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Fair call

Why does the sword look like the handle faces outward 

Fountain looks great

A soundtrack 

Reading bed time stories to my son

Yeah I thought it was. Yeah awesome art. So grim and dark.

Plus I've got a Bandcamp aswell which brings a bit of traffic and revenue 

Forums and obscure websites is the best way I've found to get a steady flow 

Cool stuff. Art reminds me of Gustav Dore.

Burnt out is something people experience in many situations. I  used to constantly get burn out periods that's why I ceased game development for now . In regards to life in general to keep on top of things both mentally and physically. I set mini goals  to achieve.  Mind is constantly busy and fresh with ideas. A healthy diet and adequate sleep is essential. Drink lots of water. Exercise regularly keep yourself in best possible condition.  Meditation is something great for the mind even just some ambient music and close your eyes for 15 minutes or so can go a long way to refreshing your mind. You can be super productive if you are focused, healthy and inspired mentally.

I started a lifestyle regime few years ago.  I have much less time now than I had years ago but I'm achieving a huge deal more. Never had a burn out since aside from a few work related physical niggles.

An archived game is better suited to an abandonware website

Good job that's a lot of views. I don't check mine as much these days but still going strong

I like Sequestered Keep and Fief, I often out on ULK or Fogweaver if I'm trying to drift off to sleep. Quest master is good too. Atlantean Sword is another I've listened to a bit recently. Best album for me is either Fief II by Fief or Depressive Silence II from 1996.

I've also released a few DS albums/experiments. They are on my page. Check them. Cheers 

Just DM one of the admins on there. I don't use discord anymore 

Try discord aswell if it's a more urgent matter. It worked for me.

Start of with a business plan and set goals then go from there

Hit the nail on the head there. Niche forums are the way to go.

Used to use YouTube, Facebook and discord. Just Facebook now. Not worth using the rest. The time vs income factor isn't worth it.

Use a few niche forums which brings the highest traffic. 

Are there any decent Diablo-clone type games on here? Share them here. Also any first person ARPGs?? Share them also and I'll add them to my collection im working on!!!

Also I appreciate ratings if you have a minute. Whilst you are here check out my sword and sorcery collection I've put together! Loads of  cool games in there!

Check out our RPG saga spanning 2 game. Hours of dark dungeon crawling await.....

Great job leafo

I see it's not Russian is it Czech?

Outsiders perspective I don't speak or read Russian. Page looks vague. Maybe try add some other translations on the oage

Too hard to pick one.

Neverwinter nights 1


Rome Total war

I'll add this texture pack is still up and it's free

Looks great good luck with it

Not I haven't played it I was just going off First impressions 

Build following. Engage with Audience. Treat it like. Business. Setup a business plan of goals you wish to achieve. Post in forums to promote. Get links out there to promote consist website traffic and the rest will take care of itself. Eventually if you pull enough of the page will 'work for itself' and you won't need to grind as much.

Looks cool. Keep up the good work 

Normally either dreamy dungeon synth or black metal 

Looks cool good stuff 

Add more screenshots. Not giving much away with how the page currently looks

I am looking for the Dev of this game which is apparently using my music in it. I haven't been able to contact them. I only want to thank them and help to promote their game.

I don't use steam but if you do you should get behind this game and wishlist it!!!!

I believe this game uses a few assets from!

World's gone mad