies: 4
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Inspired by Rimworld, I wanted to create a base builder in 3D using Unity. I am calling the project "So Far Gone"

To get started I found quill18's Base-Building Game Tutorial for Unity. Highly recommended if your looking to do the same. His tutorial is directed at 2D projects but the concepts remain. See link below.

Started this in April and it is well within the 10% phase of testing out different base building, crafting, and survival mechanics.

This log is a place where I can post incremental updates in addition to my vlog.

150x150 tiled world in 3D

Gather Materials

Lay down foundation


Horizontally tiled above ground and vertically tiled below ground

Gain control of the fight when the enemies come out

Craft and equip equipment

quill18's Tutorial

In addition to beating down the doors for basic enemies, added enemy spell casting which damages your constructions, allowing access when Characters try to hide indoors.

Looks very interesting, I want to do something similar. How is the project going? Did you use any system templates or from scratch?

Nice! I'm also interested in doing something like your project, would love to hear more about your further steps and tips. Keep it up!

Looks awesome!