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Hey there. Yeah it's quite basic. I quite enjoy making basic immersive mazes. There's heaps on my page if you are interested. Thanks a lot

Hello. Ive never done a live chat before. Shame about the crash. I hope you saved before it. I've never experienced a crash in it. I think the game engine is happy up to windows 7 then things might get a bit iffy.

The old 'world builder' was good but not sure if there is  a modern version 

Depends how much. If it's a little bit I wouldn't worry. 

The extensive dialogue with NPCs gives away plenty of clues as to what to do.

This doesn't affect free games though surely? What about older versions of unity?

solid my friend well done. 

Lots of feedback there appreciate the effort you went to. Don't plan on upgrading my hardware there's no point. Probably not going to improve my skills either. Literally couldn't care less it's a hobby not a career. If I was more serious about it then maybe I'd look into it further.

As for the magic based combat in Bane of Oakenshade. You have pretty much worked out the gameplay loop in a way. The magic is over powered on purpose but if you level up by gaining xp through enemies killed using magic the trade off is your melee improves with it. The stamina bar stops spamming attack buttons. You only do full damage when the bar is full! Swinging with a half full stamina bar is as good as useless. That's how Kings Field games work. I kept it inline with the styles they used in the 90s but added my own spin combat and levelling. As for not being able to tell if you hit things. That's a game engine flaw. Devs are working to rectify the short comings if the sword of moonlight engine. That's how Kings field plays. Hit boxes are vague and clunky.

I wanted to hide a starting weapon as most Kings field games give you one from the beginning. Wanted to make the player work for it. There is actually a lot of stuff to find early on in the first map alone. There's a shrine that will replenish your magic at no cost close by aswell. 

Spiders are your simple grind enemy. They really get the experience points moving. Less to kill and give decent xp. Appreciate your effort and the extent you went to understand the game. The engine is 23 years old. I've enjoyed plenty of the fan games made with it. I just wanted to do things a bit different from what has already been done.

I probably won't be submitting for any jams for the foreseeable future. I have gone back to studying a multi coursed Cert IV after hours and that will consume most of my spare time.

Thanks again


Thank you my friend 

Spacebar is the activate button! Hold it to run and open crates, doors, activate dialogues and pick up objects.

oh it's you. You always change names Coa, Eoh thanks 

Thanks friend it's nothing special. It took me a couple of hours. Just felt like creating something simple. I made the music myself along with all my soundtracks. They can be found on my site as MP3s and Bandcamp as WAVS. 

Big write up there. Much appreciated. The starting weapons are extremely easy to find. From the start of the game you can have a weapon within half a minute. Did you enter the stronghold itself?  There is a big wooden Gate. It's much better to use a gamepad but if you can get used to the controls (I can't) then that's good. You will have to try Kings Field itself or the other fan games. They are hard to find but they are all free. There is about 10 fan games I think! I recently finished Mystic Prelude a short puzzle type game. There is a sword of moonlight discord dedicated to Kings Field. The games should all be there. Oakenshade plays slightly differently. Instead of recycling Kings Field methods I tried to go a bit outside the box and redesign the thought process and strategies behind the combat. If you are intrigued keep looking around there are 9 maps and the world is fairly well interconnected. 

Things have been slow this year I'm currently on 90 followers. Would be cool to reach 100. All my games and soundtracks are donation based. Check them out! There's some short adventures, some horror, RPGs and 8 bit games. Have a good weekend!

I've also got soundtracks available if anybody is looking to add another layer of immersion to their games!


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Wintercoffin 2

Out now a short  first person atmospheric adventure game with thought provoking soundtrack. Immersive but simple gameplay for 32 bit Mac and windows.  Low system requirements

Soundtrack to a game I made earlier this year. Lots more on Bandcamp 

Hello. Thank you very much. I deleted discord a few months back. I've slimmed social media down a lot. All the soundtracks are on Bandcamp plus 1 additional one called 'A Forgotten Vale'. that isn't on  I added some guitars and a few other things to change it up. I'll do more soon. 

I used synth software from 2000 to create and record then just mixed in audacity on a 20 year old computer.  I don't use that laptop very often it sits in a cupboard. LCD is going very dull. 1 ram slot not longer recognises memory, the charger port takes a lot of wiggling to actually power it up and the lid latch won't close.  I've enjoyed it though and I've managed to squeeze a lot from that synth program. It's not easy to use compared to programs today.

Monetize in game? Why bother. Isn't a 1 off payment enough?

Yes people pay. If you treat your fans right and put the effort in you will be rewarded. I think that 2023 has slowed up a bit. Spending is down. The cost of living is increasing and a lot of people hold their money close to their chest. Pay what you want is the way to go for sure on this site.

Why not

This looks awesome as. Very interesting 

I have loads of games. My most recent is Bane of Oakenshade. It has very low requirements can run on a Pentium ii 

Just under 10k views 



I'd ask the dev first but I'd be inclined to steer clear of steam as it's slowly dying off and more Devs are turn to indie aside from the AAA studios of course. Steam has about 5 years left before its end of life unless you are prepared to upgrade your PC regularly. The steam client will only support windows 10 for a couple more years and 32bit Intel Mac operating systems have 2 years maximum. Grow an library and enjoy your games indefinitely

Dark Ambient/Dungeon Synth.

Check out my mistwood  model showcase.  The assets are available to purchase including all my own models and  textures. There is some lower resolution textures (32-256 pixels) aswell as higher resolution. I included all my textures I've made for previous Hodslate games in the pack aswell.  Lots of organic type images.

Have seen and had far more sucess as a solo. My business partner didn't pull his weight so I sacked him and went solo. 

could be dome in unity with some animations and colliders attached to a body of water. I did something similarish with water engulfing a boat over time. 

A 3d modelling package showcase im putting together entitled Mistwood.  A forest of basic blender models with ruins and hidden areas. Just an open map and ill upload the models and textures as a package when its done. Also help me get to 100 followers!

and I bet they will make a fortune off it!

Would be interesting to see just out of interest. The highest paid devs on here. Top 5 even