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What sorry that I went out and got a qualification and started earning young? 

trigonometry? I didn't finish highschool never needed it in life. Doesn't apply to everyone mate 

good luck with it mate!

My games are kinda ps1 to ps2 style graphics

I still say mine are best

Two handed sword of spirit crushing

Download them an help yourself to any of them they are Free!

Yeah I kinda put this one on ice. Hopefully one day I'll finish it!!

That's awesome as man. I don't know if they still make 'absynth'. The company was called Native instruments. I think it was $180 or so brand new

I used Absynth. It's from 2000. I recorded all the samples in Mac Os 9 then migrated them to another computer to mix it. You can get some decent and unique sounds from it.  Would be much easier using something newer. I only used it because I had the gear ready to go. I've made every soundtrack this way.  If I were to do this again I'd use a more modern program or just use a real synth. 

Do you mean the one I used?

A stand alone dark ambient soundtrack. Only  1 dollar. Inspired by 90s black ambient and dungeon synth. 6 tracks of Atmospheric fantasy! Cheers

what about Lembas bread?

My games are still the best and they don't need big titty teen anime to sell. They are far beyond it 

Dimsheller maze

Looks great, love the soundtrack

wherever you can. Do what you need to do to get your product noticed. Social media is a powerful tool

Eat and enjoy bit of butter on it no dramas

Any bread is good bread beggars can't be choosers

a hot dog is a fine meal 

PS1 style because my 3d modelling skills are prehistoric. Speaking of PS1 this game runs on 20 year old hardware. It was made in Unity 2.6 from 2009

I'd get everyone to buy my games and fuck the aliens

try my maze game it's not a speed runner but there's a time limit

well done! Decent effort!

looking for  like minded Dev who makes similar content to mine. I'll link your page on my site and you link mine on yours. Help each other out no charge and no strings attached. You can even opt out after a period of time.  If you check my site and think that you are on board then we can take it from there. 

 I'll also link you on my other socials

Looks great! Should be on mac though!

In all honesty it's not the kind of job you want to be doing as you age.  Body definitely  cops it.  Alright when you are young but most blokes have already given it away by 30 or less. 

congrats looks great. I'll be sure to follow

For publishing and marketing use social media. It's a tool do what you have to do to get your product noticed. Be understanding and considerate of people who play your games. Give them a reason to play and be professional and take the time to thank them. If somebody informs you of a bug or issue do your best to work through it.  Earn the respect of people who have downloaded your game.  Don't get down if you  don't sell many games. Just keep persevering . It's for the love of it not the money.  Good luck!

I'm a plumber of 12 years specialising in roofing for 10. Game and soundtrack making is purely a hobby although I'd like to take it further and use it to supplement income to an extent. Work doesn't influence my game and soundtrack development as they are completely different. The closest I get to a computer at work is a pair of tin snips and that ain't close! 

Also check my games out and buy them. Get me off the tools before I fall off a roof and die. Cheers

out now! A free retro mazecrawler for older and newer hardware cheers

Download on the link!

Caverns of Underwood

Looks great very 90s

Wow looks great. I never got around to playing the original!

Looks great. Really old school. Reminds me of spiderweb software games.

Is the game 32bit or 64bit for mac?

Wow these look great. They would be great in my games but I've sworn an oath to use all my own assets I make. Well done man

Speedrun contest! Fastest time to finish Dimsheller Maze with video proof  will get their name and time etched on the end game wall!